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Do you currently utilize the gaming section of a non-gaming site?
The only website I ever recall visiting with this kind of gaming section would be Facebook, and I haven't really been playing any of that website's games currently. Maybe once or twice back when I had nothing else to do.

Are you a member of any other forums that have a gaming section? Do you use it?
PC's the only forum I'm active in, so I'm afraid not.

Have you ever thought it would be nice if had a gaming section?
I imagine it would slow down PC to a crawl, like many have said. Even moreso than it occasionally experiences already, so I wouldn't really like that. However, if the bandwidth issues weren't there, I think it would be nice. This kind of reminds me of the arcade events PC has during Get-Togethers, where people play a specific Flash game (Asteroid, Tetris, etc.) hosted on another site and try to beat each others' high scores. Those were fun events, for sure.

If tPC did have a gaming section would you use it?
I might. Not as often as I'd like to, but maybe outside of school days or busy weeks if I wanted to kill some time. I have tons of stuff to keep me busy, though. I wouldn't think a forum gaming section would be at the top of that list, to be quite honest.

What genre of games are you the most interested in?
For this sort of idea? Maybe arcade or simple, platformer games. Although I'm more of an RPG fan than anything, I'd rather play RPGs outside of my browser.

How old are you? 17. What is your gender? Male. Ethnicity? Filipino.
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