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Hello and welcome to PC's official cute Pokémon club! This is, of course, a club for all our wonderful cute Pokémon across everyone's favorite franchise! Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, much like beauty, so you are welcome here regardless of what your definition of cute is. So come on in and join us! :)


1. Be kind to others and follow all PC rules.
2. Upon joining, you may choose one cute partner Pokémon (cuteness has no set definition so feel free to choose whatever you feel is cute).
3. Don't forget to stay active! Without you guys there wouldn't be a cute Pokémon club, after all.
5. Cute Pokémon aren't listed here as everyone has varying definitions on such. It's all on you guys!
6. Don't forget to have fun! :D

Join Form:

One cute Pokémon:
Answer a topic:

  • Which do you find to be the cuter: Eevee or Mew?
  • Have you ever kept a Pokémon unevolved because you thought its current stage was cuter? Does cuteness factor into your team-making decisions?
  • Tell us what your favorite cute Pokémon are! If you'd like to show cute pictures of them, go ahead!
  • Which starter do you feel is the cutest?
  • What type has the cutest Pokemon?
  • Which pink Pokémon do you feel is the cutest?
  • Which baby Pokémon do you think is cutest?
  • If you could travel the world with your favorite team of six cute Pokémon, which would you choose?
  • If you could own one cute Pokémon - just one - in real life, what would you own??


Thank you goes out to each member who took the time to make us an amazing userbar!

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