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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Welcome to the club baby! Eevee is most certainly a good candidate for the 'cutest Pokémon', it's one of the biggest reasons that he's so popular, and your reasons for him being so cute are definitely spot on, but I can't help but think there's cuter! Growlithe too is incredibly cute from the whole "OMG IT'S A PUPPY SWOON SWOON SWOON" point of view, but once again I wouldn't say he's the cutest, he's a bit too plain for that!

Teddiursa is a much more interesting choice though, I think he's most certainly in the top 'cute' list for me. He's a teddy bear Pokémon - it's in his very design to be cute and enticing - and they pulled that aspect off incredibly well! The way he shuffles his feet around and sucks on his paw is just utterly adorable and I can't stop fan-girling over his cute little ears oh gosh. ;_;

Welcome to the club, Pachy! :D Can I ask what made you choose Pachirisu as your partner? And what do you find so cute about Leafeon? :)

Your answer to the quiz is correct, well done! I'll post a new one once we have a few more members, but for now which Pokémon would you like to add as a partner for your prize? :D
Of course~ Pachirisu is boundless energy. Pachirisu is a cute little squirrel with lots of spark. Pachirisu short, not unlike myself. I think I'd like to have a Chespin for my second partner~ I shall name him Chester!~ n.n
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