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Originally Posted by Pachy View Post
I can't explain it yet. He just looks so ever loving adorable~ *squee*
Most grass types in the starter department don't happen to be very cute imo. So seeing a grass type I wouldn't die if seen with in my girliest is nice~
I'll have to disagree with you there ;p While I admit that I find Chespin to be the cutest of all the Grass starters, and Chikorita is pretty much self-given, Treecko is the only one of them that I don't actually see as a cute Pokemon in some way. His design mostly call for some tough, laid-back type of Pokemon, which is further shown in the anime to be the type of personality they went with, however there he isn't very social either.

I can't say much about Bulbasaur, but there's just something about those eyes. I also like how loyal and helpful it was in the anime, both to Ash and to all of his Pokemon, but I guess that doesn't really add that much to the cute department. Turtwig however, while its design may be pretty 'eh', it's just always seemed like such a cheerful Pokemon to me. It may be because in most of the art I see of Turtwig, it's always smiling, but it just generally seems like it's a very passionate Pokemon, and that's just what I find cute about it.

But then again, most starters are designed towards being cute, since it's supposed to be their baby stage. Some of them may differ from this pattern, like Treecko, but they're mostly supposed to be cute Pokemon :D

Originally Posted by Curtis talli View Post
The reason I choose Emolga instead of Meowth is I find it cuter after seeing it in that Anime ep, spamming Attact just to get the other pokemons apples.
Emolga is definitely a cute Pokemon, but to me, that personality made it seem less cute to me. With a design like that, I thought it'd make for a cheerful and sweet Pokemon, but instead we get a sneaky and mischievous little bugger. It didn't make me like the character less, because a Pokemon with that kind of personality is just a must, but abusing its cuteness to get what it want, just made it seem less cute to me :/ But to each their own, it's still cute regardless :)