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Relatively disturbing image.

After seeing some abhorrent stuff littered across Facebook regarding the cruelty toward animals, the curiosity of wanting to know what you guys thought about it suddenly occurred me.

More importantly, what's your opinions on animal cruelty? In your state/country what punishments (if any) are put in place to bring justice to those who abuse animals? Do you think it's strict enough? Too strict?

For me, animal cruelty is one of the worst crimes one can commit, alongside that of murder and sexual abuse of children. In my eyes, all who mistreat, whether physically or emotionally, and torment animals need to be punished swiftly and severely. In Victoria a maximum 2 years jail can be issued as well as fines ranging from $29,000 to $146,000.

I find this punishement a little too easy. I'd be more than elated to see animal abusers spend a good 5+ years in jail. Accompanied by relatively similar fines, and at least some form of community work.

What's your stance? Discuss!
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