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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
I'm confused whether you're talking about Dawn's Pachirisu or Iris' Emolga here! But as for Pachirisu, I think his mischievousness made him all the more cute. The first episode that Dawn tries to start training him and he's running all over the place like a crazy thing is utterly adorable, that whole scene just makes me go "OH MY GOD IT'S SO CUTE". It's just so cheeky and naughty and the look on his face just makes it such a cute moment, really sets the seen well for Pachirisu. :D

Everyone should do this, js ;D
Oh my god yes. That scene in the first episode with Pachirisu being trained was hilarious, and definitely one of Pachirisu's cutest moments~

Anyways, I put the userbar in because I had a few extra unused pixels in my siggy, and overhauling it was fun too~ I even updated my profile~ Now it's all prettier than before♥~

I think we should have more userbars and/or sprites and/or icons of all sizes so that we can accommodate just about any spare space you might have in your signature area. :3

A good idea would be to use one of the tiny sprites of your partner pokemon and put it in your signature and link it here with a url and label it with text or title tag if you're going minimalistic or don't have much space to add to your signature. :3
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