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    I'd like to join please!

    Name: Cassiopeiia
    Two cute Pokémon: Furret and Chimecho
    Partner Pokémon: Plushie the Furret

    I love cute Pokémon as well, but nearly all pokes can be really adorable so I had a very hard time picking only two.
    (Actually I just wasted half an hour trying to decide, looking at pictures of cute Pokémon...)

    I picked Furret as my partner Pokémon because it's one of my favourite Pokémon overall and one I've always wanted to have in real life extra extra much. It looks a little silly and confused to me, but at the same time it's also super-fluffy and has a cute little mouth. It's cute. ^-^

    I wouldn't necessarily say Furret is the cutest Pokémon for me, because I also have a total crush on Gardevoir. I figured she's more of a elegant and beautiful kind of Pokémon though, she doesn't really belong here.