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Originally Posted by Ragetendo View Post
All life should be given the same level of respect.
True yet this also implies that plants (technically, they are alive) should be given the same respect as those to a human and, by extension, those who abuse, and I use the this term loosely, plants should be punished with the same degree of punishment as a human abuser would receive. That's not entirely plausible now, is it? But let's not delve into that as it is a different topic all in itself.

I agree with twocows, for the most part. I don't think that those animal rights activist jeopardize scientific advancement. Delay it, maybe, but not entirely jeopardize. However, it still poses a significant harm. The old proverb, "better late than never," does not help, either. Besides, even if they get what they want, animal abuse would never cease. Throughout the course of human history, what is lost is actually continued; one way or another. Now I'm not saying that there is no way to stop this, I'm sure there is. I think Fennekin's proposal is most promising and it only applies to house pets and farm animals at most, which should be sufficient. People should just leave wild animals alone, period.
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