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Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
Welcome, Momoko! aaaa I never thought of Smeargle as being cute, but that pic melts my heart. Its wittle tongue aw. :p

Do you think any cute Pokemon try to use their cuteness to their advantage?
Cute Charm, Attract, Fake Tears, andddd Sweet/Lovely Kiss! How dare some cuties confuse and immobilize my Pokemon... or somehow put my Pokemon to sleep. o.o'

Attract looks really sweet in the anime, I gotta say.


Cutest post ever I don't even.

I basically agree with everything said above! Smeargle has most definitely been proven as cute by Mokoko (fun name to say!) and I certainly agree about Pokémon using moves like Attract and Fake Tears to take advantage of their cuteness, haha. I think it's for the best that moves like these exist or a lot of Pokémon (poor Jigglypuff) wouldn't have a chance. I think it just shows how cunning and intelligent Pokémon evolution could really have been if Pokémon were sentient to the degree of being able to use their cuteness as a tool in battle.

However as for Smoochum, that's not one I tend to agree with - I find it more scary and the idea of "toddler obsessed with kissing" is a bit... off-putting? XD I'd love to see why you think it is though, Cloyster!