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    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    Product testing and/or hard labour and/or euthanasia on rapists and other high-security offenders (murderers, etc) proven guilty with hard evidence. Why do they get free food and shelter whilst good people suffer? Earn it through manual labour (like how everyone else works for a living) or choose death.
    I am in full support of this, particularly the product testing and labor bits. Not only does it put prisoners to work while they get their furnishings and meals (meaning all the money utterly wasted on prison systems, especially in the US, would actually be put to good use), but for those who get released, it would help in reintegrating them into society.

    They likely wouldn't have a good reason to go back to crime (namely robbery), as prison gave them the necessary experience for at least work in menial labor, if not many other possible fields that can be taught while in a government-funded facility.
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