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21 Shiny Swablu in the Sky!

Welcome to 21 Orange Swablu in the Sky, the challenge dedicated to everyone's favourite Petilil Queen! This challenge was my Secret Santa gift from AlexOzzyCake so hopefully you'll like it; we expect it completed too! ;) Alex asked around and stalked my profile to find out some of my favourite things, so hopefully this challenge should be catered perfectly. To benefit the many challengers we have here on PC, the challenge has been edited by me to make sure all games are open as an option for this event. This challenge is also to commemorate my 21st birthday. Hoorah!

  1. You must use a team of 6 Pokémon.
  2. The challenge ends once Rival/Red/Steven/Cynthia/Ghetsis/Iris has been defeated.
  3. No hacking Pokémon or RNGing perfect stats, but RNGing for pretty shinies is fine!
  4. You can play on any game you'd like but I suggest BW2 for diversity.
  5. Trading Pokémon is fine for all Pokémon and eggs, just make sure you're not trading them in at ridiculous levels.
  6. No room for HM Slaves in the final team, but feel free to use them until you've gathered all 6 Pokémon.
  7. Your team must be complete before reaching the E4.
  8. Final updates must be posted no later than August 31st 11:59 Central Time (GMT -6).

Your Team
  1. Petilil! - Where would the queen be without her favourite subject? Not playing a game with Petilil? You have these choices instead: Jolteon, Umbreon, Blaziken, Altaria, and Luxray.
  2. A true Alabamian! - A Pokémon representing the lands of home in Alabama! What you choose is up to your discretion, however make sure that you don't choose it for an offensive reason.
  3. Crimson Tide striker! - The most important part of any football game is keeping safe, so you'll need a Pokémon with the Rock Head ability to withstand all those tackles! If your game doesn't have abilities yet, just use a Rock or Steel type of your choice.
  4. Team mascot! - The mascot is an important part of any team so you'll have to do Big Al justice by choosing a tusked Pokémon for your team! No tusked Pokemon in your region? That's okay. I have another university mascot up my sleeve. Use a bird that can put up a good fight, like a fighting gamecock.
  5. The marching musician! - This stray team member wandered away from their marching band and is now your's to train, but make sure you get their strictly Red and White uniform correct! If none of these are available to you, you're free to use a Pokemon from either the red color group or the white.
  6. A plushie Pokémon! - I have a large collection. You have to use one of mine, however you must leave it in its first stage. No evolving! You can't use the legendary plushies either. If you run into a conflict on picking one, just lemme know!

    Not in picture: Mantyke, Meowth, Vaporeon, and Cobalion...not that the last two matter but I'm just showing off!

Ultimate Challenge
It's no secret that I don't like blue and orange together, so in order to complete the ultimate version of this challenge you're not allowed to use a single blue or orange colored Pokémon in your team. I also make it clear that I love strange move sets, so the other condition for the ultimate challenge is that no STAB moves can be used unless nothing else is available at the time. Egg and move tutor moves are encouraged! And since this is a challenge for my 21st birthday, which is the age you can legally drink in America, you must also immediately use any vitamins you get (including Rare Candy) and also gamble, if your game has a Game Corner. Have fun!

So what was that "something extra" I've been talking about for a while now? This challenge has a raffle! If you participate, but do not complete the challenge, you're entered in a raffle for a shiny Swablu! If you complete the challenge, you're entered for a shiny Altaria! Neat huh? I will randomly select three from the group of participants for the Swablu and one for the Altaria. By "participate" I need to see that you've actually been doing the challenge, even if you don't finish. So if you sign up for the challenge thinking that that's how you're going to get a shiny Swablu, then that just won't cut it! Also note, if you participate and complete the challenge, you're entered for both the Swablu and Altaria. If you win the Altaria (as I'll be drawing those winners first), you're removed from the Swablu raffle, since that wouldn't be fair. Basically, by completing the challenge, you get two raffle tickets. Sound good? Good! This raffle will be Gen V only so if you don't have a gen V game or no wifi for me to trade it to you, then I'm sorry. But you're still free to enjoy the event, as there is still an emblem and a fun journey that awaits you! Oh, and for the record, I'm not entered in the raffle. Because I'm RNGing the prizes, I already have both! ;)

Challenges / Swablu lv. 1

(Name of your choice) / Altaria lv. 35

Statistics and move to be determined later when I have the time to RNG these bad boys!

Sign-up form
Username: Sydian
Game: White 2
Ultimate: No
Gen V FC for raffle: 1234-5678-9012 (note: that's not my real fc so don't add it! lol)

If you don't have a gen V game or are unavailable to trade over wifi, just omit the FC part of the sign up.

Sydian - White 2
kirax7 - White 2 - Ultimate
jszeide - White 2 - Ultimate ★
Kravex - Platinum ★
Myrrhman - Blue/Silver/Sapphire - Ultimate
Fenneking - Red/Silver/Ruby/Diamond/White 2
LilJz1234 - Ruby ★
BinaryPeaches - Crystal ★
Bob III - Sapphire
JNathan - HeartGold
Samurott01 - Ruby ★
WarriorCat - White 2
atif - BlazeBlack 2
GoldenRayquaza - Silver
NecrumWarrior - Ruby ★
waveguidebuizel - HeartGold ★
phsyi1 - Ruby
Para-Dox - LeafGreen
11wildy - Crystal ★
jdthebud - FireRed
Ahri - Black 2
vaporeon7 - Yellow
AlexOzzyCake - Pearl
Comet7 - Platinum ★
Hackii - Black 2
kosuke - Emerald
Riv - FireRed
Inkblots - FireRed
waters_echo - Crystal
Kanea - HeartGold
Janp - White 2
chaoticlapras - HeartGold
trotz59 - HeartGold ★

11wildy ★
waveguidebuizel ★
jsziede ★
Kravex ★

Challenge and CSS by AlexOzzyCake and edited by Sydian.

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