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I'll post in this one since I neglected to get my opinions out in the last staff feedback thread. I'll start by saying that as a whole, I really think that the staff is doing a fairly good job maintaining the community throughout. Every staff member that I have personally spoken to(which is the majority of them) have all been very friendly, helpful, and very accepting of whatever the discussion at hand was. I know that balancing real life with forum moderation is a tedious task, but from what I have seen, every staff member is able to do so very well which is something that can't be said for all forums.

I'll comment about a few sections(mostly the ones that I frequent the most) on how well I feel the moderators are handing those said sections and if anything, what can be done in my opinion to improve it. I will only comment though in the sections that I frequent the most because I would not feel right giving an evaluation on areas that I have little to no knowledge about.

The Welcome Lounge - I don't really post in this section at all, but I do like to read through the introductions that are posted here because I like to get to know many new people here. Every time that I visit here, the first thing that I notice is how well Cirno welcomes each and every user that joins. I always find her to be so friendly and willing to go out of her way to make sure that the new users feel welcomed to PC. I have absolutely no qualms about this section at all and I feel that Cirno is doing an excellent job as staff here.

Pokémon X & Pokémon Y - This is by far the busiest section that I have ever seen here at my time on PC. This section is constantly being spammed with unacceptable threads, but yet Artemis and Suicune™ are able to keep it running as smoothly as possible. Sometimes I feel like an extra team member would be of great assistance, but I haven't felt that way as of late because of how efficiently it seems to be running even at the busiest time for that forum. Once again, great staffing on the parts of those moderators and those hstaff members who selected them to take control of X&Y.

Fifth Generation Gaming- I haven't been in this section as of late because the hype and discussion surrounding 5th gen is obviously going down with the new generation approaching, but I will still say that this forum is running smoothly in my opinion just like the majority of the forums here at PC. I have no complaint's about this area and I feel that both moderators here have done an excellent job keeping this area kept up nicely.

Battle Center - As a battle server regular, I frequent this forum quite a bit and I have nothing more to say other than Wolflare is doing an excellent job here as staff. I certainly would love to see more activity here, but I know that he is doing everything that he can to bring activity to this once lively section. PC just isn't a competitive community like it once was. That doesn't fall on Wolf though as staff. I would also like to note that he does an excellent job maintaining the battle sever which is now a staple for the community.

General Pokémon Gaming Discussions- Going to list this huge section as one instead of breaking it down piece by piece. Sydian has probably the hardest moderation job of anyone with all of her sections to look over. Although they aren't always the most active sections she still has to upkeep multiple forums and I feel as if she is doing an excellent job in that regard. If I could wish for one thing in this area it would be more discussion based gaming topics, but that doesn't really fall on the shoulders of Syd so really no complaints at all here. Curious. is also doing an excellent job keeping 4th generation gaming running efficiently.

Pokémon General - This is probably the Pokemon section that I frequent the most and for good reason. Both Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers and Brendino have done an excellent job as moderators by bringing life back to this area that seemed to have died off for a while there. I love the amount of thought that is put into the discussion based threads here as well as the great voting polls that these moderators have come up with. The Favorite Pokemon Tournament idea was a great way to bring activity to this section and kudos to them for coming up with the idea.

Pokémon Clubs - I can't say much about this section other than it is run by 2 of the finest moderators here at PC. AlexOzzyCake and Olli97 both do an excellent job of keeping, in my opinion, one of the hardest areas to moderate up an running as smoothly as possible. They both go out of their way to help with the making of the clubs such as offering CSS help and anything else that you could think of. Both are avid members of multiple clubs in the section which is very important for club moderators to do. Great job here!

Chit Chat & Polls - The section that I frequent the most! One reason for that is the great staffing that is going on here. When this area was changed to CC&P and started shooting for more discussion based topics I honestly did not feel like that would be much of a success. I thought that people were too adjusted to the "post and go" threads and would never be able to have discussions on a regular basis here. I was completely wrong about that and full credit goes to Vertigo and Shining Raichu for that. Both encouraged discussion and made the place much more lively than before. Great job here as well.

I would have liked to comment more, but any sections I left out doesn't mean that I thought there was any staff issues there, but I just don't have much of an opinion. I just wanted to give a few positive comments on the areas that I felt most comfortable doing so.

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