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Albert “AJ” Johnson

Age : 18
Gender: Male

AJ stands tall at 6’, and he weighs roughly 160 pounds. He is slightly muscular and fairly thin for his height. AJ wears a Pair of heavily weathered grey jeans, along with a heavily repaired pale red hoodie. His Hoodie used to be his Team magma sweatshirt, but over time the logo wore off. AJ doesn’t currently own much in the way of clothing, so he constantly has to repair what he has. As for shoes, he wears an old worn down pair of black sneakers.

Facial features, eye color, and Hair:
AJ’s face is fairly rough and unshaven; one could assume that by the looks of him, he’s a homeless old hermit, though he is still young. His eyes, are a pale blue, and often give off a feeling of sadness to those who see them. Both his facial hair and his hair are brown, and it has been left to grow Haphazardly (this hairstyle WILL change throughout the course of his story).

Gear and accessories:
AJ sports an old green canvas rucksack, when asked where he received the pack, he will deflect the question. Inside the pack, he keeps 2 plastic water bottles for water storage, whatever scraps of food he is able to find, a small clothing repair kit, and an old journal that has no more space in it. He keeps an old Pocket knife on him as well; its 4 inch length blade has had its fair share of use, both good and bad. His Shuppet’s Pokéball is excessively worn; it exhibits Dents and scratches all around, as well as the faded name Cypher Printed onto the ball.

AJ’s mind is enigma in and of itself. After the dissolution of Team Magma, His personal identity disappeared; before, He could just take what he wanted, but now the act brings forth a massive internal conflict. He constantly wonders whether the things he had done while in the team had actually been criminal or had they been justified at the time. Much of this internal confusion, has made it necessary for his mind to block out his more questionable choices in life; Once in a while AJ will remember these bits and pieces of horrible things he’s done, only to lament for those he has hurt.

After all of the rather abrupt changes, AJ chose to reinvent himself. He’s thrown away his history In light of a new chapter, but old habits and acquaintances die hard. When talking to others about his past, His answers are often vague, and beat around the bush as if he’s being interrogated. When interacting with people in other ways, He is often too conflicted to make important decisions, though when he’s alone he can be prone to repeat past mistakes.

Although He tries to be friendly towards others, AJ cannot shake the old thought that no one has ever stood to be trusted. He has been betrayed before, and expects it from everyone he meets: the only exception to the rule has been Cypher, although he’s unsure that any person could measure up to his Pokémon’s companionship.

Once a cheater when it came to battling, AJ has a lot to learn about “fair” battling. He has had the privilege to receive a Pokémon that required him to earn it’s trust before they could be effective together, and this may very well be the same case with new Pokémon as well. Most Pokémon react with some degree of anger or animosity towards him, making his job as a Fledgling trainer that much harder.

Short term - Evade his “old friends” whom he owes money to.
Long term – Erase his past, and become an honest trainer.

Brief(I tried to make it as short as possible XD) History:

AJ was born into a family that was renowned for their work as officers of the law in Sinnoh. His Parents had great things planned for him, teaching the ideals and morals any person should possess. Often when he was young, AJ would write about things in a secret journal, which he would then hide from the outside world.

When progressing through grade school, AJ was often bullied leaving by others whom were taught to dislike his parents. After years of torment he left the region at the age of 14, without his parents knowing. He journeyed to the Hoenn region, where he would be coaxed into becoming a member of the notorious Team Magma.

Under the lie that He could exact revenge upon his childhood tormentors, AJ joined Team magma. After joining he went through the indoctrination programs, which eventually brainwashed him into a former shell of whom he once was. He was given his first Pokémon just after his graduation into the ranks of Team magma. Often all of the Pokémon that were distributed to grunts were stolen; this was none the different from the Pokémon He received. The shiny new Pokéball he received had the name Cypher Printed on the back; AJ could only assume it was the Pokémon’s name.

When he finally opened the Pokéball It revealed a small grey puppet-like Pokémon. Right off the bat the two had trouble working together, Cypher often refused to obey simple commands. This often angered AJ, whom had been taught that Pokémon were just tools and should be regarded with very little respect. Though this school of thought was taught, a few weeks passed, revealing that this was not the case with his Pokémon. The small shuppet could phase in and out, making it impossible to punish the Pokémon.

While out in the field, AJ decided to begin to understand Cypher, realizing that it was the only way they would be able to work together as viable partners. Little did he know the path to true friendship would begin a year later when Team Magma would be dissolved.

1 year passed, during that year AJ had taken part on many gruesome things, from thievery to murder. He stood in the town of lavaridge, he and his fellow teammates watched a television broadcast in horror. The hard work, the dirty deeds, all of it stood in ruins. Their great leader announced the disbanding of the team, effective immediately. While others celebrated, and a few made frantic efforts to destroy their presence among the team, AJ stood; unable to comprehend what had happened, he had completely invested himself in the team, he knew nothing else but the team. The team now slowly faded, with it, his soul.

A few months went by, and AJ finally decided to reach out to his parents whom, he was sure could help him. After getting ahold of them, and explaining himself, AJ silently listened as his parents denied him the help he needed. To them, he was a nothing more than a soulless criminal.

After being betrayed twice, AJ became a drifter. Using the skills he had learned from Team Magma, AJ would live around Lavaridge. These times were tough on both him and Cypher, who had stayed with him throughout everything. Unable to find work due to his ties with his past, AJ was unable to find work within the town; He would frequently go days without eating food. More often than not he would let Cypher eat first, no linger worrying about his own personal health. The small Pokémon would slowly become friends with the broken AJ, knowing they had to work together to survive.

After several years of living like this AJ had accumulated debts with old acquaintances that would begin to threaten his life and limb. Over the years AJ had finally drawn a conclusion as to who he needed to be in life, escaping from Lavaridge was nothing but the reason to get the Ball rolling.

Starter Pokémon: Cypher the Shuppet.

Cypher rarely resides in his Pokéball.

Cypher Consumes the erratic thoughts of AJ to nourish himself at times, recognizing that AJ needs food to survive.
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