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Username: Superstrength79
Partner Pokemon: Sandslash
Ground Team:

I beat Ruby Elite Four with this team on my second Pokemon League run. No clue what moves I had on them, but I likely gave them held items based on their non-Ground typing. Swampert - Mystic Water, Claydol - Twisted Spoon, Sandslash - Quick Claw or Shell Bell, Camerupt - Charcoal, Flygon - Dragon Claw/Fang (or w/e it was called then), Groudon - Miracle Seed

Current Topic: Best Ground Pokemon to use offensively

Zygarde gets Dragon Dance, STAB Earthquake, Camouflage (if it needs to dodge Ice attacks) and Extreme Speed to go with it. Love me some Sandslash (see profile pic), but I have to tip my hat to this new Ground-type legendary Pokemon. :)