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Ultimate Blue Monocolor Challenge (LeafGreen) Update #2 (FINAL)

Completed! Playlist of all the gym fights (minus Brock) and the E4 run can be found here.


Cooper the Blastoise ♂, Lv. 56
Ability: Torrent
-Rain Dance

Brienne the Nidoqueen ♀, Lv. 55
Ability: Poison Point
-Body Slam
-Rock Slide

Ser Davos the Poliwrath ♂, Lv. 56
Ability: Damp
-Brick Break

Ser Loras the Tangela ♂, Lv. 55
Ability: Chlorophyll
-Sunny Day
-Mega Drain

Sindragoa the Articuno, Lv. 56
Ability: Pressure
-Aerial Ace
-Ice Beam