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    One second, let me wipe my drool off the floor. Such a mess.

    Just posting to have a placeholder for my SU if that's alright! I am going through a name change right now (waiting for my turn) so if you come on and this post is authored by a "Karma" then no worries. It's still me.

    Luca Alessandro Cellini
    the Phoenix
    Age: Nineteen, 19

    Gender: Male ♂

    Species: Human Magician

    The Cellini family has always been one of poor fortune, and never noticeable enough for either de' Medici or Omicidio. It wasn't long before the family itself was obsolete. Luca, for the remainder of his life, was a street rat who fed off the downfall of others. It wasn't until he met Rosa Di Caprio, who later married into the Omicidio family, that he had a link to one of the two powerhouses of Venice. She offered him a living as a hired sword.

    He took up the shady lifestyle of an assassin, spy, and whatever else the woman required of him. If she needed information on a smuggling job, he was sent to retrieve it. If a member of the Omicidio family needed a certain individual out of their way, he was sent to take care of it. Only Rosa knows who he is behind the mask, and she is the one who gets him the jobs. No one speaks to the Phoenix without going through Rosa first.

    Appearance: Luca shot upwards early in age, and has been growing ever since. He can see eye-to-eye with fully grown adults, and towers over certain individuals at an impressive seventy-two inches. This, of course, irritates the much shorter Rosa when he using his height in playful mockery to her own. Though he is lean in physique, he has a decent proportion of muscles from rigorous training as an assassin. He has difficulties with agility, and is slower than preferred for a man in his profession. However, he makes up for it in stealth. A light foot is better than a quick one when sneaking around.

    His head is an unruly mess of raven black hair. The butchered cut makes for an interesting display of wildness. No matter how hard Rosa has tried to smooth it down, Luca goes and scruffs it up again within seconds. He finds no use in taming the spiked mane. Concealed by random strands of hair are light brown eyes on white, freckled skin. His featured are pointed, much like his fathers were.

    His attire is the same whether or not he is in his Phoenix form or not. In fact, there is rarely a time he is seen without his mask. The Cellini part of his life is almost nonexistent, and he prefers to keep it that way. He wears very light clothing that is cut to fit. This allows him to not only move smoothly on missions, but also move without noise. He wears a black tunic with a gray and black hooded doublet. The front buckles are leather, and the hood is cut large in order to cover his entire head. Full length black trousers complete the ensemble. His clothing is void of all color save for the mask he wears. It is a hand carved, wooden bird's head design with a curved beak and fantastic red, orange, and yellow feathers. The holes around the eyes cast a shadow so that only his irises can be seen shining through. Luca did the paint on the wood by himself. The mask itself took months to make, and it has a few scratches from excessive use. With his height, lean figure, and intimidating mask he looks the part of a fiery bird stalking its prey, thus earning him his pseudonym.


    Personality: When faced with the boy, he comes across as cold and calculating. He thinks about every move before it is made, and every word before it is spoken. He never laughs, and barely smiles around anyone but Rosa. Everyone is a threat in his world. Luca prefers to never get close to anyone, despite relation or familiarity. Growing up on the street only perpetuated this instinct. He was forced at a young age to put on an act. To con. This mannerism has been ingrained into the boy for years and will probably never break. Mercy is not an offer he extends easily.

    He did, however, pick up a sense of blunt sarcasm from Rosa. Though not as well versed in the act as she, he subconsciously uses it as a defense mechanism when faced with a unique or unknown situation. Not many people catch on to it, which makes him seem like even more of a jerk at times. He doesn't mind this of course. What other people think or feel is irrelevant to him. All that matters is getting the job done. He will use people in anyway necessary to do so, whether that is sharing a bed or offering up a decoy.

    There is, however, a crack in his cold personality. He treats the opposite sex with extreme politeness. Even if he was raised as a street rat, he was born a gentleman. He has a soft spot for women and children and prefers not to offend a lady if it can be helped. If his target is female, he has to be convinced enough that she is a threat to execute the job. Despite his weakness toward women, he prefers to spend his nights with other men.

    When he does love, and he almost never does, it is deeply. He will put his heart and soul out on the line for someone he holds close to him. Even if it can't be seen on the outside, his passion runs deep. This is why he protects his emotions so fiercely. He was hurt when his parents abandoned him in Venice, and that has left a scar on his heart ever since.

    History: The Cellini folk were a family of vagabonds. They traveled often, and had never rooted their feet anywhere until they found their way to Venice. His father, Arnaldo, and mother Gina settled in with very little money in their pockets and no knowledge to how the societal system of the city worked. To say the family struggled was an understatement. At the age of nine Luca was forced onto the streets to beg, steal, and manipulate bystanders so that they could have something to eat every night. No matter how hard they worked, there was no making headway, and so the Cellini family moved on to the next opportunity. Luca was left behind, only fourteen years old. During this time he made the acquaintance of Rosa Di Caprio after attempting to pickpocket her. She fed him, made sure he had a roof over his head, and befriended the boy. Later, after marrying Pietro Omicidio, Rosa had him trained as an assassin and gave jobs with a steady income. Luca feels indebted to her for everything she has done to save him, and will do anything she asks.

    Powers/Skills: Luca found a knack for magic at a young age, and yet the only thing he managed to conjure were flames. He has, over the years, finessed the art of his pryokinesis and it comes more than naturally to him. Only twice in his lifetime, however, has he managed to create the blue flames. Doing so requires more effort and time than an assassin has on the job, and the fire is essentially too hot to control in its blue form. His specialties include encasing arrowheads or blades in fire, and pretending to breathe fire like a Draconian. Certain downfalls of his pyrokinesis involve a constantly warm body temperature, and a difficulty to control a flame once it has fed off natural substances. His fire is magical in nature, and once it attaches to wood or fueled by wind he loses a part of that magic. Additionally, he has obtained a supernatural artifact that hangs as a pendant around his neck. It is always hidden from view, and enhances his sight significantly. He has a bird's eye view, as he says.

    Weapons: Due to his occupation, Luca tends to have a wide assortment of weaponry on his person at all times. His main arsenal consists of dual short swords with intricately carved ivory hilts, yew longbow with handmade arrows, silver dagger, and assorted vials of poison and magical powders. He is particularly fond of the short swords as they were a gift from an anonymous member of the Omicidio family during the beginning stages of his employment. A lot of care was put into the blades, and Luca has never been seen without them.

    Roleplay sample: From SwiftSign's roleplay Game of Pokémon, as Cyrus Droganni.

    The accommodations the prince had within the local village inn were a far stretch from the luxuries he has known since birth. Growing up as the crown prince, Cyrus was accustom to the plush lifestyle of royalty, and since he was never permitted outside the sights of the palace he knew nothing of the poverty that plagued parts of the realm. Yet even as a chilled breeze crawled its way through hidden cracks in the walls and the rickety wood bed was made with a thin, tattered quilt that frayed on the ends, he found a sense of comfort in the homely atmosphere of the room. It was the work of a man who struggled to put bread on the table at dinner to feed his family every night, and he who laid his weary bones down in a house desperate for repairs. Cyrus respected that with every inch of his soul, and he felt it in him to pay the inn far more than what was required of him.

    As day melted into night and the moon rose steadily in the sky, his heavy eyelids began to droop and the prince fell into the temptations of sleep. Yet as the night drew onward, his rest was that of a fitful one. The young man twitched and tossed in his unconsciousness and wild limbs lashed out towards an unseen foe. Soft whimpers escaped from trembling lips that roused the other living entity in the room. Aurora, from her spot curled at her partner’s bedside, immediately felt a sense of unease as she was awoken from her own drowsy stupor. With a thrust of her wings she levitated herself off the ground and surveyed the room with sharp eyes. The Pokémon soon realized that the cause of her panic was coming from her distressed human counterpart, who struggled beneath the bed covering as it clung to his damp skin.

    She pressed her head against his warm cheek and nudged the prince, “Gon…”

    With a chocking gasp, Cyrus’ eyes spot open and he leaped up into a sitting position. Sweat rolled from his body in waves as he shivered from the after effects of the nightmare. Fiery red hair stuck to his face and neck and all he could feel was heat radiating from his own body. His breathing was harsh and shallow as if he had been running, and he dropped his head into unsteady hands while trying to regain composure.

    “Gon,” Aurora cooed as she maneuvered her head beneath his arm.

    After taking a few deep breaths and feeling his erratic heartbeat find a stable rhythm he let out a soft sigh and gave the Dragonair a half-hearted smile, patting her head affectionately. “I’m alright, girl.” It had been a while since he last dreamt like that. The horrors of the night followed him months after his mother’s departure from this world, but they disappeared over time. Perhaps it was due to this journey dragging up old horrors and even older memories.

    Cyrus untangled his lanky legs from the bedspread and swung off the bed, bare feet touching soundlessly on the floor, and made his way to the backdoor. Thankfully, his room was on the second floor of the inn, and was fitted with a small balcony that overlooked one of the alleyways. As he stepped out on the weathered wood planks he felt the cool night air dance off his warm skin. It felt nice. He gripped the railing and leaned into its touch. Below, the streets were deserted for the night and only patrolmen walked its cobbled ground, illuminating the shadows with fiery torches. The prince watched listlessly as a guard walked the alleyway beneath his balcony before slowly disappearing around the corner. Behind him, Aurora slithered out beside him, sharing the silence between them.

    “Sorry for waking you,” he said sadly. She brushed against his leg in response to show she didn’t mind.

    With another drawn out sigh he turned to head back inside, but a flicker of moonlight caught his eye. Squinting his eyes he could see a dark figure on a roof not far from the inn. Peculiar. What would someone be doing up there at this time of night? Straining further Cyrus tried to get a better look at the man (or woman) when he heard the flutter of wings, and with it dozens of dark-type Pokémon flying towards the inn. It was clear instantly that they held nothing but malice in their eyes as they swarmed the village.

    Cyrus jumped into action. “Attack! We’re under attack—!” His yelled warning was cut off as the body of a Murkrow slammed brutally into his side, sending him tumbling backwards onto the ground. He felt the sharp talons of the bird slice through the sleeve of his white tunic and felt a quick flash of pain before the Pokémon was blown away from him by the small tornado Aurora conjured.

    “Thanks,” he breathed, clutching his arm tightly. He got himself into a sitting position and nodded to the door. “You need to go warn Rowan.”

    The Dragonair hesitated, looking between the door and her injured partner, and shook her head. “Go now!” he commanded, and with one last look at Cyrus she took off for Rowan’s room.

    Rosa Maria Omicidio
    Age: Twenty-Two, 22

    Gender: Female ♀

    Species: Fae

    Rosa was married into the Omicidio family at the age of seventeen, where she was legally bound to Enzo Omidicio's nephew Pietro. This contract was established in order to take hold of the old money left behind by the Di Caprio family when Rosa's parents died, leaving her the fortune. Since the marriage, she has managed to gain strong allies within the powerful family, and is held in high regard by her husband's uncle. Any ill will towards her has often been seen as an act against the entire Omicidio family. She uses this to her advantage, of course, in her dealings with the family's trade. Rosa works as a smuggler, and obtains magical or otherwise supernatural artifacts to sell on a black market. All proceedings of the trade go to the Omicidio family. Yet she has dealings on the side that keep a steady flow of unmarked currency for her own personal operations. She has her hands in everything, and all of Venice knows this. In this line of work she is known as Silvertongue, as she can be incredibly persuasive when she wants to be. A way with words comes with the job.

    Appearance: The Di Caprio family has been a long line of pure blooded fae, and the red headed, green eyed look has been almost a signature in the kindred of her mother's side. Rosa was no exception to this ancestral design. Delicate copper curls cascade down her back to rest at her lower spine. She despises the idea of cutting her hair, but sometimes the job has accidentally done that for her. It's an unfortunate hazard. After the first incident involving an upset customer and a not-so-blunt knife, she has learned to keep it well protected while on duty. She does this by putting it up in a braided bun, and it is held together by a silver lace ribbon. At family or other social gatherings, however, she prefers to leave it down in all its fiery glory.

    The inherited, almond shaped green eyes are a dull jade color against pale white skin. Due to the rather childish look of the fae, Rosa has very rounded features that make her appear younger in nature. She also stands at a meager sixty-two inches from the ground, making her shorter than the average full grown Italian woman. She is often underestimated in her work as a smuggler due to this.

    Hand to hand combat is difficult for her, however, as she is easy to bruise with brittle bones. No amount of training could make up for this fact despite how hard she has tried. When she is hit, it takes days to heal. Even a mere bruise contrasts against her paleness for weeks before fading. Small scars litter her body in multiple places, and the largest of those rests on the back of her neck. The illusions she creates helps to hide these imperfections. Nonetheless, she finds way around her fragility by pushing her agility and reflexes to their limit. Rosa has a daily routine of tests to keep herself in a constant state of spatial awareness.

    Rosa has a specific set of attire when she is in the field. The undergarment is a tailored white Celtic chemise with long, drawstring sleeves. The burgundy red bodice is a twill, lock lace design with brass grommets. The cut of the bodice promotes lift to help, as she say, with persuasion. She wears a black men's pant stolen form her husband's collection of attire. It allows her to move more easily than even a thin skirt would permit. Along with this assortment of clothing she wears a silver mask that cover the top portion of her face. The right side is adorned with a butterfly-esque layer that has green jewels inset into the carefully carved design. Any other occasion she dresses with the nobility of her heritage in lovely fitted gowns.


    Personality: Rosa embodies the playful nature of the fae. She sees everything in her life as a sort of game, with moves and counter moves every step of the way. If there is a trick to be played on the way—say, a harmless scare or amusing confusion—she takes it at every opportunity. Her energetic spirit is shown fully in her interactions with the Omicidio family and those of other notable standing. The wide, rosy cheek smile and endearing wit has gained her many favors amongst the family. Most people know her for her overwhelming charm and infectious laughter. The sarcastic side is shown more toward her husband, Pietro, and dealings in the trade. She is a difficult person to hate outside of her Silvertongue persona.

    Despite her best efforts against it, she is a kindhearted individual to those who need an ally. Luca was her first stray, and she holds him most dear to her heart. If there is someone who needs protection her nurturing side appears quite fiercely. No one touches her darlings without going through her first. This translate into her dealings with the Phoenix. Though Luca was trained to be an assassin, only she can approve the jobs he is assigned. If something seems too dangerous she will red line it immediately. This has, of course, caused many arguments among the two individuals as well as employers.

    When slipping into Silvertongue, she attempts to mask these apparent weaknesses. She hides herself behind a mask of indifference and sarcasm. She knows how to push the right buttons to manipulate. It was difficult to get started in the business, and ever harder to gain respect from those who had been doing this for years. Rosa learned excellent tricks in diplomacy from her parents, and uses this in the trade to negotiate. Her way with words is what gave her the pseudonym and she uses it to its full advantage.

    History: Born and raised within Venice, Rosa was the only child of the wealthy Renaldo and Sophia Di Caprio. Though they didn't have as much influence as the de' Medici and Omicidio families, they were highly valued for their impeccable diplomacy and high volume of income. The Di Caprios owned the Port, and with that they essentially controlled the overseas trade. A long established contract was discussed between the Di Caprio and Omicidio to marry Rosa to the eldest nephew of Enzo, Pietro. After her parent's death at the age of seventeen, her hand and the Port were given over to the Omicidios almost immediately. The old money of her family was forfeited as dowry, with the exception of her inherited monthly income.

    As an only child, Rosa often grew bored, and was taught by her father's adviser, Matteo, the art of swordsmanship and close quarter combat to pass time. She took these lessons and petitioned Enzo for a position within the family trade. Taken by the charming young woman, she was offered small jobs in selling supernatural artifacts to family friends among the Port business. From there she worked her way into smuggling, and eventually rooted herself in deep enough to be an essential member of the Omicidio business. The diplomacy of her parents was present in their daughter, and she has gained many allies—and many enemies—in this line of work.

    Powers/Skills: The fae species has a deep connection with magic that provides them certain advantages against other individuals. Rosa has obtained most of these abilities, but not all. The most potent of her magic resides in what is called glamour, or illusions, that seemingly change the physical world. Though there is no actual transformation taking place, the illusion itself is real enough to make a person believe they are holding a spider where a pocket watch once was. Her favorite application of this ability is using trickery to smuggle artifacts. If they cannot see it, or believe it to be something else, then she has not stolen it, or so Rosa argues. However, these illusions cannot be held for too long. Eventually the magic fades, and everything is as it once was.

    In addition to the illusions, Rosa can also see through other magic trickery. If there is another fae in the vicinity, and they are using the glamour, she can sense it and see through the illusion. The presence of pure iron diminishes these abilities significantly. If she comes into contact with the iron, it burns the skin and could potentially kill her in extreme cases.

    Weapons: Hung around her waist is a steel engraved, wooden wheel-lock rifle with inlaid ivory designs. It is marked by the Omicidio family crest, and was a wedding gift from Enzo the day she married Pietro. The gift of a weapon was the unspoken tradition when deals were made on such a level. Rosa learned quickly that one must know how to fight—and fight dirty—if they were to survive in this business. She treasures the rifle and uses it sparingly. Her main arms of choice is a double-edged silver rapier.

    "The energy you put out in this world, whether positive or negative, will come back to meet you someday."

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