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Name: Desirée Tannahill
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Status: Bounty Hunter

Personality: Cunning and decisive, Desirée retains a thoughtful mind even in the grittiest of jobs. She doesn't let her heart dictate over what is needed for success.

One of her many weaknesses include the protective - sometimes overbearing - need to guide her half-sister, Evian. The less obvious ones include a bad left knee and her awful eye sight; don't ask her to read a sign more than fifteen feet away, seriously, don't - she also has a temper, but Desirée considers it more of a strength.

Through their father, Desirée has learned the hard way not to trust anyone - and that means anyone.


Element: Fire

Weaponry: Revolver that can hold four shots, hidden under her right sleeve.

3 Stock Spells:
  • Elemental Shield - Fire
  • Minor Repulsion
  • Elemental Burst – Fire
2 Custom Spells:
  • Heat Control Desirée can cause the veins inside the opponents body feel as if it's incinerating. This attack doesn't last very long.
  • Elemental Bullet With the bullets in her revolver, Desirée can elementally affect them - on impact, it sets the entry point aflame.
Roleplay Sample: Excerpt from The Race

Couldn't resist the roleplay and the idea Zatanna came up with for our characters being sisters!