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Hey guys, ManInTheMask here.
For those that do not know, Jagold has given me permission to take the recent version of Pokémon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends and fix the inconsistencies and/or mixed up details within the game, such as getting the Pokémon's stats and data right, fixing the PokéDex and cries, and so on. I have currently finished a first version of the cleaned up game, and will now post the link to download the file. Note that just like the downloads on the main threads of this page, this file is in .ups format, so you will need to patch it. Other than that, have fun!

What is fixed in v4.1:
-All Pokémon have the correct growth rates, PokéDex species/categories (Ex: Palkia, who replaces Kangaskhan is no longer called the "PARENT POKéMON," and is once again the "SPACIAL POKéMON"), PokéDex color groups, base friendship values, and hatch rates.
-All Pokémon have the right Egg Groups and have the correct Egg Moves as well. Any Pokémon that had Dark Beam and Heaven Beam for Egg Moves do not have them anymore, rightfully (and technically) making them signature moves again.
-A few map and text issues/inconsistencies were fixed.
-The Vigoroth in the beginning of the game that help the character move in play the right Pokémon cry when you talk to them.
-Some Pokémon should have the correct footprint images, as well as a custom one made for Baby Lugia, who replaces Feebas.

I hope you enjoy the fixed patch, and I will be sure to fix more in-game details and post a v4.2 soon.