The Grey Waves

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Posted May 26th, 2016
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The next legendary saga of the Fire Emblem series is here: Fire Emblem The War Cry. Take part in an epic adventure as you engage in the war to prevent the eternal war. Create a unique warrior, choose from dozens of classes, wield many weapons, and fight against deadly foes. Have fun with.
  • Create a unique warrior, and fight in high ranks.
  • Lead armies into battle against a corrupted nation.
  • Choose your favorite classes from various Fire Emblem Titles, plus all new classes only available in The War Cry
  • Explore a rich and unique world, and enjoy twisting plots and adventures.

Suit up with your armor and blades, the threat of eternal war is on its way.
You can fly if you try

As long as you have a greened haired women sticking her nose in your adventures. :p