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City of Masks

Map I NPC CSS I Supernatural Almanac


Venice is a city of mystique and intrigue. People say the city wears a mask. The mask itself is the beauty of the city, the art, the water, the amazing architecture, but underneath that water, and in those buildings, monster live. The city is filled with all kinds of horrors, roaming the streets, blending in with the masses. The city is filled with werewolves, vampires, sirens and demons, lurking between the citizens. Ghosts haunt the cathedrals, ghouls swamp through the cemeteries, and mermaids terrorize the bay.


Venice is controlled by rich families that control trade. The most powerful is the de’ Medici family, led by Giovanni de’ Medici. He controls almost all banks in Venice, and has a powerful economic spider web, woven throughout the city. Giovanni is a normal man. He possesses no magic ability, neither dark nor light, and his power is solely based on his mental capabilities. He controls his empire with an iron fist, and is never left alone. The de’ Medici’s biggest rivals is the Omicidio family. They handle their business dirtier than the de’ Medici’s. While the de’ Medici’s make most of their money with extortion through their banks, the Omicidio family makes theirs through trade in illegal materials. Using their trading ships as a front for smuggle of supernatural goods. The Omicidio family is led by Enzo Omicidio, a vampire. Venice is filled with other families, that are bound to either the de’ Medici’s or the Omicidio’s. There are some small families that are unaffiliated, however.

The politics play out in two different ways. Meetings will be held, disguised as masked balls, where family members settle their differences, and in the streets and canals, where people are liquidated, and fights take place. The one thing these things have in common is the masks. Masks are worn at night, to keep identities a secret. Murders and meetings are held with as little personal information as possible. The masks make it possible for the monsters to stand out at night, and blend in at day. Numbers of secret societies arise, where masked figures meet, discussing schemes, and executing them, without knowing anyone’s identity. When interacting with supernatural beings, almost everyone wears a mask. The truth about who is human and who is more is hard to come by.

The Arc system

This RP works with a new system that I'm calling the Arc System. The RP is set up to be easily joinable, and you are not having to commit long term to the role play. The story will be divided into arcs. Every arc is meant to be a story that can stand on itself. Sign Up’s will be closed while an arc is active, but when the end of an arc nears, they will open up again. Players will be able to join in the new arc, and a summary of information that is important to get in the story will be added. The end of an arc is a good place for people to leave the RP, join the RP, or retire your character and play as a new one.

The supernatural world/setting

The supernatural world in Venice: City of Masks is based on gothic literature, but taking influence from other cultures occultism is allowed too. The monsters in Venice are all of equal intellect as the humans, and can pass as humans. Blending in with the normal society is a big part of every supernatural beings life. The existence of the magic world is public knowledge, but they are mostly feared by the commoners. The Christian faith is very present in the city, and it shuns the magic world. Monsters aren’t the only part of this occult world. Actual people can acquire magical abilities, or magically change themselves too. Magic is not something that is easily controllable however, and magical abilities manifest themselves mostly as specific abilities, instead of full control of the magic spectrum. Examples of this are pyrokinesis, teleportation, and transmutation. There are a lot of magical artifacts going around in Venice too, and they are highly sought after. Artifacts are some of the most powerful things in this world.

The city itself is a renaissance representation of Venice. Cars don’t exist, nor does steam power. Magic is no big part of a commoner’s life, and it plays no big part in the city. On the surface at least. Science is a heavily discussed topic right now, but it’s not advanced. Theories about the world start blooming only know, and there is an ongoing struggle with the iron fist of the church. Alchemy is one of the most advanced sciences, and seems very magic in its potential. Transmutation is not unheard of, but the church prosecutes alchemists, which makes it a very secretive science.

A list of common monsters, with a small description:

Vampires, monsters who live on blood. They are stronger and faster than humans. They have to be invited into a house to enter, but after the invitation they can enter at will. Christian symbolism cripples them, and they dislike sunlight. Vampirism is transferable. If a vampire pierces your skin with their teeth, you will become a vampire too. Vampires normally pierce the skin with other means and drink from the wound, to not infect their prey.

Werewolves, monsters who can change into monstrous half-man, half-wolf beings. In werewolf form, they possess wolf-like traits, and are stronger than humans. They lose cognitive function, however. A big weakness includes touching silver. Lycanthrophy is spread by getting bitten by a werewolf. Werewolfs mostly kill their prey, however, or don't use their teeth to keep the target from turning.

Ghosts, monsters who are the souls of dead people. They can interact with the physical world at times, but are mainly intangible. Ghosts can turn invisible and have limited teleportation. They can be harmed with salt, and pass on if their corpse get cremated. Ghosts are created if someone dies and still has attachment to the physical world. They can also be created by spells.

Ghouls, demons who have taken on the appearance of the first dead body they ate. They are corpse eater, and feed off of rotting flesh. They don’t feel pain as we do, and can lose body parts without hurting themselves. They can replace parts of their body with that of other corpses. Ghouls don't remember their lives as demons before they became ghouls.

Mermaids, monsters who live underwater, and eat humans. Their fish tail changes into human legs once they enter land. On land they are just humans in their ability, only almost always beautiful. Once they enter water, their true nature arises. They can breathe underwater, and heal there. They are faster and stronger in the water.

Sirens, monsters who lure humans away to consume them. Their skin rots, and they are unholy in appearance. They have hypnotic capabilities, however, and use these to fit in. Their hypnosis isn’t extremely strong, and it’s easy to break, but sirens commonly use it to lure lonely humans out of the streets. One of their strongest hypnotic abilities is to make people believe they have a beautiful appearance, which they use to blend in with the masses.

Demons, monsters who possess humans to for their personal gain. Demons are formless beings that take over host bodies. They have limited telekinesis, and can leave and enter host bodies at will. Their main weakness is everything holy. They can’t enter holy places, and burn if they touch anything holy. Demons stuck on earth are corrupted spirits, and their is no knowledge about the existence of an after life, beyond being stuck on earth as a demon or a ghost. A demon is born every time a person who lived a life of extreme evil dies. A newly born demon basically gets born out of their sins. Newborns are pure evil, and will do nothing but wreak havoc. A demon can develop new character traits as it's lifespan grows, however.

Draconians, monsters who are the distant descendants of dragons. They look human, but they have dragon like abilities. Their skin is extremely durable, and they can breathe flames. Their legs are scaly, and they have claws instead of feet. Draconians are known for their greed, commonly associated with gold, but this is not always the case.

Faes, monsters who are mostly mischievous in nature. While this mischief may differ from simple trickery, to harmful deceit, they all like to play around. They commonly look childlike. They have very potent magic abilities, with which they can change the world around them. It allows them to change objects into others, placing hexes on people, and move things around. They have a very big weakness to iron however.


Venice combines sandbox elements with a story driven plot. Players will be presented with an arc long story, but they will not be limited to this story. Players are allowed to develop their own characters and stories, and along the way will be presented with opportunities to join the overarching story, and the GM will try to use player created plot and characters as much as possible. In the world of Venice, players can take almost any job, and fulfil that. Venice is heavily based in this supernatural world, so involving your character with it is a good way to get in with the action. Big plot points will be interaction between the families, magical artifacts, and dealing with monsters.


You are a citizen of Venice, free to roam the city. Most people are affiliated with a family. Either being part of that family, or working for them. Families are what they sound like. Members of the family are all related by blood, and the only way to become part of it is to marry your way in. People that work for families are paid by them. Players don’t need to be part of a family, although they are a good way to get involved in the action. Players can be shop owners, street rats, or monster hunters too.

  • PC rules apply.
  • This RP is M-rated
  • No godmodding
  • No bunnying unless you've gotten permision to do so
  • Post at least once every two weeks
  • New races or species cannot be added without permission of the GM
  • Creating Very strong NPC's should be talked through with the GM
  • Creativity is encouraged. I'm likely to agree with what you're wanting to add to the story, unless it clashes with the setting
  • Be respectful. The RP is supposed to be fun for everyone

The Sign-Up Sheet (Sign Ups are closed at the moment)

Name: (Real name, and name used when wearing a mask)



Species: (Can be either human, one of the common monsters, or a requested species. I suggest requesting a species first, and only writing your SU after the GM said you are allowed to use it. This is because they may be denied, or changed to fit the setting better.)

Affiliation/Job: (Your affiliation with a family. If a family is a new addition add to which powerful family, either the de’ Medici or the Omicidio, they side. Players can be unaffiliated too. Trying to side with both families may be a bad decision, however, as the families she a shared asset as no asset at all. The job of your character should be described here too.)

Appearance: (This includes your mask.)


History: (Optional)

Powers/Skills: (Human characters are allowed to have superpowers through magic, while monster can only acquire other magical abilities through artefacts. All extraordinary skills should be mentioned here, however, not just the magic powers.)

Weapons: (The weapons can be anything that was around in and before the late renaissance. This is mostly swords, but small fire weapons are allowed too.)

Roleplay sample: (a link to another post you have made on this site, or a short post written as your character, to show you are a capable writer.)

Accepted players

Sign ups are opened:

- Ice as Arabella Sciacallo
- Shak as Lorenzo Immobile
- Gimmepie as Adalinda Capello
- Sonata as Baranabas and Facio Benedevice
- doge as Renée de Fiore
- infinite as Finn Nimue Espira.
- Fantome as Argenta de Bianco
- Lucifer-San as Isaac Clark
- Deceptio as Rowin Odo
- Zatanna as Pandora Bellerose
- 「sarcasm as Ninivi Von Flare Leblanc
- GreyBidoof as Marco Moretti

- Karma as Luca Alessandro Cellini & Rosa Maria Omicidio
- Foxrally as The Boogeyman
- Lycanthropy as Gustavo Babini
- under_score as Keira O'Cuinn


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booty booty booty

get me in

(I won't be making a SU until after the 26th though, as I told you before :P)
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I have added small pieces of information to the different species that might be important for character creation. I'm also putting this post down to put my SU in once it's finished.

Added my SU:

Arabella Sciacallo

23 // The Rose // Female

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: The Sciacallo family, who are affiliated with the de’ Medici family. The Sciacallo’s are a family mostly based in managing money, and they manage one of the banks owned by the de’ Medici family.

Appearance: Arabella is a pale girl, and has long black hair that falls just over her shoulders. She’s skinny, to the point that it’s almost unhealthy. She’s fairly small, standing at 5’2” or 158 cm. This makes her look more childlike than it makes her look small, however. Arabella has very dark, brown eyes, and the skin under her eyes is darker, making her look like she is permanently tired. At day her clothes are fairly simple. She wears a white long linen shirt that covers most of her body.
Her mask is a black masquerade mask, decorated with a fake rose. When wearing her mask, she wears black clothes, which do not limit her mobility. The clothes have straps to store blades and items in.

Personality: Arabella has two personalities. One is her ‘real’ self, which she calls Rose, and the other is a decoy she uses, which is known as Arabella. Her decoy personality is very weak, and she uses it when she isn’t wearing a mask. Without the mask, she acts sweet, selfless and easily distracted. She maintains a very impressible act, that seems to think everything is beautiful and tries to see the best in people. This used to be how she was before she became a vampire.
Once she became a vampire she changed. She loved the rush of not being the weak girl she used to be, and something in her snapped. She got more aggressive, and started to be less appreciative of the beauty in the world. Arabella started enjoying violence, and killing, which she saw as herself becoming powerful. Her mindset also become more cynical, and she became very manipulative, using her weak appearance to play with people their emotions. She does still care for her family, however, and does everything in her power to get them to become more powerful

History: Arabella was born weak, and sick. Her life was destined to be lived inside, bound to her bed by her ailments. She lived away from her parents and brothers, in a house with her maid. Her family would visit once a week, but she did not see them often, as she sometimes would sleep through the visits. She did love her family though, as they were kind and caring.
Most of the time Arabella was awake, she would look out her window, following the people, and making stories about them in her head. Most people wouldn’t notice the pale young girl, but one day, when she was 16, someone looked back, and stared her in the eyes. An older girl, as pale as her. She waved at Arabella, and Arabella assumed that would be the end of their interaction.
That night she woke up from a piercing pain in her neck. The girl from earlier that day had sunk her teeth deep in Arabella’s neck. When she noticed the girl she was biting had woken up, she was gone in a second.
The vampirism made her stronger. From that moment on, she was not the girl she had been before. She could move freely, without collapsing after mere minutes. She started going out at night. She loved the feeling of not being weak, and as the years went on, she started becoming more sadistic and aggressive at night. The stronger she became, the more she liked the hurt people, and show that she was not as weak as she once was. Her personality had changed a lot, and from the sweet sick girl she used to be, she became a sadistic, manipulative killer.
One thing that did not change, was her love for her family. She keeps up the act of being a sick girl, so her family still interacts with her, and she gets to see them, and speak to them. If she hears about trouble for the family, she will go out and try to solve it at night. The only problem with leaving at night is her maid, whom she loves dearly too, but brings the risk of walking in on an empty room.
Arabella now spends most of her nights running around the rooftops of Venice, looking for a fight, hunting down lonely night crawlers and monsters to satisfy her bloodlust

Athlete:Arabella is very athletic and flexible, because of the combination of her being a very skinny and small, with her vampiric physique.

Skilled with daggers: She is very skilled with daggers, which she learned to use in her nights out on the rooftops of Venice.

Cryokinises: Arabella possesses a necklace which gives her the ability to cool down objects or people she touches. With this she can freeze the top layers of the water, or create rime or a thin layer of ice on objects. She mostly uses this technique to hurt people, or to make area’s slippery.

Manipulation: Arabella can read people really well, and is very skilled at saying exactly what a person needs hear. Her appearance makes people open up to her, which makes it easy for her to understand them, and play them.

Weapons: Arabella carries daggers at night, which she keeps in the straps on her outfit. She usually has 6 on hand.


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Reserve me please...


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Poor gimmepie! I can't imagine how you find the time to sleep at night. That being said, I'm starting to find myself drawn into more and more RPs.

Oh, that's right. Reservation please. I'll probably have my SU done shortly, since I have a very good idea for a character.
At least my character is fully formed in my head. I just need to finish my Camelot SU so I can get her written up. Incoming fae who exists simply to troll the two families.


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One second, let me wipe my drool off the floor. Such a mess.

Just posting to have a placeholder for my SU if that's alright! I am going through a name change right now (waiting for my turn) so if you come on and this post is authored by a "Karma" then no worries. It's still me.

Luca Alessandro Cellini
the Phoenix
Age: Nineteen, 19

Gender: Male ♂

Species: Human Magician

The Cellini family has always been one of poor fortune, and never noticeable enough for either de' Medici or Omicidio. It wasn't long before the family itself was obsolete. Luca, for the remainder of his life, was a street rat who fed off the downfall of others. It wasn't until he met Rosa Di Caprio, who later married into the Omicidio family, that he had a link to one of the two powerhouses of Venice. She offered him a living as a hired sword.

He took up the shady lifestyle of an assassin, spy, and whatever else the woman required of him. If she needed information on a smuggling job, he was sent to retrieve it. If a member of the Omicidio family needed a certain individual out of their way, he was sent to take care of it. Only Rosa knows who he is behind the mask, and she is the one who gets him the jobs. No one speaks to the Phoenix without going through Rosa first.

Appearance: Luca shot upwards early in age, and has been growing ever since. He can see eye-to-eye with fully grown adults, and towers over certain individuals at an impressive seventy-two inches. This, of course, irritates the much shorter Rosa when he using his height in playful mockery to her own. Though he is lean in physique, he has a decent proportion of muscles from rigorous training as an assassin. He has difficulties with agility, and is slower than preferred for a man in his profession. However, he makes up for it in stealth. A light foot is better than a quick one when sneaking around.

His head is an unruly mess of raven black hair. The butchered cut makes for an interesting display of wildness. No matter how hard Rosa has tried to smooth it down, Luca goes and scruffs it up again within seconds. He finds no use in taming the spiked mane. Concealed by random strands of hair are light brown eyes on white, freckled skin. His featured are pointed, much like his fathers were.

His attire is the same whether or not he is in his Phoenix form or not. In fact, there is rarely a time he is seen without his mask. The Cellini part of his life is almost nonexistent, and he prefers to keep it that way. He wears very light clothing that is cut to fit. This allows him to not only move smoothly on missions, but also move without noise. He wears a black tunic with a gray and black hooded doublet. The front buckles are leather, and the hood is cut large in order to cover his entire head. Full length black trousers complete the ensemble. His clothing is void of all color save for the mask he wears. It is a hand carved, wooden bird's head design with a curved beak and fantastic red, orange, and yellow feathers. The holes around the eyes cast a shadow so that only his irises can be seen shining through. Luca did the paint on the wood by himself. The mask itself took months to make, and it has a few scratches from excessive use. With his height, lean figure, and intimidating mask he looks the part of a fiery bird stalking its prey, thus earning him his pseudonym.


Personality: When faced with the boy, he comes across as cold and calculating. He thinks about every move before it is made, and every word before it is spoken. He never laughs, and barely smiles around anyone but Rosa. Everyone is a threat in his world. Luca prefers to never get close to anyone, despite relation or familiarity. Growing up on the street only perpetuated this instinct. He was forced at a young age to put on an act. To con. This mannerism has been ingrained into the boy for years and will probably never break. Mercy is not an offer he extends easily.

He did, however, pick up a sense of blunt sarcasm from Rosa. Though not as well versed in the act as she, he subconsciously uses it as a defense mechanism when faced with a unique or unknown situation. Not many people catch on to it, which makes him seem like even more of a jerk at times. He doesn't mind this of course. What other people think or feel is irrelevant to him. All that matters is getting the job done. He will use people in anyway necessary to do so, whether that is sharing a bed or offering up a decoy.

There is, however, a crack in his cold personality. He treats the opposite sex with extreme politeness. Even if he was raised as a street rat, he was born a gentleman. He has a soft spot for women and children and prefers not to offend a lady if it can be helped. If his target is female, he has to be convinced enough that she is a threat to execute the job. Despite his weakness toward women, he prefers to spend his nights with other men.

When he does love, and he almost never does, it is deeply. He will put his heart and soul out on the line for someone he holds close to him. Even if it can't be seen on the outside, his passion runs deep. This is why he protects his emotions so fiercely. He was hurt when his parents abandoned him in Venice, and that has left a scar on his heart ever since.

History: The Cellini folk were a family of vagabonds. They traveled often, and had never rooted their feet anywhere until they found their way to Venice. His father, Arnaldo, and mother Gina settled in with very little money in their pockets and no knowledge to how the societal system of the city worked. To say the family struggled was an understatement. At the age of nine Luca was forced onto the streets to beg, steal, and manipulate bystanders so that they could have something to eat every night. No matter how hard they worked, there was no making headway, and so the Cellini family moved on to the next opportunity. Luca was left behind, only fourteen years old. During this time he made the acquaintance of Rosa Di Caprio after attempting to pickpocket her. She fed him, made sure he had a roof over his head, and befriended the boy. Later, after marrying Pietro Omicidio, Rosa had him trained as an assassin and gave jobs with a steady income. Luca feels indebted to her for everything she has done to save him, and will do anything she asks.

Powers/Skills: Luca found a knack for magic at a young age, and yet the only thing he managed to conjure were flames. He has, over the years, finessed the art of his pryokinesis and it comes more than naturally to him. Only twice in his lifetime, however, has he managed to create the blue flames. Doing so requires more effort and time than an assassin has on the job, and the fire is essentially too hot to control in its blue form. His specialties include encasing arrowheads or blades in fire, and pretending to breathe fire like a Draconian. Certain downfalls of his pyrokinesis involve a constantly warm body temperature, and a difficulty to control a flame once it has fed off natural substances. His fire is magical in nature, and once it attaches to wood or fueled by wind he loses a part of that magic. Additionally, he has obtained a supernatural artifact that hangs as a pendant around his neck. It is always hidden from view, and enhances his sight significantly. He has a bird's eye view, as he says.

Weapons: Due to his occupation, Luca tends to have a wide assortment of weaponry on his person at all times. His main arsenal consists of dual short swords with intricately carved ivory hilts, yew longbow with handmade arrows, silver dagger, and assorted vials of poison and magical powders. He is particularly fond of the short swords as they were a gift from an anonymous member of the Omicidio family during the beginning stages of his employment. A lot of care was put into the blades, and Luca has never been seen without them.

Roleplay sample: From SwiftSign's roleplay Game of Pokémon, as Cyrus Droganni.

The accommodations the prince had within the local village inn were a far stretch from the luxuries he has known since birth. Growing up as the crown prince, Cyrus was accustom to the plush lifestyle of royalty, and since he was never permitted outside the sights of the palace he knew nothing of the poverty that plagued parts of the realm. Yet even as a chilled breeze crawled its way through hidden cracks in the walls and the rickety wood bed was made with a thin, tattered quilt that frayed on the ends, he found a sense of comfort in the homely atmosphere of the room. It was the work of a man who struggled to put bread on the table at dinner to feed his family every night, and he who laid his weary bones down in a house desperate for repairs. Cyrus respected that with every inch of his soul, and he felt it in him to pay the inn far more than what was required of him.

As day melted into night and the moon rose steadily in the sky, his heavy eyelids began to droop and the prince fell into the temptations of sleep. Yet as the night drew onward, his rest was that of a fitful one. The young man twitched and tossed in his unconsciousness and wild limbs lashed out towards an unseen foe. Soft whimpers escaped from trembling lips that roused the other living entity in the room. Aurora, from her spot curled at her partner’s bedside, immediately felt a sense of unease as she was awoken from her own drowsy stupor. With a thrust of her wings she levitated herself off the ground and surveyed the room with sharp eyes. The Pokémon soon realized that the cause of her panic was coming from her distressed human counterpart, who struggled beneath the bed covering as it clung to his damp skin.

She pressed her head against his warm cheek and nudged the prince, “Gon…”

With a chocking gasp, Cyrus’ eyes spot open and he leaped up into a sitting position. Sweat rolled from his body in waves as he shivered from the after effects of the nightmare. Fiery red hair stuck to his face and neck and all he could feel was heat radiating from his own body. His breathing was harsh and shallow as if he had been running, and he dropped his head into unsteady hands while trying to regain composure.

“Gon,” Aurora cooed as she maneuvered her head beneath his arm.

After taking a few deep breaths and feeling his erratic heartbeat find a stable rhythm he let out a soft sigh and gave the Dragonair a half-hearted smile, patting her head affectionately. “I’m alright, girl.” It had been a while since he last dreamt like that. The horrors of the night followed him months after his mother’s departure from this world, but they disappeared over time. Perhaps it was due to this journey dragging up old horrors and even older memories.

Cyrus untangled his lanky legs from the bedspread and swung off the bed, bare feet touching soundlessly on the floor, and made his way to the backdoor. Thankfully, his room was on the second floor of the inn, and was fitted with a small balcony that overlooked one of the alleyways. As he stepped out on the weathered wood planks he felt the cool night air dance off his warm skin. It felt nice. He gripped the railing and leaned into its touch. Below, the streets were deserted for the night and only patrolmen walked its cobbled ground, illuminating the shadows with fiery torches. The prince watched listlessly as a guard walked the alleyway beneath his balcony before slowly disappearing around the corner. Behind him, Aurora slithered out beside him, sharing the silence between them.

“Sorry for waking you,” he said sadly. She brushed against his leg in response to show she didn’t mind.

With another drawn out sigh he turned to head back inside, but a flicker of moonlight caught his eye. Squinting his eyes he could see a dark figure on a roof not far from the inn. Peculiar. What would someone be doing up there at this time of night? Straining further Cyrus tried to get a better look at the man (or woman) when he heard the flutter of wings, and with it dozens of dark-type Pokémon flying towards the inn. It was clear instantly that they held nothing but malice in their eyes as they swarmed the village.

Cyrus jumped into action. “Attack! We’re under attack—!” His yelled warning was cut off as the body of a Murkrow slammed brutally into his side, sending him tumbling backwards onto the ground. He felt the sharp talons of the bird slice through the sleeve of his white tunic and felt a quick flash of pain before the Pokémon was blown away from him by the small tornado Aurora conjured.

“Thanks,” he breathed, clutching his arm tightly. He got himself into a sitting position and nodded to the door. “You need to go warn Rowan.”

The Dragonair hesitated, looking between the door and her injured partner, and shook her head. “Go now!” he commanded, and with one last look at Cyrus she took off for Rowan’s room.

Rosa Maria Omicidio
Age: Twenty-Two, 22

Gender: Female ♀

Species: Fae

Rosa was married into the Omicidio family at the age of seventeen, where she was legally bound to Enzo Omidicio's nephew Pietro. This contract was established in order to take hold of the old money left behind by the Di Caprio family when Rosa's parents died, leaving her the fortune. Since the marriage, she has managed to gain strong allies within the powerful family, and is held in high regard by her husband's uncle. Any ill will towards her has often been seen as an act against the entire Omicidio family. She uses this to her advantage, of course, in her dealings with the family's trade. Rosa works as a smuggler, and obtains magical or otherwise supernatural artifacts to sell on a black market. All proceedings of the trade go to the Omicidio family. Yet she has dealings on the side that keep a steady flow of unmarked currency for her own personal operations. She has her hands in everything, and all of Venice knows this. In this line of work she is known as Silvertongue, as she can be incredibly persuasive when she wants to be. A way with words comes with the job.

Appearance: The Di Caprio family has been a long line of pure blooded fae, and the red headed, green eyed look has been almost a signature in the kindred of her mother's side. Rosa was no exception to this ancestral design. Delicate copper curls cascade down her back to rest at her lower spine. She despises the idea of cutting her hair, but sometimes the job has accidentally done that for her. It's an unfortunate hazard. After the first incident involving an upset customer and a not-so-blunt knife, she has learned to keep it well protected while on duty. She does this by putting it up in a braided bun, and it is held together by a silver lace ribbon. At family or other social gatherings, however, she prefers to leave it down in all its fiery glory.

The inherited, almond shaped green eyes are a dull jade color against pale white skin. Due to the rather childish look of the fae, Rosa has very rounded features that make her appear younger in nature. She also stands at a meager sixty-two inches from the ground, making her shorter than the average full grown Italian woman. She is often underestimated in her work as a smuggler due to this.

Hand to hand combat is difficult for her, however, as she is easy to bruise with brittle bones. No amount of training could make up for this fact despite how hard she has tried. When she is hit, it takes days to heal. Even a mere bruise contrasts against her paleness for weeks before fading. Small scars litter her body in multiple places, and the largest of those rests on the back of her neck. The illusions she creates helps to hide these imperfections. Nonetheless, she finds way around her fragility by pushing her agility and reflexes to their limit. Rosa has a daily routine of tests to keep herself in a constant state of spatial awareness.

Rosa has a specific set of attire when she is in the field. The undergarment is a tailored white Celtic chemise with long, drawstring sleeves. The burgundy red bodice is a twill, lock lace design with brass grommets. The cut of the bodice promotes lift to help, as she say, with persuasion. She wears a black men's pant stolen form her husband's collection of attire. It allows her to move more easily than even a thin skirt would permit. Along with this assortment of clothing she wears a silver mask that cover the top portion of her face. The right side is adorned with a butterfly-esque layer that has green jewels inset into the carefully carved design. Any other occasion she dresses with the nobility of her heritage in lovely fitted gowns.


Personality: Rosa embodies the playful nature of the fae. She sees everything in her life as a sort of game, with moves and counter moves every step of the way. If there is a trick to be played on the way—say, a harmless scare or amusing confusion—she takes it at every opportunity. Her energetic spirit is shown fully in her interactions with the Omicidio family and those of other notable standing. The wide, rosy cheek smile and endearing wit has gained her many favors amongst the family. Most people know her for her overwhelming charm and infectious laughter. The sarcastic side is shown more toward her husband, Pietro, and dealings in the trade. She is a difficult person to hate outside of her Silvertongue persona.

Despite her best efforts against it, she is a kindhearted individual to those who need an ally. Luca was her first stray, and she holds him most dear to her heart. If there is someone who needs protection her nurturing side appears quite fiercely. No one touches her darlings without going through her first. This translate into her dealings with the Phoenix. Though Luca was trained to be an assassin, only she can approve the jobs he is assigned. If something seems too dangerous she will red line it immediately. This has, of course, caused many arguments among the two individuals as well as employers.

When slipping into Silvertongue, she attempts to mask these apparent weaknesses. She hides herself behind a mask of indifference and sarcasm. She knows how to push the right buttons to manipulate. It was difficult to get started in the business, and ever harder to gain respect from those who had been doing this for years. Rosa learned excellent tricks in diplomacy from her parents, and uses this in the trade to negotiate. Her way with words is what gave her the pseudonym and she uses it to its full advantage.

History: Born and raised within Venice, Rosa was the only child of the wealthy Renaldo and Sophia Di Caprio. Though they didn't have as much influence as the de' Medici and Omicidio families, they were highly valued for their impeccable diplomacy and high volume of income. The Di Caprios owned the Port, and with that they essentially controlled the overseas trade. A long established contract was discussed between the Di Caprio and Omicidio to marry Rosa to the eldest nephew of Enzo, Pietro. After her parent's death at the age of seventeen, her hand and the Port were given over to the Omicidios almost immediately. The old money of her family was forfeited as dowry, with the exception of her inherited monthly income.

As an only child, Rosa often grew bored, and was taught by her father's adviser, Matteo, the art of swordsmanship and close quarter combat to pass time. She took these lessons and petitioned Enzo for a position within the family trade. Taken by the charming young woman, she was offered small jobs in selling supernatural artifacts to family friends among the Port business. From there she worked her way into smuggling, and eventually rooted herself in deep enough to be an essential member of the Omicidio business. The diplomacy of her parents was present in their daughter, and she has gained many allies—and many enemies—in this line of work.

Powers/Skills: The fae species has a deep connection with magic that provides them certain advantages against other individuals. Rosa has obtained most of these abilities, but not all. The most potent of her magic resides in what is called glamour, or illusions, that seemingly change the physical world. Though there is no actual transformation taking place, the illusion itself is real enough to make a person believe they are holding a spider where a pocket watch once was. Her favorite application of this ability is using trickery to smuggle artifacts. If they cannot see it, or believe it to be something else, then she has not stolen it, or so Rosa argues. However, these illusions cannot be held for too long. Eventually the magic fades, and everything is as it once was.

In addition to the illusions, Rosa can also see through other magic trickery. If there is another fae in the vicinity, and they are using the glamour, she can sense it and see through the illusion. The presence of pure iron diminishes these abilities significantly. If she comes into contact with the iron, it burns the skin and could potentially kill her in extreme cases.

Weapons: Hung around her waist is a steel engraved, wooden wheel-lock rifle with inlaid ivory designs. It is marked by the Omicidio family crest, and was a wedding gift from Enzo the day she married Pietro. The gift of a weapon was the unspoken tradition when deals were made on such a level. Rosa learned quickly that one must know how to fight—and fight dirty—if they were to survive in this business. She treasures the rifle and uses it sparingly. Her main arms of choice is a double-edged silver rapier.

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Luca & Rosa in Venice: City of Masks



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(I won't be making a SU until after the 26th though, as I told you before :P)

Reserve me please...
Poor gimmepie! I can't imagine how you find the time to sleep at night. That being said, I'm starting to find myself drawn into more and more RPs.

Oh, that's right. Reservation please. I'll probably have my SU done shortly, since I have a very good idea for a character.
One second, let me wipe my drool off the floor. Such a mess.

Just posting to have a placeholder for my SU if that's alright! I am going through a name change right now (waiting for my turn) so if you come on and this post is authored by a "Karma" then no worries. It's still me.
I added you guys to the player list. Nebula, I added you as Karma. I'm excited to see what characters you guys come up with.


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-SU snip-
Bardothren's Mathos Kundassa is accepted, on the condition that a slight change is made to the SU. His parents should be draconians too. It's my fault really, for not making it clear, but draconians are distant descendants of dragons, and not direct descendants. I have one last request though, and that is that you add a roleplay sample to the sign up. It doesn't have to be long, just to showcase your style of writing.
A couple of notes to keep in mind for later: The families rivalry is strong, so the Omicidio's might not be extremely happy on having Mathos dealing with the de' Medici's too. And when he keeps his shop, he is probably wearing his mask, and is his Mr. Mido personality, as he deals in supernatural goods, and the illegal art of alchemy. I'm liking the character though! I'm excited to see you play as him.


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Agh Ben! I really want to join this, but I'm not sure if even can. Don't reserve me yet, but I'll let you know if I can later on.

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Agh Ben! I really want to join this, but I'm not sure if even can. Don't reserve me yet, but I'll let you know if I can later on.
I made the arc system with situations like this in mind. It should be fairly easy for you to join in later on if you feel like you can't join now.

Oh man, I've way too many character ideas for this one!

Reserve pl0x.
Reservation noted!


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Just going to go ahead and drop in a WIP so that I don't forget where I was going with this while I finish up some stuff with Camelot.



Twin brothers Baranabas and Facio Benedevice, Doctor Light and Doctor Right respectively.

Gender, Age, height and weight:

Both are 24, Male, 6' 4" and 185 pounds.


Barnabas the Siren and Facio the Vampire


Unaffiliated doctors. You bring someone to them, they'll patch them up regardless of if its day, night or whatever family they belong to. They're well known for their 10 body discount - bring in 10 bodies dead or alive, get one operation free.


Typical plague doctors, mask, robe and all. When not wearing their masks, they're usually only in their undergarments. Long black hair and hazel eyes.


Barnabas - Dark and brooding. The more extroverted of the brothers. Will do anything to succeed.

Facio - Kind and caring. The more introverted of the brothers. Puts the life of others above his own.


The Benedevici family used to be the largest of the families of Venice. Monster and man alike traveled the halls of the Benedevici mansion for hundreds of years. However, roughly 25 years ago, the two great families which now reign over Venice decided it was time for some changes. In one fell swoop, the two families tore apart the Benedevici mansion, burned all the men and women who would not side with them, and then left the orphaned children to starve and die alone.

From amidst this destruction, a man and woman from opposite sides of the war - a human woman from the Basta family named Gloria, and a Siren man from the Michaeveli family named Sebastian - found love. Together they left their former families and joined together in the ruins of what was the Benedevici family's home. Through the next 15 years, they had two children together and rebuilt over half of their house by doing oddjobs and taking on mercenary work around the city for various families.

On one particular mercenary mission, Sebastian never returned. He went out from the city to assassinate some high ranking member of a family that opposed the one he was hired by. Gloria waited, and waited, and waited. Simply staring out the window while her children watched from the hall. After nearly 3 years of watching from the window, a man from her distant past walked up to the front door. She went down the stairs in the same clothes she'd had on the day that her husband left. She pulled a sword from the wall and opened the door, shoving the blade in the man's direction.

"What do you want?" She hissed.

"Ahh, Gloria. As beautiful as the day I first laid eyes on you. What's it been now, fifteen years?" The man brushed the blade aside and opened his arms towards the woman.

"I told you I never wanted to see you again." She stepped back and re-positioned the sword on the man's chest.

"Gloria, Gloria, Gloria." He shook his head and sighed. "You always were a troublemaker weren't you. It started with your interest in me, and then after that awful battle you decided to take up some low ranking nobody in one of our sub families and now you live in this... this... disaster." He snarled as the final words escaped his lips.

"Ensetto stop. I'm married and-"

"Heh, heh heheheh. Married. I suppose if you can be married to a dead man... speaking of which, that's why I've come here today. See, one of my cousins brought me something the other day. I think you'd be interested to see."

"I'm fine right where I am thank you." She put her hand on the door and went to close it.

Ensetto put his foot in the door and pressed his face against the opening. "Shh shh shh shh shh. Don't worry my darling. You don't have to go anywhere. Why, if you'll just wait one moment, my boys should be bringing my gift here to you as we speak."

Gloria opened the door and stuck her head out. Sure enough there were two men walking towards her house with a rather large box that seemed to be dripping something along the way. They brought it up to the porch and then Ensetto motioned for them to stop. He pulled out a long piece of red cloth and tied a bow around the box with it.

"Go on my dear. It's all yours." He smiled his fanged grin as she began undoing the bow he had just tied.

As she opened the box her eyes widened with horror and she turned her back and thought to run.

"Now now my darling," Ensetto stepped into the house and wrapped his arms around her, "there's no need to look so upset. He's been dead for nearly three whole years. It's time to let go and move on." He began moving to kiss her neck.

Gloria flailed about and pushed off from the man. "Get out of my house!" she screamed at him. "I don't ever want to see you again! Leave me alone or the next time I see you I'll put a stake in you myself." Tears welled up in her eyes as the man's smile grew larger.

"Gloria please, there's nothing left here for you. Don't you see I'm just trying to do what's best for you? Give me some time. Come meet my brother Enzo and see the rest of the family." He stepped towards her.

"I don't want anything to do with you or your God damned family." She turned her head and looked away.

He took another step closer. "But Gloria, you don't really think you can provide for yourself and your family all on your lonesome? Please consider the opportunity with which I am presenting you. Come live with me, marry me, devote every fiber of your being to me and I shall see to it that the renovations on this mess are completed and your two sons shall get only the best of education in whatever it is that they desire." He bent down onto one knee and held out his hand. "Imagine all that we could accomplish together."

"I..." she looked around the room, refusing to meet Ensetto's gaze. "If you promise to take care of Barnabas and Facio... I will do what you ask."

"Splendid. I will be back tomorrow to get you. Pack your things and be ready, it will be a most eventful night." He rose from his knee and strolled out the door, slamming it shut as he left.

The next night, Gloria left her two sons to live alone in the Benedevici house. As their new father in law promised, they were given tutelage in various things that interested them. They studied hard to master the sciences and miracles associated with medicine, and after 6 years of learning, they set out into the city to begin practicing their new profession.

Through the days they healed the common folk of their illnesses and diseases. And through the night they captured wanderers - both human and supernatural alike. They'd take these captives back to their mansion in the last hours of darkness and experiment on them to broaden their horizons. Through these many efforts, they have made connections with families of those that work both in day and night. Though they are knowledgeable, their one main draw for business is their magical cure all.

Those who do business both in the light and the dark at least know the name of the brothers due to this serum they have concocted. But truth be told, it's simply water. The real magic comes from what they pour it from. They've taken to calling it X, since they're not the most creative and haven't thought of anything better yet.

X is a small vial, much like any other vial that a doctor might carry potions in when he goes out. But this one is special in that whatever liquid is put into it is given magnificent curative powers. These powers have been proven to not only cure most common diseases and/or illnesses, but also revive the newly deceased and cure some supernatural diseases and illnesses.

On one outing for fresh test subjects, the boys had come across a freshly turned vampire. The body was laying in an alleyway, still warm with blood oozing from the bite wound. The boys hurriedly lifted the man and rushed back to their mansion. They took him down to their cellar and strapped him down to one of their operating tables. They tore off his clothes and began the process of opening up the body. As the clothes were removed, a small vial fell out of one of the pockets and bounced off of the floor. Barnabas picked it up and put it into his pocket, thinking that he had been the one who dropped it. Barnabas went through the man's clothes as Facio cut the sternum and opened up the rib cage to document the effects of the change from man to monster as they occurred.

After a few moments the man who was in the middle of transforming began to have seizure. His body flailed about and the restraints came undone. For about 30 seconds he ran around the room throwing and breaking things before he fell flat on his back. The heart stopped beating and the color drained from its face. Facio knelt down and began to pick the body back up so he could commence sewing it back together. He figured it would be dead since it stopped moving, but as he went to pick it up the man shot upright and began ripping away at the neck of Facio.

Barnabas shoved a stake through the newly turned vampire's head to pin it to the ground, and then went about putting wood slats beneath it. He put iron nails through its hands a feet, crucifying it. Then he turned to his brother who was still bleeding out, and instead of helping him he set him on the same table the other vampire had just been on. He secured him to the table with several more straps and then watched as his own brother began down the path of vampirification.

After this, Barnabas began feeding his brother the humans that they had captured before. For the next 6 months, Barnabas waned his brother Facio off of human blood. He helped his brother to control his appetite so that they could continue their business together. And once Facio had regained control over his urges, he set about looking for a cure for his vampirism. During this time, he turned and killed many innocent humans. Every night for the next 3 months the brothers focused on kidnapping normal humans. If they could not find any on the streets, Barnabas would use his hypnotic gaze to gain their entry into people's homes.

Facio had nearly given up hope. Everything he had tried was showing no results. Finally he was finished. After a long night of transforming a family of seven, he asked his brother for a vial of poison that they had prepared that day. Unbeknownst to either of them, they had made this poison in the vial that came from the vampire's pocket who had initially turned Facio. Barnabas opened the first of the seven's mouths and Facio poured in a drop of the poison before progressing on to the next one. They had been killing the people Facio changed this way for the past 2 months, so without even checking to see if it had worked they packed up their things and left.

The next day it came as a suprise when Facio and Barnabas passed by the very house they had visited the night before and saw the family of seven out and about. The brothers put down their things in the middle of the street and nearly had a heart attack. How were they alive? How were they out in the sunlight? Surely Facio had turned them, they had begun to grow their fangs and everything by the time they applied the poison. The brothers walked up to the family.

"How are you all today? Feel like anything is ailing you? Or perhaps you don't completely feel yourself?"

The mother of the family looked up and smiled. "Oh not at all. We all woke up this morning and felt better than we've felt in the past... oh I don't even know how long. Even my father who's been living in the attic for the past fifteen years is doing better this morning." She shook her head and smiled. "He hasn't said a thing in the last fifteen years, and then wouldn't you know it. This morning he comes downstairs and has a whole conversation with me." She chuckled and shook her head. "I never was one for believing in miracles, but after today I think I might just start. God really does exist doesn't he."

The brothers looked at each other. They were astonished. This was unprecedented. There was simply no way.

Facio looked back at the woman as he rolled around the vial in his pocket that had held the poison only hours before. "Yes ma'am. He certainly does. And he works in the most mysterious of ways."


  • Complete (as of the time period of the rp) knowledge of herbs along with their benefits.
  • Knowledge of most illnesses/diseases, both common and supernatural as well as how to cure them if they are curable.
  • Knowledge of most medical procedures and how to properly preform them.
  • The plague doctor's mask which when worn down, grows the plague doctor's outfit. Provides a non-suspicious disguise that can be worn both at night and throughout the day. Gives minor resistance against the wearer's weakness.

  • The eagle's eye - an artefact that allows the holder to see several times the distance that they normally could.
  • Hypnotic gaze. Standard power for Sirens.
  • The plague doctor's mask which when worn down, grows the plague doctor's outfit, Barnabas' mask being special in that the lenses are several inches thicker and increase the effectiveness of his hypnotic gaze via multiple reflecting mirrors.
  • X - an artefact in the shape of an average everyday vial. Whatever is put into it however is given magnificent curative powers. These powers have been proven to not only cure most common diseases/illnesses, but also revive the newly deceased and cure some supernatural diseases and illnesses.
  • Enhanced speed and strength. Standard for Vampires.
  • Vampiric bite. Also standard for Vampires.
  • The plague doctor's mask which when worn down, grows the plague doctor's outfit. Facio's mask being special in that when worn, layers of it can be peeled off up to 10 times as of now, which creates that many copies of the plague doctor's mask. When these copied masks are worn by anyone besides the brothers, the subject is transformed into a vampire and made into Facio's servant. They become gifted with the knowledge that Facio holds, but are forced to follow his will and lose any sense of free will that they once had. The masks also create the plague doctor's outfit when worn.


  • They both carry matching canes which house a hidden blade.
  • They both also carry a set of doctor's tools with them which can be used as weapons should they become desperate.

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Why do you do this to meeee ihu
I wanna join but I'm not sure if I can so
I hope your rp goes well </3

If I don't join arc 1 reserve me for arc 2 gdi.
If I do join arc 1 I'm going to be a mermaid. ty

EDIT: Reserve me.
"Reserve now David, that way you're in for sure, haha"

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Name- Lorenzo Immobile
Alias- Esterno
Age- 24
Gender- Male
Species- Half breed. Draconian/Human
Job/Affiliation- The Immobile family. The family has no direct loyalties.
This image is pretty much perfect to be honest. He has no outward Draconian features, apart from maybe his eyes.

This is a picture of the mask.

Personality- Lorenzo is a slimy guy. He'll lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. He is very manipulative, and uses his wit and cunning to weasel his way out of difficult situations , since his combat skills aren't brilliant. His draconian blood only fuels his already greedy nature. No matter what he has, he only wants more. Regardless of his deceitful nature, he carries a peculiar charm that makes him likeable; Whether it be his natural suave, his striking wit or his ability to get a hold of things most people can't.
History- Lorenzo grew up in the slums. His family struggled with debts to larger families and were forced to continually be on the move. However he was removed from the house after selling them out for his own personal gain. He fled to the big city, where he met Helena De'Medici. (Niece of Giovanni) Since then, the couple have gotten engaged, and Lorenzo simply awaits his opportunity to weasel his way into another big family.
Draconian Abilities-Has a high level of durability and Pyrokinesis. Also makes him stronger than most humans of his size.
Intelligence/Social skills-Lorenzo does not excel in combat. This means he often relies on his skills of manipulation to get what he wants; Whether it e escaping a fight or striving for a much larger goal.
Wide vocabulary-Though it may not seem so much like a skill, when it's coupled with his natural charm and ability to manipulate people with ease, it can be a potent tool.
Weapons- Small dagger
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In his day to day life he goes by the name of Rowin Odo, however whilst wearing his mask he is known only as "The Conductor".

"Ooo! I do love names. Such interesting and variable things!"


It is unknown what age exactly The Conductor is. He himself has forgotten.

"Time is such a finicky thing. I, ironically, have no time to give to time. Isn't that a peculiar thought?"


The body that Rowin uses closely resembles that of a male in its design. Though in reality he is very much genderless.

"I'm like a child growing up, so conflicted on my genitals that I claim to be this that and the other! Oh friends, just call me a man for now 'afore I think up something better."

Rowin Odo is a demon forever bound to the two small hook like blades connected by razor sharp and indestructible string... the weapon in question is constantly carried by his current "body".

He is capable of possessing everybody and everything that picks up these blades by extending his power through them and into his host. However unlike most other demons he is unable to move his spirit from the blades and into a new host due to the sigils adorned on the underside of each of the two edges, sealing him forever inside. Because of this he can only possess living hosts for so long before being forced out and his control being lost.

His current "body" is a mannequin akin to golems, created by an alchemist. It is an empty shell without any resistance and Rowin can control it completely and permanently as long as it is making contact with his weapon of a prison. If the weapon ceases to make contact entirely with the mannequin, then said falsified body will fall limply and uselessly to the ground, leaving Rowin himself trapped again until somebody picks him up.

"What callous Gods above did put me in my state I might never know... but a hop, a skip and a dance in this puppet lets me put on quite a show. No? One day a real body will come for me and as a human I shall go. I'll fight to make it so!"

Rowin has no affiliation to either of the major families, nor any small family beneath them. He is rumored to be willing to work with the de'Medici family occasionally. His unique set of skills in combat makes him capable of doing very difficult jobs for extra income and so one might say that he has an affiliation with them. Despite this he is no way bound to the family and is more of an occasional hired help than a permanent employee. Due to their somewhat shadier aspects, Rowin is known to refuse work with the Omicidio family. If they were to present him with a reward that directly benefited his quest for a true living form, then he might consider, but other than that he dislikes their business practices and tries to stay away from them.

"de'Medici can keep me fed when business at the shop is low. However the Omicidio spend so much time in the dark that they might as well bathe in tar to keep the black hearts permanent. I'm not playing a game of shadows as they are."

As a general daytime profession, Rowin owns and runs a toyshop where he creates various wooden toys and dolls for the children of Venice to play with. He was created a number of board games and other such pleasantries with his clever mind and one of the few things that brings him joy is being able to see a child, the embodiment of life and innocence, enjoy something he has created. It gives him hope that perhaps one day he might be able to enjoy such things too, as a real and living being, not confined to something as callous as a weapon.

"Toys and games are fun and distracting thing... it's pleasant as well to keep ones hands busy no? Especially in a way that entails the absence of gore and pulp, to avoid unnecessary shivers and gulps."


A black and green suit and a top hat adorned with golden trinkets. The brim of which and the hair beneath it constantly covering his eyes. That's the general idea that the people of Venice get when they see Rowin Odo for the first time. His attire is strange and unique, not at all common among the people of Venice. His hair is pure white, with green tips at the end, the unnatural color always raises eyebrows but many people often tend to accept Rowin's strange appearance regardless due to the fact that he is, of all things, a toymaker.

The suit is a premium material, which is good since it's all that Rowin wears on his mannequin body. It doesn't generally small since dolls don't sweat, but if he gets into some genuinely dirty work then he will wash it. He wears two leather bracers which are used to store his two miniature blades, the string connecting them goes down the sleeve and around his back, ready to be released when required and used as a weapon. He wears a pair of leather black boots, durable and water proof (something valuable in Venice). His hat is a small top hat adorned with various golden trinkets. It has a specially designed brim that holds his hair over his eyes while still allowing him to see, Rowins face is generally rather normal despite being a mannequin however his eyes are the exception.

Being magically animated allows the mouth and other features to move and function as normal, and this procedure generally makes it so they appear quite normal to other people. His eyes however, are made of glass and even though they move and function properly, their pearly surface makes for a rather unnatural effect that scares many people on sight alone. For this reason, Rowin keeps his eyes covered and out of sight. His final defining feature are his teeth, the mannequins teeth are part of the inanimate body and as a result Rowin feels no pain when they are harmed. He has as a result, filed the teeth down to form a sharpened row of fangs that he is known to occasionally actually use to bite people. "The teeth are capable of piercing flesh and causing damage, so why not use them in combat if it is effective to do so?" Is the way he generally views it.

During the night he wears a green mask with frayed and jagged edges. He takes the mask and leaves the hat at home, making his cold, dead eyes visible through the eyeholes that the mask provides. Two glassy orbs shimmering like dead still water in the moonlight, the mask is imposing enough as it is and adding this factor alongside Rowin's already estranged personality can make "The Conductor" quite the intimidating, creepy and bewildering opponent in combat.

"Perhaps my body is false but even I can't deny that I keep it looking rather dashing!~


Longing | Insane | Passive-Aggressive | Friendly | Playful | Empathetic

The stranger a man is, the stranger the life he leads... and the oddity that is Mr. Odo is clearly no exception at all. At a glance and perhaps after even a few months of interaction the most prominent thing one might notice about The Conductor is that he is zany, random and completely insane. His actions are all rather spur of the moment and at a glance he seems only willing to go with the flow and worry about the consequences later. He has no problem with doing anything on a whim, from something as simple as eating your lunch... to an act as dangerous as random murder. One might think him foolish and worthless because of this, but those people simply do not understand him.

Every major action Rowin takes is done with purpose and incredibly detailed planning. Beneath his insanity he is an incredible genius capable of vast strategic thought and he tends to avoid doing things that could land him in a very bad situation. He is fueled to act and move forward by his insatiable longing for a true "human" form. He wishes beyond all else to be a living being, allowed to truly feel, breathe and live. He is constantly sickened by his entrapment and his forced existence in the body of a mannequin. While possessing others he gets a somewhat more intense understanding of life, but his possessions of the living are so short-lived that they only tease him with that which he might never have. He would give up everything, his power, his immortality, everything... just for the chance to experience a real life.

There is a great and hidden anger deep within the seemingly fun loving Conductor. He might be your best friend one moment, only to turn tail and insult or even attack you in a very passive-aggressive fashion the next. He doesn't much care for other people, be they vampire, human, demon or otherwise and as such he generally does not feel regret from his actions. He is unlike other demons in the way he operates however, as he generally doesn't want to waste life either. Life is something incredibly valuable and something that he longs for. He is generally somewhat reluctant to end life, since he knows all too well how painfully important it is.

As a direct result of this, Rowin possesses a quality that is generally very rare in humans. Rowin is a very friendly individual. He finds people just oh so fascinating, humans especially. By using a top hate to cover his shining, mannequin eyes during the day, he interacts with the people of Venice by acting as one of their own (albeit a very eccentric one). He doesn't want to kill that which he longs to be. He isn't genocidal, humanity and life is something sacred to him. Don't get me wrong, he will kill and he will kill often, but the fact that he tries to be friendly and generally makes an attempt to avoid killing... and the fact that he REGRETS it when he does so anyway... is something that goes against his very nature as a demon. Yet, it is his unique circumstance that makes it so the fact that he IS a demon is what fuels this behavior.

Rowin loves games, jokes, puzzles and other such activities. He is very random as mentioned before and will often try to make even the darkest of circumstances more entertaining in a sometimes rather eerily playful manner. He could be held against a wall, his strings about to be cut and his life about to be ended before he can accomplish his goals and he might still make a joke or try to find a silver lining. He loves the children of venice and during the day he is known to bring them toys and other games so that they might play with them for his own amusement. Many parents tend to avoid him due to the fact that they suspect malicous intent. But to this day Rowin has never killed a child, in fact he tells himself and others often that that is one thing that he would never do. A child in danger may just be the one thing that can make him angry, on that note.

Rowin is a strange demon and if he were to be understood by another demon then he would most likely be despised. He is empathetic with non-demon life and longs to be among them. He understand human emotion and the grander scale of emotion in general much better than a demon would and while he still has demonic tendencies he is slowly learning to become more man than monster... despite the fact that he may just be the least "human" of us all.

"It's a sad thought you know, that when this whole city is mad... a loony like me isn't popular because of the things he thinks are right and wrong.


"I remember... such strife at my birth. Indeed it was so very violent."

Rowin Odo is a demon whom was crafted from the shattered fragments of a cruel and horrendous rulers soul some one thousand years in the past. He was created from nothing but pure hatred and anger and his behavior and actions expressed this. In his pure demonic state he was unnaturally powerful due to his being tied to a man whom had caused so much death and pain. His rage was unending and refused to cease for any consolation. He took hosts only to force them to destroy others, then to destroy themselves so that he might move on to someone else. He primarily enjoyed tormenting children by manipulating their feeble minds. He was created as a ravenous and prominent creature, feared by people of the time as an incarnation of demonology itself. Naturally those with power to stop such a beast would do so and so a powerful human mage took the task.

He made a proclamation of hatred towards the pure demonic Rowin and lured him to an ancient tomb, the mage was insanely powerful for a human and was able to resist Rowin's influence long enough for a fierce battle of wills to ensue.

"A massive conflict, to shake my foundation... followed by a darkness to crumble them completely, I should think. Though the details are lost in that same dark haze."

The young mage in a final triumphant moment cast a powerful incantation and held a pair of sharpened and mystical blades aloft, connected by string so thin that it was nigh invisible to the demons gaze. In a swirling dark vortex of abyssal energy Rowin screamed in a howl that made the young mans ears bleed as he was drawn against his will into the artifact. The legendary weapon known as Imperium. Once his form was taken within Rowin struggled and cried to break free, his voice limited only to telepathic wails of mental anguish, but in a last ditch effort the young mage cast a final, powerful hex. A sigil appeared on the underside of the two blades, a sigil so powerful that no known magic could break. By equivalent exchange, the spell was so powerful that the young mage himself turned to dust and Rowin trapped in his new form fell to the ground, unable to move and continuously moving as more of the humans moved to seal the tomb and look him away.

"The dark years began... I struggled, I learned."

In pitch black, Rowin raged for years. He channeled his anger for decades until his demonic power seeped out through the weapon, the powerful sigils weakening over time. Rowin thrashed and struck at walls and barricades that surrounded him. He reveled and despised the darkness surrounding him. Over time the blades began to move to his will, the strings whipping them forward on his command. He moved to the door of that accursed prison and struck, small chips at a time he continuously struck and attacked the entrance to that place, dents and holes appearing at his feeble and humble made strikes.

But he noticed then, perhaps "noticing" for the first time, every strike he made wore away at him too. His rage, his hatred, his very being. His thoughts were clear and his resolve began to waver. He remembered everything, those humans whom had imprisoned him, the man whom had given his life to seal him away. Life was... so precious to humans. Was he so terrible in their eyes? That this one man would give his everything to be rid of him for good? Was he so much of a danger to life that it was sacrificed to seal him away?

Was he an enemy to life?

Was he himself alive?

Was he... death?

It hurt him, it started to mentally scar him. He had destroyed so much, he looked through those humans eyes, felt their judgment of him. Felt his judgment of himself. Every chip he made in that wall struck deeper, hit harder into himself. He thought of the children, so innocent and kind, embodiment of life itself. Life, life, life. He had destroyed it, whatever was watching him have forgiveness, he had torn it apart. Death, he had been death for those souls. He, he had always been death. He had always hurt so many. He didn't know why but that was what he knew now. He was not alive, he never truly had been. He had been nothing more than a tool to take life away.

The dent became a hole over days, months, years, decades, centuries. Chipping through incredibly thick rock. He began to lose his old thoughts, the memories of his time as a demon before all but faded into the darkness of that place, leaving him behind as he so tiredly and begrudgingly flung his undamaged and magical form at that rock face door. He wanted to save life. That was all he remembered. Life was precious, he had to attain it. It was his purpose, he was bound to it. He wanted to be alive like the humans, the humans were the ones who truly lived and he wished to be like them. But he could not, not as he was, not where he was. He had to escape, he had to be reborn.

He wanted to live.

"Here it becomes clearer I feel, yes after the darkness passed and the light arrived. I searched for life."

A crack he didn't make, a beam of light reflecting off his blade into an empty forest glen. He slowly, slowly moved outside of the hole. Pushing himself to the entrance and brink he fell and felt something so unfamiliar reverberate off of his strings. Blades of soft grass, so welcoming, so bright. This was life, this place was living.

He... yearned to be like that too.


In the two hundred years that followed his escape. Rowin is still mostly unaware of his past actions. All he now remembers is that he was a powerful demon and that he had done something very wrong. He protects humans now with the heart he grew through merciless attack, holds back what little remains of the rage he broke away. His lack of knowledge of modern day humanity and his slight twinge of psychopathy has developed him into a very strange and eccentric individual for humans and other creatures alike.

He learned of his ability to possess other beings when a dog running through the forest gripped Imperium's strings in its mouth unknowingly and was swiftly overcome by Rowins presence, using the dog for as long as he could to escape the forest. Rowin found himself in Italy after falling from the dogs mouth on a roadway, carriages would pass and he would hear people speaking. He had no memorable name and took a liking to a stage name owned by a gypsy in a caravan that passed him at one point.

Rowin Odo. A pun word used by the Caravans owner, the caravan was known as the "Ironwood" and "Rowin Odo" was a simple rearranging of the same letters. Rowin felt it suited him fine and it was enough of an identity for him to keep as he sat, half obscured by dirt, on the side of that caravan road.


The story of how Rowin Odo obtained his mannequin body is the same story as the one that tells of the first human he ever rescued. A powerful alchemist and puppeteer capable of amazing feats. However that is a tale for another time. What's important to know is that Rowin took this body and found his way to Venice. A town filled with water, life, vibrancy and the smiling faces of the children and people he know watches with an eerie smile and spontaneous step.

Having reclaimed just enough of his demonic power over time to make him formidable, Rowin now takes to the Venetian canals be night as "The Conductor" a mysterious man in suit and mask whom moves his body and attacks his foes with strings and blades that move at his every command. Protecting the life he so desires and craves and destroying whatever gets in his way (or earns him a bit of money when the tides are turned) he forever seeks a way for he himself to escape his prison and become a truly human being.

His grandest chapter, as well as that of many others, is about to begin in the City of Masks.


~Enhanced Physical Capability~:
Rowin's body is not a living thing, it does not grow and it is hollow within itself. It is fueled purely by the demonic energy that flows from Rowin's prison of the weapon Imperium into the mannequin. This alone grants Rowin abnormal amounts of physical endurance and capability, without the negative effects of muscles, nerves and bones to hold him back Rowin is capable running at higher than average speed, jumping from ground level to rooftop and punching with the force of two men, twice his size. The downside to this is that his body is surprisingly fragile, limbs can be knocked off and if Imperium as any point disconnects from the mannequin body then said body will fall limply to the ground and Rowin will be trapped within Imperium with severely limited movement abilities unless he can reach the mannequin again. Due to the puppet body having no nerve endings, Rowin experiences no sense of pain or touch whatsoever, this can obviously provide a large number of positive and negative effects both. Drop something in a boiling pot of water? Rowin's got it. Take one of Rowin's legs while he's resting? He probably didn't notice.

~Imperium Telekinesis~:
Rowin is unable to telekinetically manipulate most objects due to his being sealed within the weapon "Imperium". However when it comes to the weapon itself, Rowin is able to manipulate the strings and blades magnificently using mental gymnastics and carefully times pulls on the strings with his hands. He can unleash flurry's of strikes using the sharp and edge thin strings, matching the strength of any blade, using the blades as a grapple he can launch himself forward by hooking into buildings and enemies alike. A similar technique can be used to bring enemies and light objects (such as his own severed limbs) towards him. Certain portions of the string can also be disconnected, however when doing so they lose all magical properties and become normal string. This CAN however be used for medical purposes, such as precision suturing of open wounds and for making repairs to ripped fabrics and more.

~Demonic Release~:
Not so much a unique ability as it is a form of true potential. If driven to a state of supreme rage then Rowin can unleash his full strength as an ancient sealed demon, making him faster, stronger and more durable as well as boosting the strength of his telekinetic abilities. Rowin has however, been working many years to hold back his true demonic nature in an attempt to become closer to a true living state of being, humanity. The old demon has been beaten to the point of standing at deaths door without so much as snarling, making him truly enraged takes very specific circumstances such as the sight of a child being harmed directly and injustly. (Which is currently the only known way to aggravate him.)

A pair of mysterious and small blades brimming with magical power and connected by countless, near invisible strings. This "weapon" is in fact the true possessed body of the demon Rowin Odo, he has been sealed away within the blades for nigh over one thousand years and during his time within them he has developed positive and friendly aspects, traits generally unheard of in demons. The blades allow Rowin to still utilize his demonic powers of possession and telekinesis, though only in a very basic sense. Through the power of his mind and telekinesis Rowin is able to move the razor sharp strings and blades in various directions and he can possess those whom come into direct physical contact with the blades themselves, if only for very temporary periods of time.

The string connecting the blades is incredibly thin and capable of slicing through many surfaces by whipping through it quickly. The blades themselves are also very sharp and have a curved and inwardly tilting edge, giving them a knack for "hooking" into various surfaces (and perhaps forms of living matter) allowing Rowin to move towards said surface or alternatively to pull it towards him. The two blades are marked on their undersides by demonic sigils. These sigils keep Rowin bound within the weapon and prevent him from simply taking a living host. Though he dislikes the idea of doing so regardless.

RP Sample:
Renegade - Titans

"My, my... quite the broody young man isn't he? Nightmares and Daydreams alike."

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