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Pokemon Pikachu Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition


Hack of: FireRed


  • Play as Pikachu!
  • Battle Pikachu!
  • Your Rival is Pikachu!
  • Pikachu!
  • Catch all the Pikachu you can!
  • Battle Pikachu Trainers, and their Pikachu!


You travel through the magical land of PikaKanto, which is referred to in-game as either "Pika-Pika!" or just simply "Kanto". You fight in Pikachu Gyms, which are like regular gyms, but with Pikachu. Once you get 8 Pikachu Gym badges, you visit the Pikachu Elite 4, and battle the champion, Pikachu! Travel through the 7 all-new Pikachu Islands, inhabited by many different Pikachu. Once you Pikachu your way through them, you can travel through the region again, trying to become the most powerful Pikachu in all of PikaKanto.



Special thanks to:
Chesu - Pikachu Gym Statues.
Pink Parka Girl - Being supportive and overall helpful.
NiKaNoRoU - Trainer Backsprites.
Quickster - Inserting Trainer Backsprites.
Manipulation - Inspiration and support.
And thanks to everyone else who supported this hack.

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