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    Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
    um this is absolutely brilliant...

    I can't even add on/say anything about this other than I really actually hope this is what happens. Having an item for most of the game that's basically useless and suddenly it has a use at the endgame would be a nice dynamic we haven't seen so far, since usually concepts like that are introduced way late in the game only to be used minutes later, which ruins the anticipation of it all.

    That's very true. We don't really get the awesome items early in the game, on the note that we can abuse use their benefits at a weaker range of Pokémon. Since mega stones are only useful against fully evolved Pokémon (other than those who don't evolve) I can easily see how getting towards Fortree and evolving Combusken then would be a radical change. Perhaps Winona can receive some mega evolution, too.
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