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I noticed that you use playtstatsanimation 0x0 0xA 0x0 on moves such as Quiver Dance, Coil and Shell Smash. Is there a reason it's always that combination?

I was under the impression you had to add the stats you are raising/lowering together so that the correct colour changes when just one stats is raising.

For example. Dragon Dance has Speed (0x8) and Attack (0x2) so if you add them together you get 0xA and thus one colour is correctly used if the other is already at +6. This would place Coil at 0x46 etc.
Oh that may be the case to be honest I just assumed it was 0xA for every multi-stat raising move. Let me look at Calm Mind to see if it also uses 0xA.

EDIT: I've gone through and fixed all of them. Thanks mamamama. Also I've tested them all in my rombase and they all work perfectly now.
EDIT2: My BSP has been compiling incorrectly in areas, for some reason the B_>= command isn't compiling to 0x3 as it should but to 0x0. I'm just going to change some move effects to show this.