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La la la la. Oh, what? Oh right.
Finished the Water monotype on my LG. It went a lot faster now that school's started up (yes, shush). I had more trouble getting through Victory Road than through the E4. Still had to consume a good deal of drugs though. Heh, heh. I wonder what's running through their heads right now. As soon as I caught Starmie, I ditched Blastoise because well, ugh. I'm not much a fan of him until gen 4. Gen 3 Blastoise, bleh.

Final team:
Modest Starmie, Lv. 51

Bashful Gyarados Lv. 49

Quiet Tentacruel Lv. 50
Surf|Ice Beam|Giga Drain|Acid

Adamant Kabutops Lv. 49
Slash|Brick Break|Absorb|Dig

Mild Blastoise Lv. 39
Terriermon and Lopmon

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