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I have quite a few I would like to meet irl, particularly those who are Australian.

The ones I notably want to meet include: MidnightShine, Narnia, ExtremeGamer, Shadowraze, Lady Gunner, Forever, Razor Leaf, TheFattestSnorlax, Cirno, Yuki's Sword, droomph, Curious., Hiroshi Sotomura, Sydian, Patchisou Yutohru, Counterfeit, AWsquared, Cid, Jellicent♀, AlexTheRose, Derozio, PersianTrainer, Twilight Sky, Bloodex, kuzronk, Shining Raichu, GolurkIsDaBomb, Twihiki_Amias, diab_low, synerjee, Avishka, Olli97, AlexOzzyCake, Wolflare, Alexial357, TwilightBlade, Mac, vaporeon7, Hybrid Trainer, Retro Bug, Livewire, Abnegation, ForeverDash, Laugh, Wind Heart, ★Hoenn★, Antemortem, jellicentfan1, glitchguy, Aurora., Tackle, Student D1, Harlequin, XanderO, Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu, AzaleaLightning, Vanilla Twilight and Classic Sonic.

Most are people I talk to regularly or see on the Showdown server.
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