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I didn't feel sad anymore as I neared The Great Ferris Wheel, and I was rather happy to see that save for a few teenagers, there were almost no people. I would be able to get a solo ride for sure. I decided that I would get food first, as my breakfast earlier wasn't very satisfying. I went to a nearby McDonalds and picked up large fries and a water bottle. I sat down at a table near the ferris wheel and watched the line.

I sat there for about ten minutes, just thinking and daydreaming when I noticed the group of girls again. They didn't notice me, and although I was looking at them, I was sure they wouldn't bother me since one had already hit me. I looked down at the table, just looking at the patterns on it. The problem was, even though I wasn't looking at them I knew they would still be there. I decided I'd just wait here, at least until they left.
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