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    Charlie, the Angel

    Charlie sat around and watched as Olivia fussed around her sketch. As she was searching for an eraser, she almost lost balance but thankfully she managed to to grab hold and not be hugely embarrassed. Charlie let out a sigh of relief. He knew that if the Olivia/Josiah cross were to be discovered that things could go very badly for the child. And perhaps some intervention from Charlie would be necessary.
    Olivia's sketch blew away and Charlie could tell that she began to panic. Thankfully though, a boy managed to catch the piece of paper. Charlie noticed something about this boy, he definitely seemed different from all the other people that Josiah or Olivia had ever come into contact with. There was a strange sort of 'aura' that this boy gave off, Charlie couldn't quite put his finger on it though...
    Charlie stood up and moved closer to them to see if he could learn anything about this boy. Upon closer inspection, Charlie could see that the boy needed to write to be able to communicate. Charlie read the words 'I am a mute' and smiled to himself. He could tell that Olivia was thinking about how this boy would have reacted if she were Josiah. Charlie also wondered the same thing. It is an age-old question if different sexes are treated differently to one another. But this boy seemed nice enough and happy to be able to converse with someone, so it seemed safe to assume that Olivia would receive a similar reaction as Josiah.
    The two seemed to get on well and this pleased Charlie greatly. Perhaps Olivia could make her first actual friend. It was a nice thought, knowing that Olivia would have friends, but at the same time what would the boy's reaction be if he found out about the Josiah/Olivia cross?

    The two continued talking about themselves and other things. Charlie err.. listened? to the conversation and found that the two would get on fairly well. After communicating for a while, the boy wrote something about a coffee shop. Then he did something with his hands which Charlie faintly recognised. What was it again? He then remembered it to be sign language! At this Charlie stood up with a huge smile on his face. It made him super happy to see that someone else could share a similar trait with Olivia. This way the two could bond even closer together due to the fact that they could do something that few others around them could do.
    Charlie started to decipher the signed conversation, he was a little rusty as he hadn't needed to read sign language in quite a while. Olivia said something along the lines of "I want to be with you"? No, that couldn't be right... He acted out the sign again to himself. Ah! That was it! "I would like to go with you." Right, that made a lot more sense. The pair stood up and walked off. Naturally, Charlie also stood up and followed them whilst trying to remember as much sign language as he could.
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