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    OK, happy fun time again. So over on #GoGo Le Pug was curious as to how to get rid of Spinda's spots. Turns out the fix was easy:

    So in Fire Red one routine actively handle's doing Spinda's spots, located at 08043458. This routine does a few checks: First if it's Spinda, then it goes through each bit of the PID and extract info from that and does its thing on the sprite, adding 4 to a certain range of colors. To get rid of the Spinda check, simply write E0 to 08043475 for Fire Red, or 0806D681 for Emerald. Likewise, if you wanted to make every Pokemon have Spinda spots, just write 00 00 to 08043474 (FR) or 0806D680 (EM). Spinda's spots are located at 0825265C and 0825265E, interlaced I believe with two bytes for the smaller two dot designs and two bytes for the larger ones (maybe, I haven't fully looked into it), hence the 2 bytes difference between the two offsets. If anyone is curious on the actual dot placement stuff this is a nice read. Also gives you the plain dot designs.

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