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Faster Game Saving [FR]

Starting with Gen II, attempting to update the save on your current file would tell you that "There is already a save file. Is it OK to overwrite?" This needless extra step remained until Gen V, when it reverted the process back to one step.

To skip this step and save after just one prompt, change the byte at 0x6F874 from 0A to 56. This only applies to saving over your current profile. If you start a new game and try to save over the old profile, you'll still receive the extended overwrite warning.

Explanation: The subroutine at 0x6F86C gets loaded if the game detects there's already a save file. First it checks if the profile is different from the current one. If it's the same profile, it branches to 0x6F88C. This is indicated in hex by 0A D1. After branching, it'll load the "There is already a saved file" text string and corresponding subroutine.

What this change does is make the game branch instead to 0x6F924, which bypasses the already-present save subroutine and skips straight to saving the game.

I'm still not that good at ASM. If anything needs correcting, feel free to do so!
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