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    This is a WIP, hoping to finish ASAP!

    *Misty Washington*

    Silk hiding steel, grace under fire

    Date of Birth: September 10th 2012

    Grade and Class: 17 years old as of September 10th, in grade 11

    Tell Me About Yourself:

    If someone brought homemade cookies or bruschetta to the student council meeting, it was almost certainly Misty. She’d also remember that the treasurer was diabetic, and bring him an appropriate snack as well. When it comes to details she deems significant, the curly-haired teen has a pretty sharp memory, especially if it concerns other people. Although Misty isn’t a total extrovert, the well-being of those around her is important, and she does actively try to improve things for her peers. This is what lead her to run for student council, actions do speak louder then words, after all. Power is a privilege, and should be exerted to best serve those under your wing, Misty believes. As such, she takes very poorly to those who abuse their authority, which can trigger dormant feels of rebellion.

    Overall, this Afro-American teen is pretty feminine and enjoys several domestic activities such as sewing, crocheting, and cooking. Cleaning is less of strong suit, however, and Misty has been know to have messy lockers, desks, and personal spaces. Despite this, she does have a few ticks which involving things being in proper order, such as picture frames being straight. And yes, bugs do kind of freak her out, though it’s big dogs that she’s really afraid of. Although she’s made progress on this front, they still make her quite uncomfortable. Despite typically being calm under fire should she suspect a big dog might be readying to attack her, Misty will flip out.

    The normal way the girl handles demanding situations is by pushing her fears to the side and charging in, fixing the problem, or getting the unpleasant thing finished is the primary focus. She’ll also be the one comforting others and giving words of encouragement if appropriate. However, this does quickly deplete her energy reserves, and her emotions usually come out once the event is past. This has lead to more then a few occasions where she’s been found crying into her pillow following a tough day, or writing angry comics after experiencing discrimination. And yes, discrimination is another trigger of hers, most notably racism and sexism. Animal abuse is also an issue she feels strongly about, and has a soft spot for cats, bunnies, and small dogs.

    It usually does take a fair bit for Misty to get truly upset with another person, especially if they’re close to her. However, should someone land in her bad books, this girl can get rather scary. She’ll very rarely erupt like a volcano, rather, her rage is more of a cold, tranquil fury…

    How can I identify you: I'm told my grey eyes inspired my name...

    The first thing many people remark about Misty is her bushy hair, which she jokes has a mind of its own. These locks are usually left natural and loose, though she will straighten them on rare occasions. In terms of length, her darkest brown hair reaches a little below her shoulder blades when curled. Misty's bangs are most often clipped leftward, avoiding her slate grey eyes altogether. Her face is usually only lightly made up, and the teenage girl usually chooses natural shades for her cosmetics. Don't expect to see her all dolled up, however, unless there's a fancy event she needs to attend.

    Clothing-wise, Misty likes what she considers "feminine" and finds herself pairing ruffled dresses and skirts with tights. When the weather is cooler, she will add a cardigan or blazer to her outfits, but opts for a woolly double-breasted skirted peacoat should the temperatures dip too low. On the other hand, during the hot summer months, Misty doesn't add the tights to her ensemble, but does wear biker shorts under her dresses. It's not hard to see that this girl clothes herself rather modestly, which she picked up from her Nan. As for footwear, Misty tends to wear comfortable flats, but also owns a pair of black rider boots which she wears on autumn and winter days.

    The curly haired girl almost always carries her purse, which is dark blue and faux suede. On the zipper, one will find a keychain of an orange cat, which looks a little used. Her other distinctive accessory is a faux white rose barrette, which she almost always wearing on the right of her head.

    It is also worth noting that Misty has begun experimenting with simple Lolita styles as she enjoys the aesthetic. Her focus is currently on country and Gothic, and does sometimes wear the former on a casual day.

    What is your history: I've always lived in Havencross with my mother, though things were quite different when I was little...

    Although her parents were engaged at the time of her birth, Misty has no memory of her father. She never learned the whole story, but was told that her father was growing increasingly controlling and possessive of his fiancé. The situation came to end after an “incident”, which was bad enough for her mother to break the engagement and the relationship entirely.

    Being a single black mother with without a degree is not an enviable position, but unlike many others in her circumstance, was able to get familial support. For most of Misty’s life, she lived with her Nan; a feisty but traditional woman. Although money was often pretty tight, the young girl didn’t go hungry, and learned to use her imagination to keep herself entertained. Once she was old enough, Misty started creating small comics of her stories, sharing them with her kitten, Daisy.

    Daisy was a stray kitten that Misty discovered one day, after having started the first grade. The idea of leaving him alone and hungry was unimaginable, and she fought hard to keep him. Noting that she was responsible with her library books and never forgot her lunch, Misty’s mother and Nan agreed to let Daisy stay. He quickly became a huge part of the girl’s life, and despite her constant doting, the feline reciprocated the attachment.

    It was about at this time that her Nan started teaching Misty how to cook and sew. She was a traditional woman, and teaching her granddaughter “the essentials” was quite important to matriarch. Though she was a tough teacher, she was also fair, and earning her praise was always an achievement. Eventually, Misty got good enough to make meals for herself and others, which lead her to making her mother lunches every morning.

    It a humble life, but a good one considering her circumstances. However, things took a turn for the worse when Misty reached the third grade; her mother was arrested for having tried to break up a fight. She was suspected of having taken part in the brawl, as a witness had misidentified the situation. The judge wasn’t too sympathetic and issued her a notably high bail, one that couldn’t be met.

    Misty’s first brush with injustice was painful, which was only made worse when the witness admitted he only deemed her mother guilty because she was black and that “those people can’t stay out of trouble”. Needless to say, she was found innocent, but the situation had taken its toll on the family. Yet, her mother was able to sue the “witness” for a little money, which she used to go back to school and finish her degree.

    Interestingly enough, a neglectful dog owner allowed his animal to roam, and it attacked Misty on her way home from school one afternoon. Despite his big mutt having mauled her rather aggressively, he was given a slap on the wrist. Misty’s Nan believes this was a race issue, although her mother was quick to dismiss the notion…

    Despite what life through at her, the woman was able to finish her degree and land a good job as a nurse. It was during one of her shifts that she treated a certain Justin White, a civil engineer who had been hurt on the job. They quickly became friends, and then began dating, which Misty didn’t appreciate. However, with time, she began warming up to Dr. White (it was the first time she’d heard of non-medical doctor), and was won over by his terrible puns and nerdy jokes. A year later, when they announced their engagement, Misty was fully approving of the relationship.

    Continuing middle school in Doc White’s neighbourhood proved challenging; the girl was one of the few black kids around, and the only one not born into money. At first, Misty tried to change herself in order to fit in, but that only caused her more discontentment. Getting past this hurdle was a long journey, and the girl will rarely being these times up when talking about herself.

    By high school, with the help of her family and step-sister, Misty was feeling much better. Although she was far from popular, the ninth grader was fairly well liked (who can hate the kid that shares homemade cookies on a regular basis?). Her Nan’s influence is starting to show, and the teenager is becoming quite maternal in her approach. She even got elected student council secretary, and things were going along smoothly...

    That is until her father came around. Meeting him was a very emotional ordeal, though it ended fairly pleasantly and stayed that way for several months. Her mother remained weary, and insisted they always connect in public spaces. The first time Misty insisted on visiting his house happened to be the last, her father's stepson tried to assault her. When she fought back, the blame was put on her and she was kicked to the curb, so to speak. Misty's mother threatened to sue, and not long after, Daisy was found dead. Although there is no proof tying her father or step-brother to the incident, her mother suspects that they were likely responsible. The situation was enough for Doc White to support moving, which they did. He had earned a promotion, so they could afford to live in a gated community anyway, as well as send her to private school. They were NOT taking any chances...

    Who is your most precious person?: My mother, who has always guided me with the best of her ability. However, I must mention my Nan as well, I owe her so much...

    Is it better to have had something and had it taken away or not to have had it at all? Losing my beloved cat, Daisy, was one of the most painful experiences of my life. However, the joy he brought me all those years override the sadness, I could never wish it away. I cannot imagine never having had him, and that is how I feel about most things.

    I swear that the past is unchangeable and I will do all in my power to remember:

    x_Misty W._



    Hatshepsut - Empress

    Persona Types: (two from the list above): Wind + Healing

    Anchor to the Past: The swell of positive emotion she felt when her mother allowed Daisy to stay, and the heartbreak of losing him in such a senseless way.


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