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    I restarted my HG the other day. I'm doing a run where when I catch a pokemon, I trade it to Platinum for EV training, then trade it back. So let's see how this goes shall we?

    Update 1- 9/11/2011
    -Started game, picked Totodile, did all the begging stuff, avoiding battles that weren't necessary and gave Totodile the wrong EVs.
    -Defeated Rival ?????'s Chikorita
    -Finally got Pokeballs so I could catch more pokemon, giving me the ability to trade.
    -Traded Totodile to Platinum for EV training, and traded him back when I finished.
    -On Route 31, I caught a Bellsprout, and traded him over for EV training and traded back when finished.

    Next time, I'll catch a Mareep and repeat the process.
    In progress

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