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From the looks of it, this could potentially be one of my favourite ROM hacks of all time; up there with Pokemon Prism. ;) The amount of effort and how it looks like it will have all of the features of Pokemon Crystal are amazing, in my opinion. I have some questions:
  • Will you be able to decorate your room? I haven't really played the ROM much so I haven't checked. Additionally, will the decorations from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal be in it? e.g.: the game consoles, the beds, the plants.
  • I'm wondering how Buena's Password is going to be done, assuming it is in it. XD
  • Will it just be the Battle Tower, or will there be the Battle Frontier. This also leads on to my next point...
  • What about features from Pokemon Emerald like the Pokemon Contests? Will they get ditched completely, or will they be in Crystal Dust in some fom? Just wondering because I kinda liked Contests. XD

I might get round to playing the Beta fully later. :) Can't wait until it's finished, and good luck. :D
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