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Stars of Destiny


Once upon a time, there were stars of peculiar patterns in the sky. Together, these stars could create the grand star, which is used to summon the legendary Pokmon of the sun, and the legendary Pokmon of the moon.

The stars' power was transferred to 12 distinct trainers, who wore birthmarks resembling the patterns of these stars. Thus, these 12 trainers were then known to all as The Signers.

According to legend, these signer exist together by a thread of fate, for them to watch and protect the world, a fate that is inescapable.

You're a new trainer from the Alola region who has one of these distinct birthmarks on their arm or hand. You're a descendant of one of the legendary signers! However, you might not think much of it at the time, as it's the arrival of the Alolan Festival, a competition who will crown the new Champion of Alola. You're all set to get your new partner Pokmon, and travel throughout the islands of Alola!

However, as evil and darkness looms, your destiny will soon be recognized. How will you deal with your fate? What adventures will you have with your friends, and your rivals? Your destiny is in your hands...

Welcome to the Alola Region!

The Alola region is made up of four islands. Alola is surrounded by the sea. It has a diverse ecology made up of Pokmon that have lived as natives of the Alola region for generations, along with Pokmon that have more recently arrived in Alola from other regions.

Each of the four islands has a Pokmon called a guardian deity. These Pokmon are collectively called the tapu, and they are worshiped by the people. The kahunas who serve as leaders of each island are chosen by these island guardians.

The Alola region also hosts the island challenge. The island challenge is a rite of passage in the Alola region consisting of trials on each of Alola's four main islands. Each trial has a Trial Captain who provides guidance to Trainers undertaking a trial. At the end of the trial is a special battle challenge pitting trainers against a very powerful Totem Pokmon. The final trial is called the Grand Trial, where the trainer battles against the Island Kahuna of the island themselves.

The island challenge this year will also feature points! In this RP, through your dedication, diligence, creativity, and activity via your posts, your character will be awarded a various number of points.

Rules & Regulations

Respect should always be given! As fellow RPers in this game, we should all work together to ensure that we all have the most fun and positive atmosphere that we can possibly have. So, please give others the respect that you would like to be given in return!

Rating is T for teen, so, descriptions of violence and romance should be kept on a decently tasteful level, something that a modest age group audience could enjoy.

Try to post at least once every 7 days. So before you consider joining here, you need to make that effort to keep your activity constant! If it's not within your power to post within 7 days, let me know beforehand and I can give you an extension! Otherwise, I'll have to free up your slot for someone else.

There are no levels in this RP. So, how pokemon learn new moves or evolves is by your own prerogative. That being said, try to be realistic and subtle with this; for example, a Dratini couldn't really evolve into a Dragonite in a very small amount of time

Wait for each new area! Don't really go off on your own to further areas until I show each area at a time. This is just to keep things less confusing and more organized for you.


Q. How do we get points in this RP?
A. There are a number of factors, how early you post for events, your creativity, and so on! You'll learn more as the RP goes on.

Q. What are these 'birthmarks'?
A. Basically they are shaped like constellations of the zodiac. That means they are called: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Q. Can we make up NPCs and control any existing ones?
A. You can make up NPCs as you see fit, as well as play as characters like Gym leaders and such for your posts.

Q. What's the bare minimum for activity?
A. At least 1 post every 7 days. I'll remind you to try and keep up activity if you're behind, but, just keep that in mind.

Q. Something came up and I can't post the minimum. What should I do?
A. You should contact me as soon as possible so we can arrange an extension. I'm pretty lenient on this regard, so, most likely I'll honor your request. But, don't take it too likely; if your inactivity becomes a constant pattern, then your spot will most likely be freed up for someone else.

Q. Can we do a joint point from time to time?
A. Yes you may, but you also don't have to; you can also interact freely between posts instantly; it's up to you.

Q. How do we capture pokemon?
A. You don't have to wait for me to give approval; you can just capture pokemon however way you want to, but, try and not go overboard or overeager with this!

Q. How do we evolve pokemon?
A. Be sure to post in the OOC thread if you want a specific pokemon to evolve. If it looks good, I'll give you the OK for you to write up a simple post or event, however you want to do it, when your pokemon evolves.


A powerful resource for battle in the Alola Region are the Z-Moves. Z-Moves can only be done if the trainer has a Z-Ring, and a Z-Gem of any type. You perform Z-Moves by doing a particular dance with your pokemon, then your pokemon will release their powerful Z-Move, however you can only do this once per battle.

Your character in particular might notice that their birthmark glows while the Z-Move is performed!

You can get different Z-Gems around Alola, from beating Totem pokemon, to beating Kahuna's. There are about 18 known Z-moves.


Name: (First and Last)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (15+ preferred)
Birthmark symbol: (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces. Choose one!)

Appearance: (hat does your character look like? You can also use a picture. Keep in mind as Alola is a relatively warm region, your character might want to dress appropriately for that.)

History: (This is only optional, as I won't be looking too much into your character's history. But, if you want a history to help shape the direction of your character, then all means!)

Strengths: (What is your character good at doing, and what do you think are the positive sides of your character?)

Weaknesses: (What is your character... not so good at? What are their negative sides?)

Main Starter Pokemon

You can choose any one of these pokemon to be your starter:

Species: (Any one of the listed above)
Nickname: (purely optional, if none, just skip this)

Moveset: (Your pokemon can have up to 6 moves; regardless of species, it can learn any move up to level 15, as well as one egg move, one move tutor move, or one TM move).

Secondary Pokemon (Optional)

Species: (You can choose a secondary pokemon for your character in the start of the RP, maybe a long time friend of the family, or a friend your chanced upon. This can be any base or baby pokemon not listed from the other starters above.)

Nickname: (purely optional, if none, just skip this)

Moveset: (Your pokemon can have up to 6 moves; regardless of species, it can learn any move up to level 15, as well as one egg move, one move tutor move, or one TM move).


Will Xander ? Leo
Prudence Flowers ? Capricorn
Chira La'Lua ? Pisces
Haruhi Greenwood ? Aquarius
Jordan Wray ? Scorpio
Robin Layton ? Libra
Orpheus Ejemo ? Cancer
Benny Emmett ? Sagittarius
Makoa Lahahana ? Virgo
Toby Cannon ? Gemini