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First of all, thanks for the criticism, coming from you it means a lot.
Second, I think you missed a few things, but in general you're right, some of these things I forgot.
If you use the palettes locations that I sugest in the first post, you would cover most of the cases of texts, the mon you're viewing, the white/yellow hand and Pokémon marks.
Window boxes and the pokemon data hud shouldn't be affected by expanding the number of object pals because they simple don't read from the object palls, but from background ones.

I think I can fix almost of these little problems this weekend as I managed to fix the trainercard alone, so thanks for helping me to find these bugs, I love your works, Dizzy.

A lot of bad things happend to me these past weeks, but I get a lot of first frames done, I first will complete adapt the Gen 6 icons to the new palletes then I will do the second frames, index it and post for public use, that's what I have made so far:
I suggest that you use the icons posted from MrDollSteak's Sugimori sprite resource and from our Gen. 7 sprite repository as bases for creating new sets of icons for this...