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I just looked their Base Stats up and found that it didn't really matter actually... Tangrowth had the BST of 535, Yanmega of 515, and Mamoswine of 530... but at their pre-evolutions Swinub is at a huge disadvantage having 250 BST while the other two had 435(Tangela) and 390(Yanma and a bit low at that) and I think Piloswine should replace Swinub with a BST 430 but then Yanma would fall behind.. In this way the game would be like Yanma - Hard, Piloswine - Medium, Tangela - Easy having a base 100 Sp. Attack and 115 Base Defense at that...
Don't forget to take in their movesets and how the Spherical would plot out the storyline.
Some of the hacks that I like:

I also support Pokemon Liquid Crystal, Glazed, and a few others who either have large banners or none at all.
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