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Name: Chira La'Lua
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Theme song:

Birthmark symbol: Pisces

Pour a glass of water onto a table, and you'll see how mutable water flows into every comer. With no walls to contain it, Pisces, like this water, bonds itself emotionally to whatever is exposed. This is the source of Pisces' well-deserved reputation for compassion. It is also the source of a tendency to escape reality. Planets in this sign are ultra sensitive, feeling anything and everything. They're psychic sponges that often need time alone to unload and reassemble themselves. Exposure to others, especially crowds, is exhausting co your Pisces planet. It's in tins sign that you may find a tendency to cake in stray people and animals, but also where youll need to watch for the possibility of being victimized or taken advantage of in some way. Pisces planets are not known for their realistic view of the worldthey see the best in any person or situationbut when reality steps in they sometimes can be disappointed- These planets are the romantics of the zodiac. Let them dream in healthy ways.

Appearance: Chira's skin is pretty dark, and her hair medium long and raven black. However, she most often keeps it braided and put up in a knot, so it doesn't fall down on her shoulders. Her big eyes are of an alert blue shade that make them stand out against her darker features. She is also slightly... squishy and round. Not so much that you would call her fat, but you could likely easily pick out what kids had been running around Poni island or helping out on boats all their life, and what girl had mostly been sitting in front of her computer. She also is quite short, compared to most girls her age.

Starting her journey, Chira wears a red t-shirt with a big bow/knot at the front. It's printed with pastel yellow and pink flowers. She also red chinos and long black boots, and carries her stuff in a beige leather backpack. She wears a large pair of slightly rectangular, bright red glasses. She isn't extremely dependent on them, but is slightly far-sighted. As such, she usually puts the glasses up to rest on her head above her bangs, but when she is drawing, writing or looking through her camera, she puts them down.

History: Born on Poni Island, actually on the island rather than on board a boat, Chira was said to be cursed from birth with bad luck. The seafolks were as good as always born on their boats, feeling the waves of the ocean carry the weight of their new lives immediately upon taking their first breath in this world. But Chira took her first breaths on land. While the seafolk was generally kind and accepting of all sorts of people, their traditions and superstition still held a too tight grasp over them; Chira grew up knowing that she was slightly odd. Could she ever be true seafolk?

One day a couple of years ago, Chira was forced out on a trip into the Vast Poni Canyon with her classmates from the seafolk village school. They ended up tricking her to get lost, and she ran into an agitated Salandit who chased her around until the exhausted girl suddenly ran into her classmates again. Initially laughing at her, the other kids were soon driven off by a now even angrier Salandit though. Chira interpreted it as the wild pokmon either seeing the injustice and deciding to do what was right - or simply not liking noisy human kids. It turned out to be a mixture of both. Salandit preferred to be the one making the pranks and pick victims who deserved it, and she definitely hated noisy kids. Chira told her parents about the encounter, and they encouraged her to go back and try to capture it. Most other people her age had one or more partner pokmon already, even if they weren't trainers. With the kind trainer Hapu's help, Chira managed to capture the Salandit, who eventually warmed up to the girl and started protecting her, be it from other humans or from pokmon.


Plenty artistic. While Chira enjoyed playing outdoors just as much as the other kids, they didn't enjoy playing with her much. Instead, Chira learned to enjoy herself on her own. She started drawing a lot at an early age, and when she received a camera on her 8th birthday, she started taking pictures of absolutely everything. Still today, she carries a good camera with her in her bag wherever she goes, and documents as much as she can with it.

As a person, Chira is also focused and easily motivated. She has her sight set on the goal and is a hard worker when she wants to be. She claims to be scientific in her ways, and consider logic and reasoning over emotion. This is reflected in the way she battles with pokmon - to start off with. In more intense battles, it is possible that hidden emotional sides of her will emerge.

She likes for things to be as fair as they possibly can be, and loves to discuss and resolve injustices. Perhaps this is stemming from having been treated so unfairly as a child, and wanting nobody else to suffer from it.


Despite praising logic, the present, and sound reasoning, Chira can be overcome with emotion in general, as well as worries and fears about the future. She is also horrible with numbers, really seeing digits as artistic shapes rather than as numbers or text.

She has always had a bit of trouble sleeping, and has recurring nightmares about the deep ocean. Thankfully not too often, though.

She has a strong phobia for dark and deep waters, see. Especially the ocean itself. Being on a boat is bearable only because it feels like home, but looking down into the waters themselves will paralyze her with fear. She dreams of one day acquiring the partnership of a flying Ride pokmon of some kind, which can fly her between the islands of Alola without having to be near the water.

As average members of the seafolk, the La'Lua family was never really rich, and it was a wonder even that they managed to get her such fancy glasses for her last birthday, as well as quality boots to walk in on her island challenge journey. She will likely not be able to buy fancy pokmon medicines or items unless she manages to win pokmon battles or earn money in other ways.

Main Starter Pokemon
Species: Totodile (m)
Moveset: Scratch // Water Gun // Bite // Scary Face // Aqua Jet // Rage
Secondary Pokemon
Species: Salandit (f)
Moveset: Scratch // Poison Gas // Sweet Scent // Ember // Dragon Rage // Poison Jab