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Complete for the most part. History is a little iffy to me, but I can always think about that later.

Jordan Wray

--=-- 17=--= Female --=--Scorpio=--

The Scorpion symbolizes Scorpio, and that is no accident. Much like the Scorpion would rather kill itself than be killed, those born under this sign are in ultimate control of their destiny.

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Jordan is on the tall side for her age, and a bit more slender than most. Despite both being born in and her family having their origins in Alola, her skin is pale from the generations of family from Sinnoh. She dresses simply, plain shirts, pants, and skirts, not terribly interested in more elaborate Alolan dress. Despite that, she keeps her appearances. Everything, including hair and clothing, is spotless and in place. The most noticeable aspect of hers is her cold clue eyes, contrasting with her dark hair.


Although her family has roots in Alola, her great grandfather had moved to Sinnoh in his early adulthood. Both her Grandparents and parents were born in Sinnoh, and it was only shortly before she was born that her parents had decided to return to their origin in Alola, Ula'Ula in particular. Jordan was to be the first of her (immediate) family to be born in Alola for generations. It was also the first Alolan Wray in generations that also contained an odd birthmark on her upper arm, coincidentally in the sign of Scorpio. It didn't take long for someone to discover what this sign meant, and a fair bit of her childhood was spent being idolized for something she didn't even understand.

She eventually grew somewhat resentful, having burdens place upon her just for being born with a birthmark that looks like stars. Eventually she found that coldness and disinterest was often the best tool to ward off any potential fans, something her Sinnohan looks only helped. As she grew older, she began to look at her options carefully. It was possible to leave Malie City, maybe even Ula'Ula as a whole and become her own person, regardless of birthmarks and "destiny". Becoming a trainer seemed the best way to open several doors, so she set off. Although she was set to receive a starter for her journey, she was gifted with her Skorupi before she left, a tradition in her family started by her Great-Grandfather back in Sinnoh. Her fate will be hers alone.


Jordan is confident in her abilities, and not afraid to press an advantage. She's careful in her approach to a problem, running the full gambit of options to find a preferable outcome. Because of this she can be seen as brave (but that confidence is merely the result of skill and good planning). She's honest (often brutally so), and carries a particular dislike of liars, cheats, and thieves. She is also firm in her beliefs and not likely to bend to someone's will, or follow a dangerous plan when better options are available. She tries to be impartial in arguments, and attempts to project an image of disinterest. After all, one of the best ways to avoid conflict is to never get in that position in the first place. More irons in the fire is more tending that needs to be done.

She has little in the way of true friends, but she cherishes the ones she does have. She's always ready to use her skills and resources for aiding a friend, and trusts them greatly. She herself hold the secrets of other's highly, never one to gossip or break someone's trust. Her sense of humor is often teasing, but also has shades of self-depreciation and even some gallows humor.


Unfortunately, Jordan has a tendency for secrets. She's not a liar, but often feels there is no need for the whole truth many times. This tends to paint her as manipulative, a label she doesn't agree with, but also doesn't bother fighting. Her honesty tends to turn people away from her, as does her stubborn nature. Her lack of friends is often the result of a innate distrust of people until they have "proven themselves to her (often without knowing they were being tested). Much to her own shame, there exists jealousy deep down inside her. She's often envious of those who rise above her, or those with more opportunities for success. As much as she tries to hide it, bitterness sometimes seeps out when dealing with the objects of her envy.

Another point of conflict between her and most other people is her always taking the simple path to a solution. Theatrics aren't often needed in these solutions, and she's not one to put on a show for anyone else. In conflict, the simple method is often brutal as a result of her pragmatism. Conflict should be ended as soon as possible.

Main Starter Pokemon

Species: Charmander

Nickname: Varanus

Moveset: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen, Dragon Pulse (Egg)

Secondary Pokemon

Species: Skorupi

Nickname: Thely

Moveset: Bite, Poison Sting, Pin Missile, Leer, Accupressure Dark Pulse (TM)