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Ooookay, I'm gonna give this a shot! :) I'd like to start this, but I'll need to wait til tomorrow to really get into it. I'm still fond of my RP character from other journey RPs, Benny, so I'm going to be using him and adapting him for Alola!

Name: Benny Emmett
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthmark symbol: Sagittarius


A tall young man with brown, messy hair and freckles dotting his nose, Benny would be described as plain by some, attractive by others, and "funny looking" by a select few girls that had teased him all throughout their school years. He had some muscle definition, but only from working the docks and restaurant at the harbor in Vermilion. He had a calm look about him usually, but under pressure, his tense gaze gave away every thought he had. Despite this, anyone who knew Benny would tell you his smile was his best feature and those same girls that called him "funny looking" were often seen trying to coax smiles out of him before giggling like they were still eleven.

Benny is usually seen with his letterman jacket for VCU (Vermilion City University), a white on blue jacket he earned on the tennis team with his name embroidered on the back with his number, 24, but in this warm climate, he had taken to wearing his baseball jersey. When not wearing his jersey, he wore the restaurant shirt from his time at the harbor. It was a place full of fond memories for Benny and he wore the shirt with pride, despite many friends mocking him for it.

He wore tan khakis and a pair of sandals that fit comfortably, letting him run or walk at his leisure. He also had a pair of blue and white sneakers in his backpack - brand new - for times where his sandals just wouldn't cut it.

Benny's backpack was older and had seen use during his adventures in Kanto, but it was black and contained every possession he had: his father's engraved Pokball which held Benny's beloved Pokmon, Rillo, was attached and hanging on the outside of the bag. He also had a second ball attached which held his Squirtle, who he had not nicknamed yet. His grandfather had shown him how to capture Pokmon before he left for Pewter City back in Kanto and he had stocked up before leaving for Alola.

In the bag also held a few changes of clothing, some snacks, a university textbook guide to identifying Pokmon and their weaknesses, camp-fire essentials, and his wallet. He had a few other knick-knacks in the bag, but mostly packed light to ensure he had room for souvenirs along his new journey.


Benny grew up with his father, mother, sister, and his grandparents. Growing up, his father expressed his lifelong dream of beating all of Kanto's gyms and perhaps attempting the Elite Four. His father expressed some disappointment at having lost that dream, but always ensured his children that his life was exactly as he wanted it: with them. A fisherman at the harbor, his father was swept to sea during an extremely violent storm and his Pokball containing Rillo was all that remained of his father once the storm subsided.

Benny's mother stayed strong for her children, but his grandparents took care of many household necessities to assist his widowed mother. She was a strong influence on Benny and encouraged him to leave on adventures that he had skipped to attend school and find a career to support them all. His sister had left the house around age 11 to attempt a Pokmon adventure of her own, but over the years, her time traveling abroad limited what contact the family had with her. She had sent them a postcard from Alola not long before Benny planned to set out for the islands. He planned to meet up with her after many years apart once he knew which island she was on.

His grandmother had passed soon after his father, but her chronic illness was expected and the family took advantage of their time with her by taking a trip to Hoenn to see the sights with her. She always loved it there and the trip gave her the last bit of satisfaction she could have dreamed of in life. Benny's grandfather took it well and became the pillar of support for the family, despite losing the woman he loved. Since Benny's journey in Kanto, his grandfather and mother had both passed on as well and Benny had sold most of the belongings that had been left behind, as well as the house they had all lived in. Any personal belongings or memories he wanted to keep now rested in the garage of his best friend - who had agreed to let him keep the belongings there while he traveled. There wasn't much left but photos and other trinkets from his family's life together.

Benny spent several months in Kanto traveling with a friend named Efa. They had grown close, but enough time apart had shown them they were not meant to be. They remained friends and she too was traveling to Alola soon. They intended to meet and catch up as well in Hau'oli City when she arrived.


Benny is an intelligent young man. He graduated from university with honors and was a constant success in classes ranging from mathematics to Pokmon biology and evolution courses. Despite this, he is still down-to-Earth and friendly to all he meets, spending little time judging others and openly accepting people, faults and all. He has some physical ability and thanks to his enjoyment of hiking, is sure-footed and able to scale some hills and walls with ease. This keeps him out of trouble (and in some cases, gets him into more trouble), but he often uses the skill to explore scenic locations. Thanks to living and working near the harbor, Benny is a world-class fisherman and cooks fish like a professional chef, even on his small camp-fire skillet. His prowess in the water keeps his belly full, and if not hungry, he's always up for a good battle with whatever he catches.


Benny is quick to embarrass, turning bright red at a moment's notice. He is easily flustered and when threatened or upset, his voice quivers from the adrenaline. He can't control it and it makes him look weaker than he is. It also causes him to become flustered during battles and prevents him from properly executing attack requests to his Pokmon.

Benny is also known to make rash decisions, which usually results in him getting into sticky situations. This, coupled with his complete lack of financial forethought, leads him to having an empty wallet more often than a full one. Benny is also known for his poor sleeping habits and spends many nights in his thoughts, unable to drift to sleep.

Main Starter Pokemon

Species: Squirtle
Moveset: Bubble | Ice Beam | Water Gun

Secondary Pokemon (Optional)

Species: Aipom ?
Nickname: Rillo
Moveset: Scratch | Astonish | Thunder