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    Originally Posted by Gexeys View Post
    Sweet, mind telling me what you'd change about the face and sails, they were arguably the hardest part to get right as they were so small so I'd like to see how they can be improved for future reference :)
    Anymore sprites that you'd want me to do?
    Oh nothing too drastic, they´re serviceable as they are, but the sails if you look at the official artwork, are a bit longer,
    and then for the face, just some extra rounding and slightly bigger eyes. If you want to take a crack at that, go for it.
    Still haven´t got around to editing it, lost access to my spriting equipment.

    Hey MrDollSteak I'm loving the work you do, I love the DP backsprite style. So as leader of the Smogon XY Sprite Project if you'd like some help feel free to use and credit the work of the smogon project and individual spriters.

    If you'd like explicit proof check post 1938 of the Smogon XY Sprite Project. Maybe when I'm done over there I'll pop by and help out here (lol if that ever happens). I hope the same can be said of anyone here coming over to help me out.

    (Also Noscium's work is explicitly free to use with credit as well if you weren't aware).
    Hey Layell! Loving the work you´re doing there, and am very happy you´ve given me your blessing.
    I´ll certainly use some of the front sprites, and may even use a few backsprites as bases. (Of course crediting everyone relevant)

    Also if you´d like any of my front sprites feel free to use them! (or if you´d like me to increase the size of any of mine, eg. Greninja or Chesnaught)

    i can help for menu sprites like: and , if you want the frames:
    While I appreciate the offer, this thread is solely for Front and Back Sprites.


    Also for everyone else, sorry I´ve been so infrequently updating, but I´m without access to my spriting equipment atm.

    I´ll be back at home able to do everything I want on Friday and Saturday so I hope to get to some new uploads then.
    I´ll try and do Spritzee, Amaura and Trevenant all together, as well as the slight edits to Sylveon.

    Thanks again to everyone who´s submitted something!

    EDIT: Here's the tweaked Sylveon, next up Trevenant!
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