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I'm getting away from doing the "just the changed files" style of update. I figure providing the whole package is more convenient (for me and for users). After all, users should update by starting with a copy of the latest version of Essentials, so I'm now providing that directly rather than "a base copy plus this plus that".

I recommend on the wiki that users keep track of any changes they've made, which, amongst other benefits, makes it easier to find and replace stuff when you're updating to a newer version of Essentials. Also, if you've updated your game to Essentials v17 and it works, that's the hard part; v17.1 doesn't change any filenames or formats or anything, so updating to that from v17 should be straightforward.

I will NEVER do anything which encourages people to take bits and pieces out of the latest version of Essentials and plug them into an older version. That is not the recommended way of updating Essentials, as it'll cause all sorts of problems. To that end, I will never make a list of particular script sections or methods or whatever that have been altered, even for a relatively minor update like this one where making such a list is at all feasible.
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