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That that the routine judgment won't work for a move that is not 0x0 type and you want to change to 0x0 type. Exemple : You have an fire (0xA) attack that uses this routine, and your primary type is normal(0x0), then the attack won't be changed to normal. This is because the MemAddress if by default 0, so set 0 at this place doesn't change anything. I don't know how to fix it atm but it's not a huge issue since every attack that are supposed to change type are normal by default. Just wanted to note
Yes this happens because the 'type effectiveness calculator' command first checks the content of the dynamic memory location allocated for the type. If its content is zero, then it starts retrieving the type from the move table.
So in a nutshell, the content of the loc is 0x0 if you use a normal type mon, and then it reads from the move table picking up the fire type changing it to fire.
And I don't see the point of changing this unless you are going for a truly wacky custom move.