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Favorite Gym Design?

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Old July 22nd, 2013 (8:42 PM).
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    Hey guys I would like to know what gyms you think are designed the best from each region. So how about it? What are your favorite gym designs?

    Kanto: Erika's
    Johto: *I've never played the whole region before*
    Hoenn: Flannery's
    Sinnoh: Volkner's
    Unova: Skyla's
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    Old July 22nd, 2013 (8:51 PM).
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      Wallace/Juan from RSE was my favourite. Took my sooo long to figure out the correct pattern for it. But it was so fun!

      Also Tate and Liz from Ruby/Sapphire... Where you had to walk on the conveyor belt type thingy. That was cool.
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      Old July 23rd, 2013 (12:04 PM).
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        I've only played the Unova region so far. Still, I like the look of most of the B2W2 gyms, as they look more interesting than the first set. My favorites in particular from that region are the Water, Poison and Bug Gyms. The Bumper car idea for a gym was also an awesome concept, making Electric my fave gym in BW.
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        Old July 23rd, 2013 (1:58 PM).
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        For Kanto, I like the Celadon gym with all the trees and plants. And maybe that is also why I liked Azalea's gym a lot in Johto. Not sure about the others, but the Dewford gym in Hoenn was thrilling.

        Since the designs are about how the gyms were in the games, I think this will do better in Pokémon Gaming Central.


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        Old July 23rd, 2013 (2:37 PM).
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          My favorite gym would have to be Marlon's gym. I just love the glass floor and ocean thing!

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          Old July 23rd, 2013 (10:02 PM). Edited July 24th, 2013 by molivious.
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            Kanto: Celadon and Fuschia.
            Johto: Azalea (even before I started loving bugs) and Mahogany. For Azalea, i favor the Gen 2 design, not the new one with webs. For Mahogany, the Gen IV design.
            Hoenn: Didn't really like anything, tbh.
            Sinnoh: Veilstone. This one really looked like a... gym
            Unova: Humilau and Nimbasa
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            Old July 23rd, 2013 (10:29 PM).
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            Elesa's gym in B2/W2 by far. Cheering crowds? That house music in the background? The VJ screen? Destroying her beauties on the runway? No doubt the most fabulous, rockin gym ever! Are you ready?

            Canalave for the snowballs, Petalburg for the diamond shape, Ecruteak for being absolutely groundbreaking, and Vermillion for its switch game.
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            Old July 23rd, 2013 (11:00 PM). Edited July 27th, 2013 by Entermaid.
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              Gardenia's Gym


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              Old July 24th, 2013 (3:28 AM).
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                Kanto: By far Cinnabar Gym in Gen IV. I found it really neat being inside a cave.
                Johto: Cianwood Gym in Gen IV
                Hoenn: Mossdeep Gym in R/S.
                Sinnoh: Either Canalave Gym or Snowpoint Gym
                Unova: None other than Icirrus Gym.
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                Old July 24th, 2013 (6:50 AM).
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                I can't remember enough of them to take note for each region, but my favourite overall is definitely Drayden's gym in B/W(2). It wasn't difficult at all, but it was pretty cool walking up dragons.

                Elesa and Roxie's gyms were quite entertaining in the second games of B/W even though they didn't involve puzzles.

                I think gym designs are definitely something that has improved as the games have went on.
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                Old July 24th, 2013 (9:31 AM).
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                  Kanto and Hoenn are the ones I really remember, so I'll say...

                  Cinnabar Island (Blaine)
                  and Mauville City (Wattson)

                  The one's like Flannery in Lavaridge and Saffron's gave me years of pain (even though all you have to do is keep going down)
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                  Old July 24th, 2013 (9:46 AM).
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                  I've mostly played Gen 5 games, so I'll only share my picks for Unova.

                  BW: Brycen. I liked the ice gliding puzzle. I liked the concepts of Elesa and Lenora's Gyms too.

                  B2W2: Marlon. It looked so peaceful and pretty, I'd love to be a trainer there. Or you know, work in a place like that in real life. I also liked the music in Roxie's Gym a lot.

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                  Old July 24th, 2013 (10:07 AM).
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                    my favorite gym designs are:

                    Kanto: Blaine-got to love the quiz based gym
                    Johto: Clair- pushing the rocks to make the way to her was a cool idea
                    I do not have a favorite for Hoenn
                    Shinoh: Gardenia-platinum the flower clock stole it for me
                    Unova:Elesa- due to it being a giant roller coaster.
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                    Old July 26th, 2013 (8:06 PM).
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                      I love everything in Skyla's Gym in B2W2, it was a very fun puzzle. In Crystal, Whitney's Gym looks like a Clefairy!
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                      Old July 26th, 2013 (10:48 PM).
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                      Grumble, grumble... I just wrote up some great responses for each of my favorite designs and my Firefox crashed as I tried to post. So enjoy each of my favorites with not quite as lengthy responses.

                      Kanto: Cinnabar. Loved the idea of having to answer trivia questions in order to face Blaine, even if they weren't all that difficult.
                      Johto: In Gen II, it's Ecruteak. Partly because it's the only one I can remember outside of Goldenrod and Violet City's, but it did have an interesting puzzle. In Gen IV, though, it's Chuck's waterfall gym in Cianwood.
                      Hoenn: I loved the ice puzzle in Sootopolis' gym, except when you screwed up right at the very end.
                      Sinnoh: My favorites were either Hearthome or Canalave City's gyms. And with Crasher Wake being a wrestler, Veilstone's gym in Platinum would've suited him perfectly (well, other than the fact he's Water-type).
                      Unova: Both of my favorites are from BW2, and they're Skyla's gym with all of the mega fans in Mistralton, and Clay's gym in Driftveil with all of the conveyor belts in the dark.
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                      Old July 31st, 2013 (10:27 PM).
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                      Elesa's Gym in Black 2/White 2 no doubt, it's a catwalk with awesome music to boot!

                      Marlon's comes a close second, the lilypads and the water look so beautiful. Easily have to say he has the fave design of any Water-type Gym so far.
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                      Old August 2nd, 2013 (1:48 AM).
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                        Kanto: Blaine's
                        Johto: Morty's
                        Hoenn: Winona's
                        Sinnoh: Volkner's
                        Unova: Clay's
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