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Dear Anonymous

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    Dear Anonymous:

    Hang in there with me, please. I'm not sure if the decisions I made this year were the 'right' ones or if we just threw it all away but I felt the break was needed. I hope we learned form this ordeal and we come back stronger.

    I'm not sure what the next month or even year will bring but, hang in there, okay. Trust whatever transpired was for the best and that you'll bounce back stronger and better than you were in January.

    Dear Anonymous,

    Don't ever lose faith in yourself. You need to be your best supporter. Believe that you can punch on anyone's level and that you can hold your own.

    Dear Anonymous,

    Sometimes the mind wanders, so please don't let it shine grey on you. You're better than this. You've weathered worse and came up on top so please, believe in yourself

    Dear Anonymous,

    Breathe and we'll go through this together. I got you.

    Dear Anonymous,

    Pray, apply and hope for the best. Positive vibes only,

    Dear Anonymous,
    I needed to hear this. Thank you.
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    if you can please stop being super slow at your job, that'd be awesome. speed is key to succeeding in this position because we have to meet delivery times. the longer you take, the longer you're going to make the drivers wait, and the longer the client is going to wait to receive their shipment. im sure you can understand how this can result in some very crabby-mooded people all around.
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      Dear Anonymous,

      It was not my intention to hurt you. I just needed my space and did not know what else to say to let you know that what you were offering wasn't going to work for me the way it might for you. We are different. I understand that you were just trying to help.

      Thank you for your kind words, for the changes you offered to make and trying to give me time. I just had to do it my own way, and am sorry if not being there hurt you, but please be strong. I still want to remain close to you and hope that we can talk soon, it would satisfy my worry that you are in fact alright. I don't want you to continue to feel hurt.

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