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Post icons - the little images that you pick that show up next to your thread when viewing a forum 124 34.16%
"Hot threads" - the little icon next to threads when they have more than 30 posts / 300 views 140 38.57%
Page breakdown - the text that says "(1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)" next to threads (we would shorten this to just first/last) 254 69.97%
Extra thread images - the little images that show up next to threads that show if they have attachments/if you're subscribed/etc. 139 38.29%
Community links - those links at the top of most styles that say "Home" "Blogs" "Oekaki" "Chat" etc. 139 38.29%
"Share This Thread" - links in threads that let you quicky post threads to facebook/twitter/other social media 60 16.53%
Picture albums - anything besides profile designs or hacks or "hey look at my PC screenshots!"? 113 31.13%
The calendar. 'nuff said. 66 18.18%
Instant messenger icons in posts 76 20.94%
Youtube videos in profiles/as profile images 154 42.42%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 363. You may not vote on this poll

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Old May 10th, 2013 (4:59 PM).
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Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
Oh. Then I stand by my vote. This is a basic feature that I use very often, esp. when I know I've read up to Page 3 I can just click Page 4 without having to wait for PC's horrendous load times x2.
I'd actually like to see it expanded to include the four pages previous to the last.
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Old May 11th, 2013 (3:31 PM). Edited May 11th, 2013 by tente2.
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I know exactly what the thread page breakdown is, and I'd like to have it kept. It's just very convenient for a thread you continuously check, while the thread is under five pages long.

Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
I'd actually like to see it expanded to include the four pages previous to the last.
That'd be very neat to have! I support this idea.

Other features I support include the possibility of having Youtube videos as profile images, and picture albums for whatever reason (I don't know, I wasn't even aware they existed before reading this thread, but I suddenly don't want to see them go).

Features I want to drown in a river include the thread icons (if, from what I have interpreted, they are those annoying little images you can put next to your thread title), the hot threads thing (I have never noticed it, so I'm not entirely clear on what it exactly is) and the "share this" function. If people want to put things onto Facebook or Twitter or some other social networking site, that's perfectly fine with me (although I confess I am not interested in doing so myself), but is it so hard to copy the page URL? Somebody else said that simply copying the page URL is much quicker than looking for some special "share this" button (which I have never noticed, either), and I can agree with that logic.

Also, I don't mean to sound like a broken record or anything, but I support everyone else with the idea we should do something with the oekaki. If reviving it will take too much work and engulfing it in flames is not an option, I think hiding it (again, I'm repeating ideas here, but I think they are sound ones) is the best course of action. But, if we can't even do that... I don't really think it's all that fair to remove other more popular yet still "underused" features if one of the most underused features of all is going to stay prominent in the big banner at the top (at least on this theme). Not that I really mind it if the oekaki stays prominently displayed (I won't lose sleep over it, or anything) but to remove other things on the basis of being unnecessary is too arbitrary, I think. It'd rather keep everything if that were the case.

At least, that's what I have to say. As long as my preferred features stay, I don't really care all that much about the final outcome, to be honest.
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Old May 13th, 2013 (5:56 PM).
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I would very much like to see the Page Breakdown stay. I know I use it a lot when managing my trade thread and updating my challenge threads. I'm constantly jumping around pages and to have to click next/last only would be a real hassle.
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Old July 10th, 2013 (11:41 PM).
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Youtube videos should be removed. I also don't like Choice Number 3
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Old July 13th, 2013 (1:57 PM).
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If you want to lessen the load, I'd say the YouTube app being gone wouldn't hurt anyone. Page breakdown is very handy, however. It serves a lot more of a purpose than some of the others.

- also Drew.

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Old July 13th, 2013 (2:13 PM).
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Originally Posted by gondracorn View Post
Are you kidding me?! Page breakdown people is voted highest?! I'd quit first and urge others to. You gotta see here, folks, people are trying to get their post to show the most, and knock off the chance of the newbies getting their posts a slight of a chance. If they are popular, they are going to stay on top. And the newbies? Like me? Well, they are going to go... bye bye!
It's voted highest as the feature members want to keep. If you look at the poll title, it says "Vote for a feature if you use it regularly/don't want to see it removed." So it's certainly something most of us want to keep!

Anyways, I don't really feel the need to have the YouTube videos in profiles. It's just not something that I play and from the looks of things, most other people never bother playing someone else's video either. :(

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Old July 14th, 2013 (7:29 PM).
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Hey i'm new here! Please teach me everything that i don't know. Thanks!
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Old July 14th, 2013 (7:53 PM).
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I don't know if you can, but an awesome feature to add in would be make admins on specific posts. Say you have 2 leading people on a Game Showcase Thread, make it so the poster can add another person on to update the thread!
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