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Does anybody have Twitter account?

Started by hotsushi-kun March 14th, 2019 8:07 AM
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Mod note please do not advertise your twitter handles as that is against the rules but feel free to answer the question at hand!



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I do, beyond discord thats my most used social media, yet i barely use it


Age 24
Tampa, FL / Richmond, VA
Seen 15 Hours Ago
Posted 18 Hours Ago
25,185 posts
9.3 Years
I have a twitter account but I seldom use it


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Posted 1 Hour Ago
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I've been using twitter as probably my main social media site since I joined in 2007. So I have 122k tweets on my main account, along with a few other accounts with varying use.

Love the format, but I kind of really hate what it's become. I know part of it is a symptom of too much traffic for staff to reasonably handle but I really think twitter staff's unwillingness to ban nazis and do more about hatespeech has made the world a worse place.

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Yes. Don't post near as much as I used to these days though, but I regularly read. It's semi-private as in I don't use my real name or an obvious picture of myself, nor my regular email address as it's the only social media platform I use to rant about world affairs. My other socials are kept quite beige as far as my opinions go.


Cape Town
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I do! I mostly use it to browse, though also tweet about my cats/games/life stuff too. Definitely don't post anywhere near as much as some people I know haha

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Posted 13 Hours Ago
I do but I use it mostly to browse I never really post anything on it. I keep saying I will and then I just... don't.


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Posted 9 Hours Ago
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I have one and i just use it to stalk some spicy twitter pages tbh


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I do, but I use it mostly to follow my heroes. I haven't really retweeted much on their tweets because one of them tweets a LOT. XD So, it's always hard to keep up with him. I also tend to post screenshots seldomly from my Switch or xbox one as well. Either that, or I'll retweet something I'm passionate about. Like atm I'm really into helping out a YT channel called SBSK because their comments were disabled. It's a channel that focuses on the positive side to kids and teens with disabilities. Basically, YT disabled comments on most channels that have minors as a way to prevent predators from attacking them... which is really half-assed because it destroys those channels and what they are about imo.

But yeah...


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i do. closed it but reopened it for access to a certain account. actually didn't regret it since twitter is actually a fun and i get like 45% of my info from there. its a fun community if you know where to stay 'cause there is a very toxic side at twitter that you don't want to see.

mostly use it to connect more with my favorite youtubers and to witness some spicy tweets from the dear ol' pres of us (ok i just follow trump for the memes, don't actually fully support 'im) and, of course, memes.

ooh, and there's that year progress bar account which is super interesting to follow since it posts when 1 percent of the year has passed.


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Yeah I have a few. I have one for my art (since art Twitter accounts have become increasingly popular), one for my publishing company that is very rarely used just because I haven't published anything recently, and then my personal account which gets used semi-frequently though the majority of the posts are auto-uploads from when I post on Instagram which I use significantly more.

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