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For your first playthrough do you plan to play normally? Or are you interested in trying a challenge during your first run through BDSP?


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I'm going to play normally :)

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Normally. I will probably save the challenge run for Shining Pearl, if I ever go back to the Ultimate Flying Monotype Challenge I started on here...last year? I don't even remember, haha. But I'm not one who really does things like this, so I'll just play Brilliant Diamond normally.

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I am gonna play normally. I don't like doing challenge runs personally myself, but watching them online is another thing.
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I plan to do a mostly normal run, but with a couple of "rules".

For one, I'm going to box my starter. In my previous DPP playthroughs I always used my starter, so I think this will make a nice change.

And I'm going to research the levels of Gym Leaders+E4 before battling them, and not let myself become higher levelled than them. I'm hoping that'll add a bit of challenge and force me to strategize a bit rather than just OHKO stuff. xD
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Just a normal playthrough, while trying to put mons I've never used before on my team.

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for my first (and let's be real - probably only) playthrough i think i'll just play it normally. i'm not a fan of restarting games, so i'd have to pick up the second version to attempt any sort of challenge.


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Alright, a great question! My answer shall be…

A Nuzlocke. Yep, exactly like SS, I plan to get both versions and do a nuzrun straight from the get go. Hopefully things turn out fine…
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Echoing the majority - normally. I'll try to use Pokemon I haven't used before (or not much), but not imposing any special challenges on myself.

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Been watching a lot of Pokémon Challenges recently on YT, honestly has gotten me huge into the whole "hardcore nuzlocke" thing so I'm for sure gonna try one for BDSP.