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    "Rainer.. that's.. a... haha I don't even remember its name." Sam said, walking alongside the river with two new, old rods. He didn't really need two of them but taking both prevented those poachers from taking pokemon. Now Sam could also catch pokemon from the waters of any place in Kalos. One such pokemon, a small blue bipedal with a big smile and tail was lurking in the water beside them. It seemed utterly unaware of their presence.

    "Poli!" Rainer interrupted. It wasn't very happy that its partner wasn't able to identify a wooper when he saw one.

    "Lets see if it'll come up for a chat." Sam said, using an old rod to catch the woopers attention.

    It seemed to work, the small blue pokemon stopped in its tracks to inspect the line and hook sunk into the water. But it lost interest real quick, going around the hook instead.

    "Huh, guess it's got no interest in us huh." Sam said, disappointed.

    Rainer was fine, woddling beside sam with an unamused expression. It really didn't want to entertain the thought of having another living being, especially some random wooper, for it to worry about. There were more serious matters to think on... like the gloomy smoke up ahead. A fire maybe? It was big.

    "Poli!!" It said, alerting sam.

    "Oh.. wow look at that we better go ahead and see what's happening." Sam dropped the fishing rod without thinking, allowing it to sink into the water. He didn't realize he was dropping it and had another anyway.. but when it fell in it struck the wooper in the water.

    Sam and Rainer hurried into the forest of Santalune. Behind them the small blue pokemon wooper followed with the old rod held up in its mouth. What it wanted was simple, return this funny looking doo-dad to that human and poliwag!
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    Drew Tucker

    Baptism Through Fire
    Santalune Forest - Santalune Lake

    “Guess we’d best get a move on ourselves. Apparently I’m doing this alone.” Drew sighed as he watched Jackson dart off into the forest. The Floatzel beside him seemed rather offended by the remark, but he paid her no mind. Wrapping him up tightly in his hoodie, it occurred to Drew that breaking the Pokeball Brandon had used to catch the Buizel maybe wasn’t the best of ideas. Carrying him all the way through…that wouldn’t be easy. He glanced up at the smoke peering over the forest. That could be a problem.

    The thick cloud of smoke that loomed over the forest gave it a dimmer tone that usual. Drew was well acquainted with Santalune forest, and even still, this was too dreary. He’d passed a few interesting looking pokemon that may have made good additions to his team, but the restless and very warm sea Weasel in his hand was an adequate reminder that he didn’t have time for that. Mother Floatzel surely wouldn’t have been too tolerant of any stoppages either.

    Drew trudged forward. He found himself increasingly flustered as the heat began to pinch away at his skin. He was panting. Santalune forest was huge. He remembered it being smaller. His vision began to blur as…SPLASH! He shook his head as a stream of water washed across his face.

    “Flo!” Floatzel stared intently at the Buizel as she adjusted her water gun, in order to rehydrate her son. She glanced back up at Drew, whose soot powdered exasperated expression had turned to a soggy flabbergast. Much better.

    “Hey, what the-huh?” Drew began, before Floatzel turned and darted away. After a moment of hesitation, the frustrated and defeated young trainer chased after the pokemon, stumbling through a few bushes as he did so.
    The young trainer collapsed through the line of shrubbery, barely managing to swivel enough to save the baby in his hands from being crushed. He staggered to his feet, turning to see an open lake amongst the burning trees. “The lake?” He furrowed his brows, looking across the open body of water. He never thought he’d be so disappointed to see such a thing. He burrowed through his bag, unveiling a map from amongst the contents. “This is a huge detour you know? The map says Santalune is in the other direction.”

    “Zel!” Floatzel ordered, pointing towards the water.

    Drew was fairly certain he understood what was going on at this point. He stuffed the map back in his bag and took of his seared T-Shirt, revealing the burn marks across his body. He winced at the sting as the cold water touched the blemishes. It was refreshing though. They’d barely gotten halfway through and it had already taken this much of a toll on his young body.

    “Thanks for that. We should carry on though. Buizel looks like he’s really in some pain.” Drew looked down on the mother licking her child with sympathetic eyes. Maybe Jackson should’ve been the one to take them, since he was already finding this to be an impossible task. He wrapped Buizel back up into his hoodie and collected himself. He was going to get this done.

    “Pssst…Hey kid.” A mysterious voiced whispered through the bushes.

    Drew glanced around nervously, but it was long before the source of the noise revealed itself.

    A tall man wearing a rather dapper black suit emerged from the treeline. The flaming trees reflected off his shades, which made it impossible to see his eyes from where he was. The man’s most telling feature was his rather inconspicuous black goatee. “You know your way out of this place? I…got lost in the flames.”

    Drew raised a brow. He had no reason not to help this man, but he didn’t really need another person to have to escort right now. “How about I give you my map? I know my way back to the path from here and as long as I follow that, I can find my own way out.”

    The man seemed to reel back at the suggestion, before straightening up and fixing his sunglasses. “See, that wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that the main route has been cut off by a tree that’s burned down. You’re gonna need the map just as much as me it seems.”

    Drew sighed. “I know what I’m doing. Just follow me and I’ll get us both out of this place, I guess.” He stood up and gestured for the man to follow him back onto the path.


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    "It's so calm."

    art by the amazing Infinite
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    Coul Remson

    "You came to my rescue, I owe you one!" Sam said, before hopping away without waiting for Coul to respond. What a rude man. Coul then remembered his new Pokemon and quickly removed his clothes and swam his way towards the boat. The old fisherman was quietly sleeping on his back, floating on the water while the younger one was nowhere to be seen. "Meowth?"Coul called out. On the middle of the boat is his Meowth, shivering. "Come, I'll take you back to shore." Coul climbed into the boat, water dripping everywhere. The Meowth screeched as water droplets started hitting it. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Coul repeated. So my Meowth is apparently scared of water? Why? Is it why it's so dirty?

    Coul took out Catherine's, the nickname he gave his Meowth, Pokeball and called it back. He could not carry it over the water as he was sure the Pokemon would struggle a lot and it might wound him or something. Sandy was patiently waiting by the sandy riverbank. "Hey, Sandy, let's go now. No point in staying here." Coul grabbed the two rods Sam gave him. Why Sam took it, Coul had no idea. He stowed it away in his bagpack and decided it was time he go to Santalune Forest. He walked in the general direction of the forest and was a worried he saw black smoke arising from the treetops.

    "What the...?!" Coul exclaimed. "Sandy, let's go!" Coul could not believe that he could not catch a break.

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    Avril Morris
    Santalune Forest
    Chapter 2-1 | Into The Forest

    Current Party:

    - x1 Pokédex - x5 Pokéballs - x2 Potions - x1 Leaf Stone - 500 Poké Dollars

    "And so, the courageous of the Froakie and Elekid launched one final, powerful attack that sent the wild and ferocious Usaring fleeing from the scene. The wild group of Bunnelby, in awe of their saviors, gifted Rai and myself some of their precious elemental stones. With the heartfelt thanks of the Bunnelby family still warm in our hearts, the two of us bid our farewells to the rabbit Pokémon and set off for what adventures may be awaiting us in the depths of the Santalune Forest."

    "There, all done!" Avril exclaimed, proud of her next piece of literary work as she closed her notebook with a grin.

    The blonde girl had entered the forest sometime ago and while she was eager to see what kind of adventures she would experience in the Santalune Forest, she knew that her first priority needed to be updating her story... especially while the events of the battle she and Rai had fought was still fresh in her mind. While she and Rai journeyed together through the remainder of Route 2, the duo decided to part ways upon entering the wood. Avril really was not too sure where her former classmate had wandered off to after that. Avril had simply made a beeline directly towards the nearest stump she could find. After placing her notebook and pen back into her trainer bag, Avril turned her attention to Shino. While she had been writing, the little Froakie appeared to have dozed off, no doubt needed a small powernap after the battle he and Rai's Elekid had endured. Part of Avril wanted to let the Froakie take his nap a bit longer. However, another part of the girl also knew that the duo needed to get a move on, especially if they wanted to try and reach the next city at a reasonable time.

    Kneeling by her Froakie's side, Avril gently began to nudge her Pokémon awake. "Hey... Hey, Shino... Time to wake up, buddy."

    The Froakie croaked quietly, his eyes groggily fluttering open as he gazed up in Avril's direction. Avril offered her Pokémon a soft smile as he slowly climbed to his feet, his small, blue body stretching out for a moment before he quickly hopped up on to Avril's shoulder.

    "Sorry to wake you up so soon, Shino," Avril began, as she began to stride her way into the forest. "It's just that I wanna try to make to Santalune City before it gets too late. I mean, I know I've got you for protection, but for some reason staying in a forest in the middle of the night doesn't exactly strike me as a safe idea... Especially when you're my only Pokémon, you know?"

    Shino's eyes widened at Avril's musings. Avril was not oblivious to this and was quick to explain herself. "I'm not calling you weak, Shino. What I'm saying is that we need to embark on the second most important part of being a Pokémon trainer! We need to catch a Pokémon or two and make a team! And I have the feeling that this forest is just the place to do that." Pausing for a moment, Avril pulled out her Pokédex from her bag. While the blonde girl really hadn't had the chance to actually study over the device, she did seem to know at least how to use its basic functions. "According to the professor, Santalune Forest has a much more diverse range of Pokémon as opposed to Route 2. So, I'm sure we'll be able to find some really cool Pokémon here! We'll just have to use our senses to find that perfect choice!"

    Glancing up from her Pokédex, Avril and Shino began to take a look around properly for the first time. The forest for the most part seemed... quiet. It was something that struck Avril as a bit odd. Sure, she really wasn't expecting it to be loud, like a rock concert or anything of the sort. However, she did think at the very least one might be able to hear the faint chirping of some bird Pokémon or even the chattering of a wild Rattata. Also now that the girl was taking in the sights of the Santalune Forest for the first time properly, she seemed to be picking up the faint scent of smoke wafting through the air. She really didn't think much of it, though. She was sure that trainers probably camped out in the forest all the time. Shino on the other hand, seemed to be a bit more uneasy. Avril could feel the Froakie tighten his grip on her shoulders, slowly sliding down as if trying to hide behind her back again.

    "What are you acting so weird about, Shino?" Avril questioned, glancing over her shoulder at the Froakie. "You're such a fidgety little guy, you know that?"

    Shino croaked out weakly, offering what sounded to be something like an apology as he slowly climbed his way back up to Avril's shoulder proper. Avril opened her mouth to say something again to the Froakie, at the very least to calm her nerves. However, the faint sound of something hooting seemed to catch both the attention of her and Shino. Slowly, the duo turned to the left and began to quietly trudge their way through the forest. Gradually, the duo came to a small clearing in the wood. A small stump stood in the middle of the forest... and on top of that stood a rather peculiar, owl-like creature. Taking hold of her Pokédex once more, Avril aimed the device at the creature to get a better read on it.

    "Hoothoot, the Owl Pokémon. It has a perfect sense of time. Whatever happens, it keeps rhythm by precisely tilting its head in time."

    Avril smiled as she carefully tucked her Pokédex away. "Hoothoot! This is the perfect kind of catch I was just talking about! It's so different compared to the common Pidgey and Fletchling that we always saw back on Route 2 and in Aquacorde... I have to catch this thing."

    Avril wasted no time in reaching into her trainer's bag and pulling out one of the Pokéballs she had tucked away inside. The blonde knew that in order to catch a wild Pokémon, one needed to properly battle it, weaken the target down, and then catch it with one of the round, capsule-like devices. However, if the wild Hoothoot never saw the ball coming, then surely that meant that Avril could catch it without having to hurt it at all. Not to mention that it would look pretty impressive in her story if she managed to make her first catch a flawless one. The blonde girl smirked as she knelt down, Shino quietly sliding off of her shoulders as she readied the ball. Her eyes narrowed, focusing on aiming the throw she was about to make... and then without warning... the girl tossed the Pokéball with all the energy she could muster. The ball flew across the air and smacked right up against the wild Hoothoot, causing the owl Pokémon to screech in surprise. Avril and Shino watched with intense focus as the Hoothoot was quickly pulled up into the ball in a red beam of light. The ball quickly fell to the ground and began to wobble back and forth... Once... twice... three times... and then... the ball suddenly snapped back open! The Hoothoot was quick to fly out of the Pokéball, which shattered to pieces upon its escape.

    It was quick to land back on the stump, anger in its eyes as it turned to face both Avril and Shino. The feathers on the Hoothoot began to ruffle up as it glared... Avril cursed under her breath. She had a feeling this catch was going to get a lot messier than she planned.
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    Kade & Brielle

    Brie never thought that she would have any reason to regret getting Toffee for a partner. Oh boy, was she wrong. Toffee was bouncing everywhere and getting goo all over everything that it was almost amusing. Almost. The fact that five drops of goo have landed on her shoes was enough to make her relatively pissed. These were brand new too! She couldn't help but internally cry over them even though she knew she specifically chose her footwear as she knew they were going to be sacrificial. This is all for the sake of being a contest star... She thought, now sounding much like a mantra as she had to stop her Goomy from unintentionally tormenting yet another Pokemon with her rambunctiousness.

    "Come on, Toffee. That's enough-- Oops," She said, now noticing the extra trainer that was in hurricane Toffee's path... with slime all over his and his Pokemon's body... "Heh, sorry about that. My Goomy can be rather... hyperactive." She muttered, her cheeks flushing a light pink as she quickly got spare tissues from her bag and gave it to the trainer, who gladly accepted it with a thanks and wiped off his Pokemon first before cleaning himself, starting with the goo all over his blonde hair.

    "Heh, it's alright. I assumed she was also getting quite rambunctious like the other Pokemon.." He said, his Zigzagoon nodding. "We saw this bird being a jackass to the Cottonee up ahead. I tried to fight it with my Zigzagoon, but that went horribly wrong."

    She blinked, now looking at the Zigzagoon properly. It seemed to be panting, it's fur disheveled, like it had been in a big battle. "Couldn't catch the bird up in the air, not enough power yet?" It did not look cute right now, although maybe when it was already well rested... She can just imagine it already, a healthy Zigzagoon for the more physical parts of the contest. Very cute.

    The trainer nodded, "Yeaah. Bad idea, I know. But I had to do something. Those poor Cottonee were going to get rocketed to space if the Fletching keeps continuing to use them as tennis balls, you know?"

    It was at that point, that Kade chose to walk past the pair of trainers and overheard their discussion. He wasn't the type to intentionally eavesdrop, in fact, he was so wrapped up in thinking of all the cool maneuvers he could have Stratus, his Starly, use in battle that he hadn't even noticed that one of the people speaking was Brielle from the Trainer School.

    At the mention of a Flying-typed Pokemon however, Kade immediately snapped to attention, pivoting back around and making a B-line towards the pair. Stratus, who was perched comfortably on his shoulder, let out a screech and dug her claws into her trainer at the sudden change in direction. Wincing in pain, Kade cut into the conversation.

    "Sorry, did you say something about battling a Fletchling? Where is it? I'd love to go see it! Looking at your Zigzagoon, I bet it's really something. Oh, hey Brielle, when did you get here?" he blurted out, not really realising he'd not so much breezed into their conversation but had rolled in like a storm.

    "...And a wild Kade appeared." She looked at her... friend... who just popped out of the blue and into the perfectly normal conversation that they were having. She chose to hide her annoyance at his antics, "I was always here." Toffee looked up at the new trainer-friend, he seemed friendly! She bounced over to the trainer and immediately tackle-glomped him, getting slime all over his clothes. For once, Brie didn't stop her, watching her Pokemon molest Kade with a small smirk.

    The Zigzagoon just watched the sight in front of him with a confused expression. What the hell was going on?

    "Oh! You were? My bad!" Kade said, oblivious to Brielle's irritation and also to the bemused looks of the Zigzagoon and its trainer. Kade, picking up the slimy Goomy without much of a care and absent mindenly stroking its head, turned back to the trainer who had encountered the Fletchling. "So, where can I find the Fletchling? I want it."

    Oh boy! This trainer didn't run away and she didn't get scolded by Brie! This has to be the Toffee jackpot, the Pokemon thought as she enjoyed this other trainer's special pats. Brie however just rolled her eyes. Of course Kade wouldn't mind. He's Kade. "How about the poor Cottonee, Kade?" She said, "Actually... I don't remember what a Cottonee looks like." She reached down to get her Pokedex and checked, the screen lighting up to display an image of a small, fluffy Pokemon with a pair of leafy apendages.
    When it finds others of its kind, they all stick together. When enough of them have collected, the mass resembles a cumulonimbus cloud.
    "Oh my gosh it's so cute." She had to get that Pokemon. "Where is it so I-" Brie looked at Kade, "-we.. can help it?"

    "It's up ahead in a clearing by Santalune Forest..." the trainer said, thereafter excusing himself and hurrying off to take care of his Zigzagoon... and also to escape the strange pair. Kade placed Toffee on the floor, much to the relief of Stratus who was now grumpily preening goo from her feathers atop his shoulder, and gestured in the appropriate direction.

    It wasn't long before the pair (for want of a better word) of trainers arrived in a small meadow. Small cotton spores covered the area as an enormous colony of Cottonee drifted around the area on wind currents. Several of the Grass/Fairy Pokemon were clumped together in large clusters. It was a sight that looked like it sould have been inducing giggles in the Cottonee, but instead they were glancing around anxiously, as though awaiting an attack.

    "Well there's all the Cottonee." Kade said, stating the obvious, "Where's the Fletchling? Do you see anything Stratus?" he asked the Starly. she merely chirped and shook her head. Then, the grey bird took to the sky, flittering around the meadow in search of the other avian Pokemon.

    "Oh my gosh... They're cuter than I thought." Brie squealed, momentarily distracted by the Cottonee to notice the bird to suddenly pop in and hit a stray one straight in the front, skyrocketing it upwards and then shooting towards it as it fell back down like it was a volleyball. Toffee growled at the bird, then nudged her trainer, slime getting into her shoes and making her notice the Goomy with a slight scowl. "Hey! ...Oh, there's the bird."

    "Woah!" Kade exclaimed "That's one powerful little Fletchling. I definitely need it! DID YOU SEE THAT?!" Kade found himself gripping Brielle's
    shoulders and shaking her in his excitement. Above his head, Stratus had returned and was flying around, waiting for instructions and not so subtly trying to indicate she was the better flier by needlessy accentuating what she was doing with exotic aerial maneuvers.

    Brie frowned, the goo getting all over her jacket. "Please stop touching me with your slimy, slimy hands." She was already internally crying. Did Kade not know how much it costs to clean and air dry?! Brie was trying so hard not to strangle the disgusting boy. Meanwhile, the hurt Cottonee was finally dropped to the nearby grass, down for the count. The other Cottonee were trying to get away, but couldn't. Curse their flying limitations!

    Toffee nudged the small Cottonee friend, whimpering when it didn't respond to her gentle hugs. She glared at the mean bird, how dare it hurt the potential friends! She nudged Brie again, using her gelatinous horns to vaguely point to the Fletchling. Brie seemed to understand, as she looked at the bird, then her Pokemon, then Kade still touching her, then back to the Goomy once more. "You can't do much right now, Toffee. It's too high. Maybe if it was a bit lower, then you can accurately hit it with a Bubble attack."

    The Goomy sulked, but nodded as she went back to taking care of her new fluffy friend. Kade, however, kept grinning.

    "We can probably do something about that." he said, finally letting go of the disgruntled Brielle, gesturing with his head towards Stratus who was still showing off in the air above their heads. He watched the Fletchling for a few more moments as it soared between the scared Cottonee, darting at the ones that weren't clumped together and knocking them out of the sky. "Okay, Stratus, use Quick Attack to catch up to it, then you can swat it down with a Wing Attack like we practiced."

    The Starly flew one more lap over Kade's head, before in a blur of rapid movement in launched off in the direction of the Fletchling, rocketing past it before rotating in place, slamming the other bird with a shimmering wing and knocking it back towards Kade, Brielle and Toffee.Brielle smirked, slightly impressed by Kade and Stratus. "You practiced?" She chuckled, going back to her turn and nodded to the Goomy, who then immediately perked up and nudged the fainted Cottonee before releasing a stream of several clear bubbles from her mouth, hitting the bird and pushing it back. "Now, prepare your protect for the next move!"

    The Fletchling seemed to be getting annoyed as it looked at the Goomy in disdain and flapped it's wings once, charging at the Pokemon at fast speed. Unfortunately, it only managed to bounce itself off the Pokemon's turquoise shield, dealing no damage to the Goomy. It seemed even more annoyed, and settled for soaring back to the sky to at least deal with the other pest.

    At Kade's command, Stratus flew straight for the other bird. This time though, the Fletchling was ready for the Starly, outspeeding the grey bird and ducking under the attack. It then made a B-line straight for another of the Cottonee, striking in out of the sky with a wing shining a metallic silver. Stratus gave chase, but was slightly slower than the Fletchling, the other bird managing to knock two more close, singular Cottonee from the sky.

    "Okay." Kade said, remarkably calm given the situation "New plan. It's not going for the big clumps of Cottonee so why don't we try and knock them all into each other until they're a big blob? Then it'll have to focus on us."

    "...That's unusually smart of you." Brie agreed, "Toffee, think you can do it? Just keep using bubble to guide the stray Cottonee to the big bunches. It won't hurt them."

    "Goooooom!" Toffee nodded, and positioned herself so that the next set of bubble attacks carefully steered the lower floating Cottonee to the big bunch. It took some tries, with some of the bubbles missing their target, but she slowly got some of them to clump together, the fluff making the Cottonee seem like a huge cloud. Once she was satisfied with her work, Toffee bounced in a circle, her cries sounding a bit like praises to herself for being such a good Pokemon! "Goomy goomy goomyyyyy~"

    Brie rolled her eyes and turned to Kade, "Toffee can't really reach the rest of them from here. Think you can handle the rest?"

    "I can probably think of something." Kade said, paying no mind to Brielle's earlier snarky remark. Instead he chose to focus on the problem at hand, getting all the damn Cottonee out the way so the Fletchling would pay enough attention to him to be caught. "Okay, Stratus, can you just heard them together into the big clump?"

    Stratus chirped her reply and set to work. Lightly using her wings and body to bump the floating Cottonee into the gigantic fluffy mass now taking over the meadow. As she worked, she routinely found herself dodging strikes from the irritated Fletchling however as it continued to knock other Cottonee to the ground or to impede the rescue mission. As Stratus gently shepherded the fluff balls together, a streak of grey and red was constantly in her way. Finally however, once most of the Cottonee were massed together in the middle of the grassy area like an enormous cloud, she was able to turn around and retaliate with a Wing Attack, catching theFletchling by surprise with a sudden wing to the face and sending it spiralling back towards the trainers and Toffee again.

    "Now Toffee, hit it with a Poison Tail and bring it back to Stratus!" Toffee stopped her circling around once she heard Brie's command and prepared for the Fletching, the longer gelatinous part of her back body glowing a toxic purple and spun once in a way that would hit the falling Pokemon with it, some excess slime getting stuck on the bird's wings and the added momentum of the hit sending it to the air and up to where Stratus was. The Fletchling seemed to be getting tired, as it took a while before it flapped its wings again and aimed for the Starly with yet another Quick Attack.

    "Do the same!" Kade called to Stratus, the little Flying Pokemon becoming a blurry streak in the air as it flew towards the Fletchling at a breakneck pace. The two birds collided in the air with a loud crash, both ending up spiralling towards the ground. Stratus however hadn't taken the same kind of beating that the Fletchling had, and was able to right herself. The Fletchling was only saved from hitting the ground hard by Kade's Pokeball drawing the creature inside. The ball hit the ground with a dull thud and begun to rock back and forth. Kade waited with held breath, but eventually there was a light pinging sound and the ball fell still. He'd succeeded in catching the Fletchling.

    "Woo!" he crowed, picking up Stratus and proceedng to stroke her head. "Oh and thanks for the help, Brie!" he added, still not noticing how much he'd irked her during the encounter due to his excitement.

    "Yeah... sure." She muttered, smiling a bit as she watched Kade getting all excited about catching the Pokemon. Speaking of Pokemon... she slowly inched her way towards the fainted Cottonee, seeing Toffee back there nudging the Pokemon repeatedly in an attempt to wake her up. She sighed, patting the Goomy on the head, cringing as the slime stuck to her hand. Toffee seemed to be happy at the touch, her bouncy self already slowly coming back. "You seem to really like the guy, Toffee.." She paused, looking around to see if anyone other than Kade there and hid a small smirk, getting a Pokeball from her bag and looking at the Pokemon, then to Toffee. "...Want to take him with us as part of the gang?"

    "Goom?" Toffee couldn't believe this! Her trainer just taking a Pokemon from their home? But... She looked at the big cotton cloud, nobody seemed to care about the fainted friend... Toffee can take care of their fainted friend! Toffee's going to be a great friend! "Goom!" She nodded, already thinking of ways that they could play together. Oh boy it's hyping her up already! "Goom, goom!"

    "I'm taking that as a yes then," She chuckled, tapping the ball on the Cottonee's fluff, drawing it in. The Pokeball hit the ground with a soft thud, and it didn't take a while until the pinging sound came and the rocking stopped. "Gotcha." She smirked as she took the Pokeball and placed it back in her bag so that her new Pokemon can get some rest.

    Spoiler: Kade's Inventory
    - 1 Pokédex
    - 800Poké
    - 2 Potions
    - 5 Poké Balls

    Spoiler: Brielle's Inventory
    - 1 Pokédex
    - 1000Poké
    - 2 Potions
    - 5 Poké Balls

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    Burning Hate - Part 1
    Current Location : Santalune Forest

    Jackson sprinted faster and faster as the forest seemed to increase in temperature with every step he took. He saw Pokémon Rangers, clad in their signature red jackets with stylers in hand, putting out flames with help from the local lake dwelling pokémon, while others attempted to calm the Growlithe and Houndoom that seemed to grow in frequency and aggression as he marched onwards.

    "Teddy! Roll to the left!" He called out, his new pokémon stumbling out of the way with a yelp as a Growlithe's attempt at an ember sailed passed. Jackson looked around with increasing worry as the fire seemed to be spreading at an allarming rate, crawling up the large wooden trees, torching the leaves upon every branch and leaving naught but ashes and cinders in their wake. One rogue fire type wouldn't be able to cause this unless it was a pokémon of significant strength and power... even then however the Ranger Corp. could easily calm one individual attacker. Jackson grimaced as he saw the intelligence in the tactics of whomever had caused this. By creating a small army of numerous weaker fire type pokémon, they divided and cut off the strength of the Rangers, while allowing themselves to work in relative safety from behind all the carnage.

    On his command, Teddy scratched away at a burning log, blinding the opposing Growlithe with the burning ash. As soon as the enemy was caught off guard, Gaspar quickly rushed into its Shadow, cackling darkly as he rose up from behind and administered a horrifying ghostly link along the small puppy pokémons back. It dropped unconscious without a sound and Jackson kept moving, picking up Teddy and placing him on his shoulders while Gaspar simply remerged with his trainers shadow. Maybe whoever was doing this thought they were clever, hiding behind burning walls and closed doors, but Jackson wasn't bound by any creed or position to protect the forest, he had no qualms with approaching the enemy head on.

    If anything, the sudden burst of flames that overtook Santalune Forest only made Laurent charge ahead even more quickly. He wasn't sure what drove him forward, but he had to see what he'd started through and for all he knew that Ducklett could have been hurt worse by now. Every hurt pokémon or brave ranger trying to put out part of the fire tore at his heart, but a Bulbasaur and an egg don't exactly make for great firefighting. Bernard whimpered nervously in Laurent's arms, but he pet him reassuringly and made for the direction the fire seemed to be spreading from. All this couldn't possibly be some natural occurrence, it takes effort to find the balance of chaos and direction that was on display in the forest.

    Laurent began to hear padded steps behind him and taking a quick peek backwards revealed a Houndour chasing him with bursts of smoke filtering out of its nose and sparks lighting on it's fangs. While his trainer continued to run, desperately trying not to let himself tire in the face of their new pursuer, Bernard took advantage of his position in Laurent's arms and began to whip at the Houndour's feet with his vines. The vicious pokémon was momentarily vexed, but quickly regained its composure and began to spit small gouts of flame at Bernard's vines whenever they drew near, singing them until the Bulbasaur had to withdraw its extra limbs and allow the pursuit to continue unabated.

    "Damnable hound!" Laurent grunted in exasperation when he felt himself start to slow down. "We don't have time to deal with rabble! Bernard, operation Vine-mine." The Bulbasaur stared up at his trainer's chin in confusion for a time, but eventually pieced together what he was getting at, While Laurent kept focused on his goal, Bernard carefully extricated a seed from the Bulb on his back, and began scanning the ground in front of them. When they reached a short patch of mostly-bare ground, Berard plopped the seed down into an ash pile along their path, then turned in Laurent's arms and peeked over his shoulder at the Houndour. He carefully watched the pyromaniac hound, and as soon as it set foor by the pile of ashes they'd passed vines and tendrils burst out explosively and wrapped around it. With their pursuer mobilized Laurent finally slowed down and stood still to take a moment's respite. "Urf...too much running with all this smoke...Bernard, dispose of the refuse!" Leech Seed hadn't failed them yet, but this was no time to take chances. Bernard stretched out two singed vines towards the immobilized Houndour, lifted it up, and flung it off into the distance and the two continued on.

    Somewhere down along the forst path, Emma meanwhile watched in horror as the forest was wrapped in a sea of flames. The intel from the Pokemon Rangers was unfortunately bang on; she recieved a call from higher up that the Santalune Forest was in the middle of a crisis, and she was sent to investigate. But how did a wildfire of this magnitute even start?

    "There wasn't even a cloud in this area for sometime..." she muttered to herself. "So it wasn't lightning. Someone must of done this... but why... huh?" She then heard the pattering of what it seemed like sets of footseps. Was someone running? Or were they fleeing the scene? Then she heard another set of scamerping footsteps, from a little ways from the first set. She couldn't see or make out who, or what it was due to the smoke and flames. "Maybe they're the rangers? No... the rangers are already stationed to many parts of the scene. They could be..." suspicious, Emma was left was little choice but to pursue. Something more was going on here. Her mission now, is to find out what it is.

    Unaware that he was being followed, Jackson pushed on through the burning foliage with newfound determination. He saw things he'd not like to forget, pokémon that weren't lucky enough to escape the blaze could occasionalyl be seen scattered amidst the ashes as he drew nearer to the core of the inferno. He grit his teeth and his eyes nearly bulged out of his skull with the anger he felt. He needed to find someone responsible and that person needed to be punished. He had to-


    In his distraction he hadn't noticed how weak some of the new ruined trees had become, diving out of the way he hit the dirt and had to grip Teddy by the scruff of his neck to prevent the tiny bear pokémon from being flung into the flames by his own momentum. Gaspar dashes out of Jackson's shadow as the trainer fell on top of it, his right arm burning in pain as it crashed roughly into a pile of smoldering detritus. Cursing loudly he stood up and quickly brushed off any lingering embers. The forest just got more and more dangerous the further he progressed, this wasn't good, kids played in these woods for the love of Arceus, who the hell would be so sick minded?

    Suddenly his train of thought grinded to a halt and his senses perked up as he heard footsteps coming from behind him. Teddy quickly jumped down to the floor and nervously rose his paws... Gaspar shoved himself roughly into the smaller pokémons shadow, ready for a surprise attack. Jackson too, not willing to hold anything back, rose his own fists in preparation, should they have been needed. "Who the hell is there? Show yourself, you aon't gonna like what happens if I have to go and find ya!"

    The telltale noise of another tree crashing down - this time ahead of him - increased Laurent's sense of urgency even further, especially when he heard familiar, angry shouting. Moments later he burst out from between two yet-unscathed trees, eyes widening at the sight of the trainer putting up his dukes as he approached. "Jackson?! Thank goodness, a familiar face! You must be desperate to get to the source of all this chaos as well?"

    Jackson grimaced at the sight of the trainer approaching from the burning smog. It wasn't an enemy, well, not the one he was looking for. Professor Sycamore had always encouraged Jackson and the other students to seek out 'friendly rivalries'. He had really, really not taken well to the concept, mostly because fancy pants here was the closest thing he'd ever gotten to one. "Hessel... what the hell are you doing here? You're tellin' me your posh ass is goin' to look into somethin' this killer?"

    "Why shouldn't I?" Laurent retorted, reminded all-too-soon of why he and Jackson had never gotten along. "Seeing all this carnage tears at my soul...And a pokémon I had only just saved from a gang of bullies flew in here, who knows what's happened to her." After a downcast moment Laurent shook the sadness off of his face. "But more importantly, all this can't possibly be some simple freak accident. There's order within this chaos. If that's true, then what other way could it be stopped then dealing with the source? Bernard and I shan't turn away at the sight of danger."

    The pokémon within his arms stirred at his words and let out a valiant "Bulba!" As it wiggled in his grasp.

    "FREEZE!" shouted an order from behind the two. It was Emma, approaching the two suspicious figures she pursued. She approached them with a stern, firm look on her face. "What do you think you two are doing here? This is a restricted zone. You two can't just waltz in here like an episode of Jackass and... wait." upon closer inspection, Emma realized, the two men looked familiar. Indeed, she knew them. "You... you're Jackson Crane, aren't you? And you're uh, Laurent Hessel? You both were in the same school as I..."

    Gaspar seemed to notice that the two individuals present were not enemies to its trainer, so with a slight cackled it floated out of Teddy's shadow and back into Jackson's. The small bear in turn, lowered its claws and waddled shyly back to tug on his trainers pants until he was lifted up. "Oh yeah, remember you..." Jackson sneered a little. "Kuzunoha. First name... E... something... whatever. Seems my infamy stands for itself when dealing with the local junior detective." His gaze quickly furrowed as he glared back and forth between the other two trainers. He really didn't have time for this.

    "Emma! There are fewer people I could be happier to see just now." Laurent greeted his schoolmate warmly. "With your help I'm sure we'll have this all solved before long."

    "I did recieve a report to investigate the fire here," Emma explained, both arms crossed. "But obviously, this wasn't by natural means. There wasn't a cloud in the sky which means no lightning was involved, and if it was from a loose cigerette butt or an unattended campfire, it wouldn't of spread this far. I could only conclude, someone did this intentionally."

    She glanced at the two young men. "Normally when people see a blazing inferno, they don't go deeper in towards a hell. What were you two up to? Were you responsible for all this?"

    "Wow... that's your big conclusion? We did it? Did you miss the growlithe and houndoom going nustso on t'way in or somethin'?" As if to prove a point, Jackson pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it on one of the burning trees. It was good for some dramatic impact, but as well as that, he desperately needed one considering how badly his shoulder was starting to hurt. No more time to waste messing around with some sort of pre-emptive school reunion. "Look, it's nice that you two are here and makin' theories but to me it's gonna be as simple as this. The fire started spreadin' from this direction, so I'm gonna keep heading this way and see just what the hell is goin' on."

    He was finished talking, turning from the other two, Jackson started to walk briskly in the direction he was going before. It looked as if he was about ready to ditch them and be done with it... but his pace had slowed significantly. This whole situation was making his danger sense scream like it too had been set ablaze. If he met up with these two and they ended up getting killed because he left them behind he wouldn't be able to look Mal in the eyes back home.

    "I thought I'd made it clear I had no intent to stop." Laurent added, already walking alongside Jackson.

    "And do you really think you can handle this alone?" Emma called out and questioned. "Just how much of a bad-ass do you think you are?"

    With a grunt, Jackson turned back and glared at Emma with annoyance. "Look 'ere junior cop, I'm not lookin' to-" It was then he saw it, glinting a metallic reflection against the floating specks of flame hanging in the air. An image that brought back horrendous memories of his early years and beyond. Jackson was staring down the barrel of a gun. "Emma! Get down!" Without a moments hesitation Jackson sprinted forward, tackling the girl in front of him full force to the ground, the ear piercing sound of a bang ringing out mere milliseconds after.

    Standing a few feet away, between a pair of burning trees a man in his mid to late twenties sighed with a silver revolver hanging limply in his hand, his gaze was focussed down at Jackson, before darting to Laurent and finally rolling back down to Emma. "Hey now... why'd you have to go and make this more difficult? That was my last shot too..."


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    Coul Remson

    The Santalune Forest is on fire and the first thing that Coul thought of was how that would be impossibkle given there should be no fire-types strong enough to be burning down a whole forest. Coul quickly checked his Pokedex and see if there are notable fire-types that could be found in the forest. Aside from Fletchling and Pansear, there seemed to be nothing with enough firepower to cause the commotion.

    Which drove Coul to ran faster into the forest and into the fire. This might be an anomaly, man-made perhaps He decided to call back Sandy into his ball so that the Pokemon will not have a hard time in catching up with him. There were several rangers and other Trainer running into the forest too. Coul hoped they were there to prevent the spreading of the raging fire. What Coul was amazed to see was how most trainers and Rangers were so calm as if they knew what they were going to do.

    “Hey!” Someone called up to Coul. He stopped running and turned around, seeing a teenager, younger than him, with a bug net slung across his back. “I need some assistance! There’s a bunch of Pokemon trapped deep into the forest by the fire and my Bug-types are not enough to handle the fire!” Coul nodded and jogged towards him.

    “Let’s go then!” the bug-catcher nodded and directed Coul towards the deeper part of the forest. Coul thought that the flames near them were not as strong as he had imagined. He pushed the thought away, attributing it to the fact that this area might not be the source of the flames and was just collateral damage. He thought he saw a Houndour bounding from the flames into the smoke but he was not really sure. According to the Pokedex, it’s not possible for a Houndour to be in the area but it might be the anomaly Coul was looking for.

    “It’s there. Can you see it? The burning tree,” the bug-catcher pointed, his hand covering his mouth and nose. Coul decided to do the same and squinted through the smoke and flames. True enough, there was a bunch of Weedle, four if Coul could count correctly, squirming against the tree, trying to avoid the flames. There were also three motionless Kakuna hanging by a branch. “I can’t get to them! My Pokemon is weak to fire too!” Coul nodded.

    “Leave it to me then. Can I borrow your net?” The bug-catcher eagerly gave his net. “Thanks!” Coul called out his Sandile. “Sandy, I need you to use Sand Attack on all the flames you can. Try killing most so I can safely go to the Weedles.” Sandy growled in agreement. Being a desert Pokemon, Coul knew heat was nothing to Sandy. It started kicking up dust from the forest floor and covering the area in lots of dust. Soon enough, the area around them was a lot less hotter than before. “Come on Sandy!”

    The two of them jogged towards the tree, with Sandy quenching most fires that Coul cannot pass through. He felt his clothing singing as embers floats through the air or a burning leaf brush through his skin. Once this is all over, I need to get back here and study. Coul and Sandy managed to close the distance between the tree and them.

    However, as soon as they were approaching the scared Pokemon, they heard a buzzing sound emanating from a tree. A huge Beedrill came down in protection of her young ones. To Coul, the Beedrill looked very much agitated. He paused and looked at the Beedrill. It’s bottom part was twitching which means it is ready to strike at anyone who will get to try and hurt her babies. Coul needed to wait while the flames continued to rage on around them.

    Sandy wasn’t as patient as his trainer, though. It seemed that it didn’t notice the Beedril and accidentally sent sand flying into the Pokemon. It started buzzing annoyingly. “No!” Coul screamed as the Beedrill pointed its stinger into Sandy and attacked.

    The Pokemon managed to evade the attack by burrowing underground. It retaliated with a Fire Fang which annoyed the Beedrill more. The Beedrill started attacking with a Fury Attack with its stingers which Sandy deftly evaded by burrowing undergounrd. Coul took advantage of the distraction and jogged the remaining feet towards the Weedles.

    “Come here now. You’re safe now,” Coul crooned as he opened the bug net the bug-catcher gave him. The Pokemon were pretty untrusting of Coul so he gave each of them a little push into the net. “Don’t worry. I’m here to save you.” One by one, the Weedle crawled into the net. Now, the Kakunas were next. Pretty immobile, Coul though it was just a matter of prying them from the branch. However, as soon as he touched one of them, it started buzzing loudly.

    “No!” Coul turned around and saw the Beedrill flying towards him! “Sandy!” The Sandile sent out a cloud of dust towards the Beedrill which slowed it down a bit. However, it was too focused on saving the Kakuna from Coul. “Catherine, come out!” The Meowth appeared. It seemed surprised to see flames around the area but also seemed to not mind it compared to water. “Hypnosis again!” The Meowth purred but the Beedrill’s buzzing sound drowned out the sound Meowth was creating.

    It stabbed towards both Coul and Catherine, making the latter screeched so loudly. The Beedrill managed to position itself between Coul and the Kakuna. He decided that they should first calm the Beedrill down before attempting to save the others. Between Sandy and Catherine, he couldn’t imagine a way. What would I do now?

    Mission conclusion next post. Hands are tired from typing lol
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      "Look at all the fire types!" Sam said, confused and unsure why there were several, especially angry quadrupeds making a burning mess. He felt the heat of the fire near by, but when some Growlithe and a few houndours caught the human's sent they focused their spicy attention with embers flaring from their jaws.

      "Yeesh!" Sam said, backing off from the flames. He didn't like sunburns already, having actual burns were way worse! No way aloe would heal that either!

      "Poliii!" Rainer leap in front of Sam, quickly spraying water gun in multiple directions one at a time. He'd have these fire types tamed in a minute! They appeared to be running rampant for no reason. And being so abundant in a lush green area made it dangerous for resident pokemon and travelers. The small poliwag would put an end to that!

      "Wow you're on top of this. I wish I could help!" Sam said, watching as his pokemon did all the work. But a few minutes later the poliwag was getting tired of fighting fire with water. It needed to catch its breath before it could spew out another shot.

      A houndour approached, running quickly in retaliation. Just when it looked as though Poliwag was going to be taken out, something walked right in front of the charging pokemon.

      "WOOOOOPER!" The smaller blue pokemon exclaimed, releasing an old rod into the air. Totally taken by surprise by the houndour, it was pushed to the ground and tumbled with the impact. The houndour on the other hand seemed ok as its intention was to charge anyway.

      "Oh that's what those are called." Sam said, embarrased to have forgotten. "That's a jhoto pokemon isn't it! Ya think I would remember with that region so close by." Sam caught the fishing rod as it fell back down from the air.

      "You returned this to us... that's so nice of you!" He said, basically in awe of how adorable the pokemon was... it wasn't quick to react but it got itself off the ground by throwing the weight of its head into the air.

      "Poli!" Rainer thanked the wooper. It hadn't realized that sam dropped the fishing rod in the first place. Not that it really mattered since he had the spare.

      "Woooper~~?" Dazed by the attack, the wooper wobbled around for a bit but approached the trainer and his pokemon. It stopped when it smacked itself into Sam's leg. Falling onto its back, it remained a dizzy until Sam picked it up and held it in the air.

      "Doing ok?" Sam asked, holding it like a small baby.

      "Woop?" It said to Rainer, making a question the Sam didn't understand.

      The poliwag turned to its trainer who was holding the wooper in its arms. It had a confused look but nodded at the lighter-blue pokemon. It then released a water gun at Sam, spraying him and the wooper. The human flopped onto his butt, not having anticipated what just happened.

      The wooper hopped out of Sam's arms and proudly stood before them, refreshed by its ability, Water Absorb. It looked around, seeing new Houndour and Growlithe everywhere.

      The poliwag and wooper looked at each other then nodded. In seconds two steams of water gun pours over the area, spraying fire types and dampening the forest. Nothing would be burning any time soon!

      "You two really do well together. How about you become part of the team?!" Sam asked the wooper. It was unsure at first, looking at the poliwag for approval.

      Rainer smirked, unsure if it really wanted the team to be weighed down by another water type. But it nodded its head after realizing something about wooper, it was a female! It nodded more quickly, looking at Sam and how much of a dunderhead he was and how this team lacked grace.

      Sam took a pokeball from his shorts and booped wooper on the noggin.

      Happily accepting capture, the wooper popped back out after the process completed.

      "Woop woop!" It said.

      "How about a nickname! Hmm.. you're cute.. and you're adorable... hmm. River!" Sam said. "Cause that's where we first met!"

      The wooper bobbed her head, accepting the designation with pride. Rainer congratulated River by slapping her tail with his own.

      Rustling behind them quickly turned into an attack by a growlithe. Sam would be the target but just as the human was about to be hit, River leaped into the path surrounded by a thin aura of purple energy. Rocks lifted from the ground beneath then, flying at the growlithe then striking him before actually hitting either pokemon or human.

      "Wow! That's a cool move!" Sam said, wondering what his pokedex said about it. Apparently Ancient Power was the move that River used. "It can raise your attributes! Well... can. Not always. That's cool though. No fire type will stand in our way now!"

      "Poli!" Rainer exclaimed. Water type alone was enough to do that.
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      Emma Kuzunoha Case 2, ft. Laurent Hessel & Jackson Crane
      Burning Hate - Part 2

      Current Team - Jackson:

      Current Team - Laurent:

      Current Team - Emma:

      Current Location : Santalune Forest

      "Who are you?!" Emma demanded, as she slowly rised back on her feet. "...Identify yourself!"

      "Fiend!" Laurent shouted angrily, jabbing a finger in the direction of Emma's assailant. "Bernard!" Without any further words the Bulbasaur - having just shook off the shock of being so near a gunshot - empowered it's vines and whipped them straight towards the man with the gun.

      The man in the suit didn't even flinch as the vines flew towards him, the attack looking to be a dead on strike if it weren't for what happened next. Like a flash a dark shadow of a pokmon, adorned with flames and bone, ripped through the foliage with flames enveloping its body, the vines struck against it but it seemed unfazed as it landed before the one whom presumably acted as its trainer. "Honestly..." The attacker stepped forward and clipped the gun to his belt, shrugging a little before running a hand down his pokmons neck. "Kids like you really make me sick, it's worrisome to see you so poorly educated. The whole forest is burning down around you and as soon as the guy with gun makes himself known, you throw more flowers at him. That's kind of funny, actually."

      Jackson wasted no time in geting off of Emma as the newly revealed opponent stepped into the clearing. He snarled, his lip curled as he stared the individual down. His short, greasy black hair and lazy expression pissed Jackson off... and the black suit with red tie seemed way too out of place for the scenario they were in. "So you're the one... bastard."

      "You're responsible for this fire, are you not?" Emma asked in a more calm manner. "This forest has always been peaceful, with many of Pokemon making their habitat in here. Now it's all being destroyed. Tell me, for what reason?"

      Laurent remained silent, simply glaring venomously at the man in the suit and his pokmon.

      The man smiled darkly and shook his head in response. "I don't know kiddo. Maybe I just don't like forests?" He gave a soft chuckle before swiftly and suddenly turning to kick one of the weaker burning saplings, knocking it down with ease. "Maybe the idea of all those gross little insects and ****ty little birds hanging around in some pretty little oak tree pisses me off. I don't suppose that's a good enough answer? No? I thought not."

      He grinned and gave a nod, only for his houndoom to stand in front of him and growl menacingly on command. "I guess at the end of the day it matters as much as anything else in this fantasy world you all live in... in other words, it doesn't count for ****. Team Cinder won't mind a handful of kids added to the body count anyway... and hell I'm crazy, but I don't waste time explaining myself to corpses."

      "Team Cinder...?" Emma repeated to herself. "Then he's not with the Emerald Dragon smuggling ring... "

      Teddy had been shivering on Jackson's shoulders in fear since the approach of this strange and violent man, but Gaspar was busy moving behind the scenes. While the others spoke and exchanged taunts, he darted between the shadows cast by the roaring flames, until he found himself in range. "Now! Gaspar!" Jackson cried out, signalling the to the ghost to make its move, it leaped forth towards the houndoom, ready to use its lick attack, tongue lolling behind it.

      However, it would seem that things weren't going to be that easy.

      In a flash the Houndoom turned in place, shadowy fangs tearing a spectral gash through Gaspars form and sending him flailing backwards, his gaseous body dusting along the ground. Jackson bit his lip in rage until it leaked red into his mouth and he tasted iron. He took a single step forward, the Houndoom staring him down, but he couldn't risk moving too close.

      "Oooh? What's wrong? Didn't like me talking ill to the lady? Damn shame I don't have another bullet, I'd put her down like the last one that stepped out of line." As those words hit Jackson's ears he almost exploded then and there. He used every ounce of strength to prevent himself from leaping forward and even then that was mostly to keep Teddy safe. "You son of a *****! Who the **** do you think you are?"

      But the man in the suit just sighed and gave a small shrug. "Still askin questions, you people are always obsessed with questions... but you're fun, so I'll humor you." He grins widely again and opens his arms wide before taking a bow. "Gabriel, Gabriel Artece right here and at your service. It's nice to be the last introduction someone will hear before I put them in the ground, I should do this more often."

      "You should, because the next time will be during your incarceration!" Emma pleaded. "Gabriel Artece... you're under arrest!"

      "...haha..." He placed an open palm to his forward and turned to look skyward, seemingly in disbelief. "HahahaHAHAHAHA! Why are you so STUPID?! What is with people like you? Why the hell are you acting so tough when there's no way out for you?!" He dropped his hand to his side and glared, suddenly rage painted his expression and he stared with an overpowering hatred, his gaze cutting right through the girl in front of him, as if she was barely even there from his perspective. "You're pissing me off! Little ****s like you should stay out of other people's business! Houndoom, burn them all to ashes! Inferno!"

      Jackson made another dash towards Emma, but even he knew that he wouldn't be able to stop this in time, the powerful flames began to coalesce into the Houndoom's open maw. It seemed moments away from laucnhing and just by looking at whatever attack this was, it was going to be powerful enough to wipe them all out regardless... there was nothing he could do. He shut his eyes and braced himself, for what little good it would do. "Mal..." His thoughts echoed to his little sister. "I'm sorry."

      "DOOOM!" The opposing pokmon roared but no flames engulfed the group. As Jackson slowly opened his eyes he saw the houndoom shaking violently in place, its paws gripping its head in pain... a spectral nail drove itself into the Houndoom's skull, the ethereal weapon phasing into the enmies mind and causing it great pain. Jackson's head darted over to where he had left Gaspar and the little ghost type was grinning and cackling maniacally as a similar object embedded itself in his gaseous form, within seconds he lost consciousness, dissipating into a cloud of purple gas clinging weakly to the floor That move, it was new, Gaspar must have unlocked the potential to utilize it just in time. Dashing back over to his partner, Jackson recalled the ghost type to his pokball while Teddy jumped down to stand in front, ready to fight.

      "What are you doing you mutt?! Kill them!" Gabriel screamed in rage and anger as the Houndoom slowly started to pick itself up, the last ditch attack by Gaspar had bought them time, but the window of opportunity wouldn't stay open forever.

      Laurent hated the thought of making poor Bernard go anywhere near that Houndoom, but Vine Whip would do too little damage to it. "Bernard, use Tackle, and then a vine-vault escape!" The plucky Bulbasaur charged at the domineering hellhound and took advantage of its momentary unbalance to slam into it as hard as he could. The Houndoom staggered a bit from the impact and Bernard immediately pushed against the ground with his vines as hard as he could. Laurent's forethought paid off seconds later when Bernard launched over his opponent's head just as it snapped viciously at him, hate glinting in its eyes.

      "Are you ready, Vida? Now go!" then said Emma, holding out her partner's pokeball. She threw it, and as it opened, her Budew materalized from the energy released, and blopped down on the barren ground with her trademark smile. "While Houndoom is a Fire-type, we have something in store for even the toughest fire-type pokemon, don't we? Budew has the power to use the moisture around the atmosphere to coagulate to a move that weakens fire-type moves! Water Sport!" Budew agreed, as it splashed around the ground, releasing water vapour up in the air. It turned into water droplets, as it all came to the scene at once, simulating a light drizzle of rain.

      "That should help out against his fire attacks!" Emma declared. "Now's your chance! Use your Leaf Storm!" Vida the Budew then glowed, releasing multiple barrages of leaves from its prospect. The attack dealt small damage, but quickly added up as pile upon pile of leaves swarmed the Houndoom, hitting it with every second. All performed under Vida's cheerful glee.

      Gabriel reached a hand to his face, half covering it as he let out another sinister laugh under his breath. "If you honestly think these little tactics are going to leave a dent then you're somehow even more idiotic than I thought!" He continued to sneer until he turned to look at his Houndoom, whom under the water pouring down and the attacks he had taken was looking pretty beat up, even as Gabriel watched that spectral nail plunged itself deeper causing the pokmon further grief to the point where it almost sumbled. "Houndoom...? No! Don't let them even have the opportunity! Finish them off with a fire blast! Do it!"

      The Houndoom flared its nostrils in anger, gather more roaring flames into its mouth, the fire forming and sizzling in the slight drizzle of water, the droplets reflecting the orange light of the surrounding burning woods, and catching a glint of light from the growing fire in the hellhounds maw. It formed a five pointed star as it launched outwards towards Vida, its size positively intimidating, but it shrunk significantly in the seconds it moved through the moist air, upon hitting the grass type it was no bigger than she was.

      The attack connects with Vida, sending it upwards, covered in small scorch marks. It landed nearer to Emma. "Vida!" Emma called out to it. Thanks to the drizzle from Water Sport, the attack wasn't as effective, but for a Grass-type like Vida the Budew, it was still very strong. Vida managed to get up, but clearly, it got hurt from the blow.

      "Teddy!" Jackson cried out as the Houndoom panted in exhaustion after its last attack. Running in from the side and almost tripping over its own feet, Teddy the Teddiursa jumped up and smacked the Houndoom directly in the jaw with its claws. The fire dark type, with fury in its eyes, glared towards the small pokmon whom proceeded to turn tail and run crying back towards its trainer.

      Gabriel grunted and clenched his fists, his eyes held wide open with rage. "Why... won't... you... DIE?!" He screamed, before hurling another cry out to the wobbling Houndoom. "Enough of this, Houndoom, it's time to burn them away! Inferno! This time, don't mess it up!" With a pained howl the Houndoom opened it's maw, the nail plunged deeper into its skull, but in a manic fit or rage it no longer seemed to care, it charged and charged, ignoring the growing fire as the core of flame held in its fangs grew to twice the size of the fire blast from before. "Now, divide and conquer these brats!" With the command given, the Houndoom slammed its jaws shut and divided the Inferno into three equal blasts, one flying towards Laurent, another to Emma and the final one directly in Jackson's direction.

      Laurent didn't bother calling out to Bernard, it was faster to just grab the little Bulbasaur and dive out of the way himself. All the sweat on his face was evaporated at once, then quickly replaced by more when a wave of heat washed over him just from the Inferno passing by. "Vine Whip!" Bernard's plant limbs stretched out to snap at Houndoom from both sides at Laurent 's order. He got a few good, if weak hits in, but that was all he managed before the beast's jaws closed on one of the vines.

      "No!" Bernard was ripped violently out of Laurent's arms and sent sailing towards the Houndoom. Every image the scene brought to mind gave birth to horror and panic. "Bernard, use Leech Seed, now!" Laurent's desperate cry came too late, Bernard had only time to tuck in his legs and twist in the air. A silver lining revealed itself when it was not Bernard's head caught in those vicious claws, but his bulb.

      Gabriel laughed maniacally as the small grass type was at his mercy, he grinned with a sadistic insanity and pointed directly to the Bulbasaur now presented before his Houndoom. "Finally... hahaha! Something gets to die! Hold him there... and incinerate him with Inferno!" The houndoom grinned with glinting white fans, its eyes crazed with bloodlust as it opened its maw and began to charge the fiery blast of blazing flame.

      Laurent's mind raced to think of a way for Bernard to escape, but just Before His Doom could Be sealed, A Miracle Happened. Bernard twitched strangely just as the Houndoom's mouth lit up with a deadly blaze, and right before the attack was released a sparkling purple powder burst from Bernard's bulb and covered the hellhound. The Houndoom began to flail in both anger and discomfort as it inhaled some of the powder and the rest began to settle in its fur. Before Laurent could celebrate, Bernard was flung at a frightening speed from his opponent's mouth. Laurent intercepted, but the Bulbasaur merely slammed into him so hard they both flew backwards and slammed into a charred tree, where the trainer slumped and lay silent for the moment.

      "Stay calm, Vida. Use Leaf Storm! You can do it!" Emma commanded her Budew, as an attempt to guard themselves against the upcoming Fire Blast. Vida gathered her willpower, to perform a brilliant Leaf Storm, trying to push back the blast. The two attacks collided into a mini-explosion, pushing Budew back. "He's strong... in power we're outclassed... that leaves us with one thing left to do..!."

      Jackson threw himself down into the burning brush, further agonising his shoulder as it crashed into the ground. Teddy has thankfully been too short to be hit by the blast. The pain was almost surreal as Jackson felt himself fading in and out, his skin was badly blistered and most of the shoulder on his shirt had been burned away to scar his skin. Damn it... things weren't looking good.

      As he heard Laurent crash into the tree behind him, his injured Bulbasaur in his arms, Jackson could also pick up on Gabriel's piercing laughter, echoing in his ears. Who the Hell... did this guy think he was...? He tried to get up, but his body was rapidly losing response due to the pain and the smoke he had inhaled up to that point. He felt the forest flames licking at his clothes and everything started to turn fuzzy and fade to black, like he'd been punched out in Veilstone city again.


      "Jackson... are you hurt?" Malorie's voice rang out across the Veilstone appartment, she was lying in her bed with the last of her medicine for the month.

      "Naw Mal... I'm fine, it's nothin' haha." Jackson lied through gritted teeth as he stood over a sink in the bathroom, washing the blood away from the open wound on his cheek. A small bag of pok sat beside the porcelain bowl. Just enough for more meds and food for the coming weeks. He had gotten hurt earning that money, but living the life he did, he'd picked up a few things about applying stitches, so he'd be fine.

      "Jackson... you're lying to me." At the sound of her soft voice, he froze in place.

      "I know you do so much for me, you give up everything you deserve to see me safe. I have no right to ask more of you... but..." She trailed off and he held back a choked reply. "You've got to make sure you come back, when you walk out that door... that's what's most important to me."


      Jackson's clenched fist punched the scorched earth as Teddy desperately tugged on the collar of his shirt and despite the pain and weakness he pulled himself to his feet. He barely heard the voice of his opponent through his ringing ears. "Are you kidding me?! Why won't you assholes just drop dead already?!"

      As his vision cleared Jackson saw the Houndoom struggling with the nail in his head, all the while coughing up smog and painful looking purple smoke. Then Laurent had managed to weaken him after all, there was still a chance. Jackson had to keep the enemy distracted for a little longer, while praying to Arceus and back that Emma or Laurent could finish him off. With a bitter hate in his voice he spoke. "People like you... are what's wrong with the World..."

      Gabriel laughed and sneered at Jackson. "That so?! What's a punk like you know about the Wor-"

      "I know that ****heads like you with no morals are scum!" Jackson interrupted with a higher volume and anger than the man in front of him, causing him to hold his tongue. "Maybe I'm an asshole who doesn't make the right decisions... but even someone like me can say it... when I meet a guy who sinks as low to the ground as you do... so low that your basically chompin' up dirt... it's easy to feel good about myself when compared to the bottom of the barrel!"

      "The Pokemon who made their home upon this peaceful region... The children who aspire to learn and grow... how many of them are you willing to trample upon? How many dreams are you going to crush just for personal satisfaction?" Emma added with a slow, calm, yet firm tone. "No matter what it takes... I will bring you to justice!"

      Gabriel's eyes almost popped out of his head, seems that the group had finally managed to hit a nerve. "You wretched... worthless... insignificant little rats! I'll crush you! HOUNDOOM!" With the very last ounce of his strength, the Houndoom turned away from the rest of the group, its maw flaring with burning flame and hate. Its eyes were fluttering in and out of consciousness and barely holding on to the hatred its trainer sent flowing through it. Still, it managed one last charge of flame. Jackson swallowed his fear and curled up his fist, running towards Gabriel with it raised, keeping the attention just a little bit longer, for just a few more seconds, he just needed a few more seconds...!


      An opening! Emma declared, stretching her arm out.

      She pointed directly towards the enemy Houndoom. "Stun Spore!" she then ordered. Vida then spun around multiple times, releasing yellow spores from it towards the enemy's fire-type pokemon. The Houndoom inhaled on instinct, immediately doubling over in pain, and from numbness. Emma knew that Stun Spore was a move that paralyzed the foe, and with the right split-second distraction, it worked without much problem.

      "Now that its paralyzed, it will have even more trouble acting as you wish..." Emma explained. "Now we can land a more advantagous blow! Full power Leaf Storm!" Vida hopped in closer to its foe, until it reached right to its face. It then pivoted towards the Houndoom's side, taking a deep breath as it glowed once more. When it exhaled, it released all the power it could muster in one final Leaf Storm attack - right on point blank.

      It seemed even more effective than firing the attack from afar Emma calculated, as the Houndoom was pelted with even more leaves. The leaves then turned into a tornado, carrying the Houndoom up in the air, then landing right on the trunk of a burnt tree. The trunk snapped in half upon inpact, leaving the Houndoom to crash to the ground, appearing to be unconcious.

      As the trunk fell to the ground Gabriel panicked. His prized Houndoom defeated by amatures, how was this possible?! He fumbled for the pokball on his belt and returned the fire dark pokmon, now fully unconscious, to its pokball. He had to get back to base, he had to- But as he turned to run he saw a steep incline behind him, tumbling down into the smoke and fiery debris. He had to escape but how could he-

      "Hey! Asshole!" He turned to see Jackson move in for the finisher.

      Jackson had taken full advantage of Emma's attack and the Houndoom's removal, taking a step up onto the now fallen log behind him and Gabriel he leaped upwards, his fist pulled back into a prepared attack. As he moved closer, be it his injuries or the intensity of the moment, things slowed down just enough for his thoughts to finalize and his resolve to grow in strength. People like this, people who threatened everyone, for Mal's sake... he'd remove them, no matter what happened to him next, he'd fight this man.

      Because that's what he needed to do to keep her safe.

      "Go rot in your own lil' hell, asshole!" As he landed he sucker punched Gabriel directly in the jaw, throwing the man off balance as he let out an enraged cry, his eyes caught Jackson's as he stumbled backwards against his will. Gabriel looked at him, at Emma and Laurent in turn. He'd remember their faces. There was no way in hell he'd ever let this go.

      With that his foot caught a burning root, sticking out of the sullen Earth...

      Gabriel fell down the incline and disappeared into the darkness below with not another sound.

      An eery calm overcame the clearing as Jackson slowly and sluggishly turned. He couldn't see Laurent clearly through the now lessened smog, but he hoped that he was breathing. He didn't like the guy, but he didn't deserve to go down here... not to mention he had just found someone he hated even more. He took a few pained steps forward, his vision blurring gently at the sudden movement, until he spotted Emma standing with her Budew, Vida.

      Emma rushed to the foot of the steep hill, trying to view where the miscreant landed. With all the smoke however, she couldn't see nor approach much due to the smoke. Her Budew followed behind, following her recent victory. The two looked upon each other and nodded. Budew released another barrage of leaves due to her Leaf Storm, attempting to blow away some of the smoke. The smoke started to clear a bit, until the bottom of the hill was noticable.

      However, what she saw... was nothing. "Damn, he get away... Huh?" She then noticed something that gleamed at her foot. She picked it up to read it - it seemed like a card that had text on it. "Team Cinder ID.... Gabriel Artece, Admin Rank. So, he was an admin of this group, huh?"

      Jackson slowly trudged a few steps behind her, peeking over her shoulder at the card with moderate interest. He found it hard to read, not just because of his inability to do so either. After all, he hadn't noticed the streaks of blood running down his arm from his badly injured shoulder. The pain was striking him in waves despite his efforts to hold on, he stumbled back a few paces before glancing up at Emma with his signature sneer, only managing a single pained grin, as he spoke. "Either way... I think I... got 'im..."

      And with that Jackson collapsed to the floor unconscious, leaving Teddy to panic and tug desperately at his sleeve.

      The sound of shuffling, charred leaves broke the momentary silence as Laurent limped back into sight from the smoke, hugging Bernard to his chest with what little strength he had left. He didn't get very far before his legs tried to give out underneath him and he barely caught himself, kneeling with a pained grimace on the floor. Now that the fight was over, Laurent's constant smile was back with only a slight cringe, and his visage marred by a trickle of blood flowing off of his bangs and down his forehead. He gently lowered Bernard to the ground, and tapped him on the head with his pokeball, transforming the Bulbasaur's body into that familiar red beam and encapsulating it. With Bernard safe, Laurent dragged himself over to the unconscious Jackson and hooked an arm under his elbow, gripping it as tight as he could and slowly forcing himself back to a standing position.

      "My dear Emma, that was marvelous, I'm so glad I could help and that you've found a new investigation...but might you fancy helping a pair of gentlemen out?" His smile became open-mouthed as he grit his teeth, his point emphasized by one leg starting to show signs of buckling beneath him with Jackson's added weight.

      Emma sighed, putting the card into her handbag. She then grabbed Crane's free arm, putting it over her shoulder. "Normally I would lecture you two about how much of a fool you both are," Emma began. "However, I do owe him for saving me. And you helped as well. In return, I'll at least take you two to the rangers - there's a medical tent near the entrance of this forest."

      "How very generous." Laurent said smoothly, keeping begrudgingly in character.


      Jackson blinked awake slowly at the feeling of a cold sensation on his right shoulder, turning his head towards that area he saw a woman with blue hair and some sort of upright ponytail rubbing an ointment to his burns. With a grunt he tried to shake her off, but she remained resolute. "Don't resist, this salve is made of Rawst berries, it's the only way to heal a burn quickly and if the wound sets fully they it'll leave permanent scarring and take much longer to fix." Jackson glared groggily at the woman treating him, before noticing the styler at her belt and the emblazoned red jacket on her top. She was a pokmon ranger. He stopped complaining at that realization coupled with his rapidly healing burns and the swift return of his coherent state. In just a few moments of the salve being applied the burns were mostly gone bar some painful looking scabs, but with a quick layering of bandages it was barely noticable.

      Standing up from the bed and thanking the ranger begrudgingly, he pushed the flap of the tent open to look outside. He saw Emma sitting with one of the rangers, an empty chair beside her, and Laurent exiting a different section of the tent at roughly the same time with a bandage around his forehead. The sun was setting low in the orange evening sky... and from what he could see of the Northern forest, the fires had finally been put out, leaving nothing but charred remains. With a sigh, Jackson sunk into the chair the ranger had occupied in front of Emma, moments after said ranger had stepped away.

      "What a mess..." He muttered. "Why the Hell would anyone do somethin; like this ****?"

      "Easy now tough guy," Emma suggested. "How are you holding up?"

      Jackson shrugged tiredly in response. "This is more of a setback than I would've liked... but the rangers know their stuff." He nodded in Laurent's direction. "What about you fancy pants? How many brain cells were lost?" He said with a sneer, all the while subtly releasing a now fully healed Gaspar from his pokball, whom promptly sunk back into Jackson's shadow with a low cackle.

      Teddy had not once left his side.

      "I'm sorry, do I know you?" Laurent asked dumbly, staring with an empty expression at Jackson for a few seconds before a smile slowly crept back onto his face. "Me? I'll be fine before clothes however, are another story. At this point I'm wishing for a reward purely so I don't have to gallivant about on the rest of my journey naked. Regardless, I'm glad everyone's safe and sound."

      "I... I've never gotten a chance to thank you for saving my life Crane," Emma began in a more timid tone. "You could of... died in turn though. I should of been stronger... I'm sorry."

      Jackson looked at Emma for a good moment in return to that statement, his gaze then flickered to Laurent for a moment, before he finally responded. "Tch..." He gave a single tut as he stood up from his seat and flung his jacket over one shoulder, holding it there as he placed a cigarette in his mouth, only for Gaspar to float up and light it on instinct. "I didn't get out of a stretcher for somebody to kill me with kindness, so let's cut the sappy **** yeah?" He turned from the two of them as he blew a line of smoke into the open sky, to mingle with the rising smog.

      "I only did what anybody shoulda done in that moment, I'm an asshole... but unlike some people I got morals." He tapped the ash off the end of the cigarette in his fingers, before placing it back between his lips. With a small nod to himself he stepped out of the tent and started to walk away, but he turned back for a quick moment to address the two he was leaving behind one more time. "I can't say I like either of you goody two shoe types, pisses me off t'be honest." He sneered again, to hold back what might have been an actual smile. "But you were strong, I'm headin' to Santalune at last... but if this Team Cinder lot show their heads again? I'm gonna be expectin' you two bein' there... AND bein' ready to put t'shower of assholes in their place, capiche?" He finally dropped the butt of his smoke and stamped it into the ground, before turning again to walk away. "Don't go gettin' yourselves killed without me, especially you Hessel, I can't kick your ass if you're dead."

      "Stop right there!" Emma demanded. She rose quickly from her seat, apporaching Jackson while he had his back turned. "Listen, as a detective, it's my job and duty to protect the innocent against scoundrels like the one we met today. But you two... do yourself a favor and stay away from Team Cipher! Today was just the handiwork of one of their members. Even I shudder to think what the rest of them are capable of..."

      She then clenched her fist and held it against her chest. "Listen. In this world, you've got to realize there are far more dangerous and far crueller people than Mr. Artece. We got lucky today, but next time might not be so fortunate. The Professor from our school taught us to live our life to our fullest in this world, but what he didn't tell you, is that you only have one life. You can die anytime, and when you die, that's the end of it. What about your future as a trainer? And your loved ones who adore you... are you willing to leave them behind?"

      Jackson froze a moment, only to then turn his head ever so slightly. "Nice speech." He shrugged. "To be frank, it'd be appreciated if you kept your advice to yourself. I don't have any intention of dyin'... and you don't have any inkling of what my goals are, nor if there'd be anyone to miss me either way." He turned his head fully and grinned darkly. "So, **** off, Kuzunoha." Without another word he turned again, walking onwards as he had before.

      "...You impertinent bastard..." Emma said in her breath, arms crossed, while shaking her head.

      Normally Laurent would be burning to chastise Jackson just then for speaking that way to a 'lovely lady who's just concerned for him' but instead he found himself smiling, simply glad that they could be back to normal so quickly after such an ordeal. He even chuckled just a tad before he turned properly towards Emma. "You shouldn't worry about him. That fool will charge into danger until the day it kills him, guaranteed. However, I don't think that day's coming anytime soon, trust me when I say he's one of the most driven people you'll ever meet. As for my own thoughts...well, not to follow a trend or overstep my bounds but..." He waited until Emma faced him so he could look directly at her before he continued. "Take care of yourself as well. Being a pokemon trainer, especially one out to challenge the league is as dangerous a life as most people could imagine on its own without added responsibilities. I don't know what happened, but I sincerely hope the next time we meet I won't have to see the same sadness in your eyes I saw today."

      Emma started to walk away. She then stopped, as she opened the tent's flap leading to outside. She turned to Laurent. "...I hope to give you a warm smile then, the next time we meet."

      Finally, she got out, and strolled along the distance.

      "I'll hold you to that!" Laurent called after her, waving zealously for a few joyous seconds before wincing and holding his arm to his chest.
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      Dylan Graham

      Situated a decent distance from the path to the forest, Dylan sat in the grass with his floral egg propped in between his legs. Great job! he praised Joy, his happiny, and Bec, his newly caught fletchling. Bec was using quick attack to dart back and forth, striking two mounds of dirt and growing steadily faster the longer he trained. Joy was pounding on the opposite side of one of the piles of earth, alternating between her tiny fists and her large curl.

      Dylan watched them and lovingly hugged the egg, keeping it pleasantly warm while Bec was away training. The fiery bird had come in handy for keeping the egg warm, as he gave off a steady heat and could sit comfortably on the top of the egg.

      Alright you two, he called, standing up and fastening the egg back into its sling on his chest, Its time to head into the forest. I heard theres a man there who can unlock a pokemons inner power. I wouldnt normally put much stock in rumors but it couldnt hurt to keep an eye out while were walking through. He supposedly just sits and meditates on a hill somewhere.

      He began to walk down the path towards the forest, Joy tottering at his heels and Bec preening himself on the egg, when he noticed a cloud of smoke on the north-east side of the forest. Wow, best avoid that side I guess. He muttered, turning towards the west side. He was greeted by the sounds of crunching and scratching as he walked into the outskirts of the forest, straying from the path to walk through the more hilly area of the forest.

      Look over there. he said, pointing at a pile of leaves. His two pokemon turned their heads in that direction just in time for a rattata to scurry out and run towards a particularly large slope. Dylan decided that the slope was most likely the start of a larger hill and decided to curve his path to walk up it. It wasnt long before he realized that Joy wasnt keeping up, and retracted her back into her pokeball. I promise Ill let you back out once we reach the top. he assured her.

      The treck to the top was much more difficult than he had thought, stopping at what he hoped was halfway up to rest, he released Joy next to him who beamed excitedly and hopped around. Look out! he yelled a second too late as two aipom jumped out of a tree and landed on either side of Joy. Becs fast reflexes allowed him to speed off of the egg before Dylan could realize what was happening and slam into one aipom and careen off it into the other. The two monkeys looked like they were surprised by both his speed and his insistance on protecting the small pink creature. One slapped him quickly with its tail, gripping one of his talons, while the other raked its claws across his underbelly. He roared out in pain just as Joy slammed her entire weight into the monkey who had grappled onto Bec, causing it to let go and tumble a good distance down the hill.

      Before Dylan could compliment her, however, the other monkey spun, raking his claws down her back. Dylan let out a cry at the same time Bec dropped down onto the monkey, tackling it to the ground and flapping his wings with anger. Joy retreated to Dylan, who immediately returned her to her pokeball at the sight of the monkey who was knocked down the hill returning with three more friends. Run! he screamed at Bec, who glanced up to see the new arrivals before bolting after Dylan.

      When they reached the top of the hill Dylan examined both of them, using his last potion to disinfect their wounds and begin the healing process.

      It looks like you could use some more training. a mysterious voice informed Dylan. He looked up, and around, trying to find its source. Up. the voice announced. Sure enough, there was an elderly man perched in a tree, dressed in all white with a black headband tied around his forehead. He squatted on a branch, eyes closed, facing the breeze.

      Are you the mysterious man everyone talks about? Dylan questioned before he could stop himself. The man simply smiled, and opened his eyes. Can you help me and my pokemon then?

      Certainly, he replied, However, I do think you should prove to me that you have the skill to put this hidden power to use. Around this hill the wild pokemon tend to gather, and theyre not the weak ones either! he stressed the last point, pausing before he continued. Theres a swarm of combee which have been driving all the aipom to become agitated and lash out at the other pokemon, as youve clearly noticed already. If you can catch the female which has attracted the swarm of males they will likely disperse, allowing the hill to be a calm nurturing environment for young pokemon.

      Of course! Dylan replied, eager to help as well as get a boost of strength for his team. As he began to look around for the combee swarm the man spoke again.

      Hmmm, I suppose if you couldnt hold off those aipom you might need to unlock your pokemons hidden power before trying to catch the combee, in order to defend yourselves. he dropped from the tree, holding out a small case which contained what looked like a cd. This is a TM called Hidden Power which is a move whose type is unique to each pokemon of a species. The hidden power within them which yearns to be free. Simply insert it into your pokedex and it can teach your pokemon the move while theyre contain within their pokeballs, he smiled, Good luck!

      And with that, Dylan left, retracting both Joy and Bec into their pokeballs while he fiddled with his pokedex, which had been stuffed to the bottom of his bad and forgotten. The screen lit up when he inserted the TM and he attached it to Joys pokeball, which glowed and beeped, and then repeated it with Becs.

      When he released them they both looked happy, and Bec took off into the air to search for the combee. Joy bounced over to a tree and made an odd face at it. The face looked like a cross between anger and relaxation which changed into confidence as she began to glow light blue and form a bright ball of energy in front of her. Dylan stared in awe as she launched the ball at the tree and caused a multitude of icicles to form on the lower branches and a layer of frost which spread fairly far down the trunk.

      It was then that Bec returned, a swarm of angry combee in tow. Dylan dropped down and covered the egg with his body, as combee launched gusts of wind which launched splinters of bark off the trees that tore at his clothes. Then, he heard two cries and saw Joy glowing blue while Bec quickly attacked a large number of combee with quick attacks to stun their wings. The blast of ice knocked the remaining combee from the air, leaving the ground clustered with the frail pokemon.

      Easy. Dylan laughed standing up, only to see that the rest of the swarm was on its way, and much, much, larger. He ran. But not away. He ran straight into the swarm, being blown this way and that, as he made his way to the center where the single female, recognisable by its red triangular marking, floated in a cloud of sweet pink gas.

      He let out a guttural cry, as he launched a pokeball through the swarm, accidently kitting one of the male combee. The ball shattered after a single shake, springing open and falling apart quickly as the combee popped back out. Take that! he yelled, as Joy let out another burst of ice energy, leaving the female frozen on the ground on top of a pile of combee. He jabbed another pokeball onto the female combee and it was absorbed in, shaking intensely as it tried to escape, but quickly losing energy. The ball clicked and he grabbed it, retreating as the swarm of males began to thaw out.

      He sprinted, Bec flying with Joy in his talons above Dylans head. He didnt notice where he was headed until he saw the fire. Great flames flickering like an enormous campfire, consuming trees and causing pokemon to flee in terror. He froze, which was a mistake, as he tripped backwards and knocked his head on a rock. Everything went black in an instant, the last thing he saw was the flames.

      Healing and Ailment

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      Coul Remson

      Before he could even act, a Houndour bounded in between his Pokemon and the Beedrill. It barked at the Bug-type. Sandy growled and stood by the Houndour, confronting the Beedrill. Catherine chose to stay back. The Beedrill buzzed angrily again but Houndour was more aggressive in barking. It seemed like the Pokemon were speaking with each other. It didnt work. Beedrill stuck out its stingers and aimed towards the Houndour but the Pokemon evaded the attack. Sandy sent out a Sand Attack which blinded the Beedrill. Houndours fangs erupted in flames and Sandy decided to mimic the Fire-type. Together, they bit down on the Bug-type as it buzzed, this time in pain more than in anger and annoyance. Coul thought of asking Catherine to do another Hypnosis but was worried that it might send both Sandy and the Houndour to sleep rather than the Beedrill.

      The two Pokemon seemed enough though to overpower the Beedrill. The Bug-type tried to squirm its way out of the attacks but the jaws of both Pokemon were much too strong. The flames erupting from their fangs are not helping the Beedrill either. It pumped its lower abdomen, preparing for another Poison Sting attack. Sandy barely managed to evade it but, in doing so, he needed to release the Beedrill from his fangs. The Houndour, however, was intent on keeping the Beedrill in place. Coul took this chance to get the Kakuna. Sandy, Fire Fang again! The Sandile rushed towards the Beedrill again and bit down, evading another Poison Sting. Catherine, with me! Coul rushed past the buzzing Beedrill and the two Pokemon and slowly removed the Kakuna from the branch and into the bug net. The Weedles he got earlier were quietly squirming at the bottom.

      Lets go now!Coul ran past them again. Sandile opened his jaw and slithered away from the Beedrill, hiding under flurries of sand and dust. Houndour also bounded away, hot on Couls path. Catherine, now use Hypnosis! The Meowth turned around and purred. With Sandile burrowed somewhere deep in the ground and Houndour already ahead of Coul, the feline got a clear shot for the attack. However, the buzzing from the Beedrill was expectedly strong enough to drown out the purr. It gave Coul and his ragtag set of Pokemon, however, enough time to escape.

      They found the bug-catcher in a safe distance from the fire and the forest. Coul, breathlessly and tired from running, handed the bug net to the trainer.

      Thank you for helping me out! These little critters would not even survive that fire. How about the Beedrill? Coul motioned something along the lines of Hes still inside.

      Okay, that Beedrill is strong enough to escape from this fire. It her babies that I was most worried about. Thank you very much. Sandy appeared from beneath the two trainers. Catherine and Houndour was napping between Couls legs. Its not much, but this net is very important to me. He handed the net to Coul. Keep it.

      Coul was ready to decline it, but the Bug-Catcher already left, with the Weedles climbing along his body and the Kakuna in his hands. Coul didnt even get the chance to say thanks.

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      Avril Morris
      Santalune Forest
      Chapter 2-2 | More Than It Seems

      Current Party:

      - x1 Pokdex - x4 Pokballs - x2 Potions - x1 Leaf Stone - 500 Pok Dollars

      Avril gasped as the Hoothoot let out a loud, imposing hoot. The owl Pokmon was quick to fly off its stump and dive straight towards the trainer and Froakie. It was quite surprising to say the least, as the Hoothoot's wings were a bit on the stubby side to say the least. Still, Avril and Shino were barely able to dodge the attack in time. Both she and her frog Pokmon just managed to duck as the wild Hoothoot dove, narrowly missing its beak piercing right through them.

      "Holy crap... Did I make it that mad?!" Avril questioned, slowly climbing back up to her feet to see the wild Hoothoot turning and preparing to make another divebomb in her direction.

      Her eyes widened at the sight as she and quickly turned and tried to run in order to put some distance between herself and the wild Pokmon. However, the enraged Hoothoot seemed to be moving just too quick for Avril to get away from. Even without looking at the owl, the blonde teenager could tell that it was quickly closing the distance between itself and her. Avril closed her eyes, clutching her trainer's bag tightly as she prepared to take the pain that the wild Hoothoot was preparing to unleash upon her... Pain which oddly never came. Suddenly, a loud, pain-filled hoot echoed through the clearing. Avril's eyes snapped open and the girl quickly turned to see the wild Hoothoot quickly falling off to the side and Shino's small, froggy body plowing straight into the bird. Needless to say, Avril was surprised.

      "S-Shino...?" Avril questioned, her eyes darting back and forth between the Froakie and the Hoothoot. After seeing how nervous and cautious he had been, it was quite the unexpected turn of events to see Shino suddenly fighting against a foe with such determination. Her eyes narrowed onto the Froakie, quickly noticing that his hind legs were shaking a bit. Well, at least it was a start. Quickly regaining her composure, Avril turned to focus properly on the battle that was about to begin. "Alright, Shino... Let's fight back now! Launch a Bubble attack!"

      The Froakie croaked in agreement and blew forth a flurry of bubbles in the wild Hoothoot's direction. The Flying type was quick on the defense, however. It quickly dove down, managing to fly just underneath Shino's stream of bubbles before tackling its body hard into the frog Pokmon's own. Froakie let out a pained grunt as he fell back, but he managed to quickly catch his footing and remain standing. The two Pokmon seemed to stare at each other intently, each one waiting for the other to make the next move. Avril bit her bottom lip in apprehension, as if having her own mental battle on just how to continue the fight from here.

      "Shino, go for a Pound attack!" the blonde girl quickly commanded. The frog Pokmon looked a little unsure of his trainer's command, but followed it anyways. He quickly began to hop towards the wild Hoothoot, who in return began to dive downwards towards Shino. Avril kept her eyes focused on the bird Pokmon the entire time, who seemed to be preparing to slam into the frog once more, though this time beak first. A small grin crept up to the girl's lips as the two Pokmon both neared each other. "Now, jump to the side!"

      Shino quickly jumped back and to the right, causing the wild Hoothoot to just narrowly miss its target. Avril was fast to follow up on the orders for this battle. She quickly commanded her Froakie to blow another stream of bubbles at the Hoothoot, who did not have the time to react properly to missing its intended target. The bubbles blasted into the wild Pokmon, who didn't have the slightest bit of time to recover before Shino once more slammed his body into the Hoothoot. The Hoothoot screeched in pain as its body hit the ground roughly. Quickly realizing that this was her chance, Avril grabbed another Pokball from her trainer's bag and readied to throw it. The wild Hoothoot did its best to try and pick itself off the ground, but the damage it sustained was proving to be a bit too much for it to merely shake off.

      "You put up a good fight, but I'm not gonna take no for an answer! Get ready to join the team, Hoothoot!" Avril exclaimed, her arm moving back as she prepared to launch the Pokball for all she was worth.

      However before the girl had chance to toss the ball at the downed Pokmon, the sound of three faint, tiny sets of hooting suddenly reached her ears. They sounded rather panicked, as if something was terribly wrong. Shino seemed to notice them too, as the frog Pokmon quickly began to look back and forth to his right and left, even going as far as to jump up and see if the sounds were coming from a nearby tree. Avril and Shino didn't have much time left to wonder, however. The sounds of the stressed hoots managed to reach the wild Hoothoot the duo had been battling, and they seemed to somehow breathe renewed vigor into the wild Pokmon. The Hoothoot quickly managed to pick itself off the ground, flapping its tiny wings in a fit of rage as it quickly began to circle the area. The wild Hoothoot then let out a loud, angry hoot as it took off further ahead into the woods. To say that Avril was surprised at the sudden burst of energy the owl Pokmon was showing would have been an understatement.

      "What the... How did it manage to get up like that all of a sudden?" Avril asked, glancing down at Shino to see if the frog Pokmon had any clue on the matter at all. Shino didn't seem to have much of a clue either, but that bit of a mystery was not enough to deter the Water type either. He was quick to scramble after the Hoothoot, causing Avril to quickly chase after him as fast as she could. "Hey... Shino, wait up!"

      Shino ignored his trainer's command this time, the frog doing its best to track the fleeing Hoothoot as best as it could. The wild Pokmon had managed to get quite a bit ahead of the duo. Luckily for Avril though, Shino was able to somehow track the owl's movements due to its rather loud hooting, as well as the sounds of the tiny hoots which were now growing to be quite loud. As Shino led the way through various twists and turns, Avril had to be extremely careful that she didn't lose sight of her own Pokmon... as well as make sure that she did not manage to trip or injure herself while running off the trail.

      Eventually, the duo came to another clearing, this time with a tall, imposing tree in the middle. Sure enough, the Hoothoot that Shino had been engaged in battle with was circling the tree in a flustered manner. In one of the mighty branches, a nest could be spotted, along with three smaller Hoothoot panicking and hooting in fear. A vast amount of berries could be seen growing and hanging from the tree, decorating its green leaves in a vibrant mix of red and blue. The most alarming thing however, came from the three Pokmon eyeing the tree. Circling it from below, each with a rather greedy glint in their eyes, was a Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear. Each one was practically drooling as the took sight of the luscious berries growing in the tree, and it looked like the three monkey Pokmon were all quite eager to get their grubby little paws on them... regardless of the consequence. While the wild Hoothoot may have been able to fight off one or even two... Avril could tell there was no way it was going to be able to fend off all three monkeys alone, especially in its current condition.

      "Oh no... I have a feeling I just made things soooooo much worse."
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      Current Team:

      The Importance of Choice
      Current Location : Route 02

      Jackson looked down into his hand at the Inferno Ball held there. One of the rangers had caught up with him after he'd left Laurent and Emma behind in the tent, it was supposed to serve as some sort of reward. Apparently multiple members of Team Cinder found in the forest had been carrying these, from the few grunts that had been captured they had been reclaimed and a quick investigation revealed them to have properties useful in the catching of fire type pokmon.

      Needless to say, they had decided it was better off with Jackson than with them.

      Walking through the Northern half of Santalune forest, Jackson could see firsthand the empty and cold place it had been reduced to. Ash hung limply in the air and an eerie aura hung over the husks of trees and barren ground. Only a few injured pokmon scuttled around the area. He sighed with frustration, maybe he could've stopped this if he had just ignored Drew earlier, still, he had no idea what was going to happen. Neither had Tucker, presumably, so he couldn't blame him at all. At least Jackson and the other two had managed to stop the flames from spreading too far.

      Gabriel Artece... the Admin of Team Cinder responsible for everything. Who was he? Who was Team Cinder? What the hell did they want that would lead them to just... aimlessly ruin everything like this? What a mess.

      "H...Hound-dou-..." Jackson's ears perked up as he turned to what seemed to be the sound of a familiar cry. Damn, were Team Cinder still around?! He span in place as Gaspar rushed out of his shadow, Teddy was in his pokball, getting a much needed rest.

      As he peered behind him however, he saw a small, weakened Houndour. Its ears were flat against its head and its tail was tucked firmly between its legs. It walked with a heavy limp on its front right paw, almost tripping over its own footsteps more than once as it struggled to cross the soot lined path that Jackson has just been walking down, only to collapse onto its side at the halfway mark. Jackson himself, for that matter, rose a single eyebrow as his stance softened. The sudden panic of aggression quickly fading away into a subtle calm.

      That was right, most of the fire types released into the forest hadn't been captured pokmon of Team Cinder. They were wild, ripped from their homes and reduced to fear induced rage. Jackson felt a pang of empathy and sympathy for a small puppy down on his luck. He couldn't stop himself on good conscience without turning back to assist the little guy.

      Stepping up the Houndour, Jackson looked over his injuries while Gaspar rose out of his shadow to hover around the area. He had multiple bruises on his back, as if he'd been struck by more than one fighting type move. Near his rear Jackson also saw... were they wind burns? They seemed to glow with a soft pink light occasionally, some sort of fairy type attack? He couldn't tell, honestly hadn't payed too much attention in that class. What he did know, however, was how to make it better. He reached into his bag, ready to pull out a potion.

      However, before he could do so, a powerful jet of water slammed into his side and sent him sprawling.

      Gaspar in shock, rushed to his now soaking trainer's side, flying around him swiftly to try and determine if he was alright. It hadn't been too hard a blow, so Jackson easily pulled himself back into a sitting position. Glaring into the trees, he saw what seemed to be a small blue monkey hollering at him angrily, before starting to move in on the Houndour. Quickly pulling his pokdex out (thank goodness these things were waterproof) Jackson scanned the attacking creature.

      Originally Posted by POKDEX

      Jackson grimaced, so it was some sort of plant lover eh? It was no wonder then that it was after the Houndour and anyone with them. Jackson stood up and brushed himself off. The Panpour was justified sure, but Jackson knew what it was like to act out of fear for survival, to act without any choice in the matter. The reasoning behind ones actions was what really mattered, to hell with naysayers who say the ends don't justify the means, he wasn't going to blame an injured pokmon who did everything it could to keep itself alive.

      As the Panpour aimed its tail to fire off another blast of water towards the injured Houndour Jackson called out. "Gaspar, use Spite and fast!" The ghostly sphere responded thusly, swiftly throwing itself between Houndour and Panpour, twirling wildly in place with its lolling tongue swiveling like a fan, sending a barrage of unnerving and worrying vibes right through the now shivering Panpour. Shaking off the initial shock it tried to water gun once again... to no avail, it shook its tail with frustration but the attack just wouldn't come out.

      In anger the Panpour jumped forward, attempting to cut right through Gaspar with its scratch attack, yet its claws sailed right through Gaspar to no avail. Laughing maniacally the ghostly pokmon swirled around the small blue monkey twisting and phasing through its attacks with a mocking glee.

      However, he had let his guard down in those mocking actions, he and Jackson both, before either one of them could react the Panpour jumped up again, its tongue infused with eerie energy as it dragged across Gaspar, knocking him back and leaving him stunned as his form shivered with intense damage. Damn it, Jackson remembered now, ghosts hated ghosts!

      The Panpour wasted no time as it rushed forward aiming for another strike and on Jackson's command Gaspar sunk to the ground to dodge out of the way with a slightly shaky cackle. The Panpour was fast and many of Gaspar's attacks simply weren't. Jackson would have to be incredibly careful lest this become a battle of attrition.

      Or so he thought, in the moment of planning Jackson took, the Houndoor, weakened but somehow standing once again, dashed in just before the opponent Panpour made an attack. It's eyes glinted with a sudden bright twinkle and a dark energy surrounded the small paw it raised, the shadows melding into the form of a fist. With a grand thrust the Houndour cracked the shadowy appendage into the Panpour's jaw, sending it sprawling back for a crucial moment before once again collapsing onto its side.

      Jackson rushed the opportunity. "Gaspar, Hypnosis!" Taking a moment to hang in the air, the piercing eyes of Gaspar widened from slits into solid circular disks in the purple smoke, spinning with swirling lines in the air as the Panpour looked up just in time to catch his gaze. His eyes took on a similar appearance, swirling and swirling as the small water type started to get... a little... drowsy...

      In mere moments the Panpour was fast asleep and it was time for the finishing move. "Gaspar! Lickity split!" Gaspar rushed forward, its eyes back to their glaring slit like form as he gave a signature cackle. With a long and satisfying slurp he crashed his tongue into the Panpour, waking the pokmon up for just long enough to know what was going on. With a massive upwards turn, Gaspar spun backwards on an axis and launched the Panpour backwards, watching as it landed with a rustle into a nearby bush. No sound was heard from the shrubbery after that and Jackson gave a sneering grin in that direction as the familiar feeling of victory washed over him.

      Jackson quickly ran over and knelt again by the injured Houndour. It looked up at him with a narrowed gaze, still not fully trusting the trainer as he gave a small growl in a desperate attempt to offer some sort of intimidation, some method of self defense. As it snarled, Jackson noticed one of its main incisors was broken and shattered to a sharp stump.

      "A broken fang huh? Fang..."

      Jackson once again reached for a potion and moved it towards the Houndour, the dark type in a panic reached out with the last of his strength and bit bard into Jackson's hand. "Ow! Psyduck! You little muk-" He paused as the Houndour cowered back in fear. "Tch... motherpsyducker, dahell you think you're doin' when I went and saved yer life. I need to stop workin' with ungrateful assholes." With a slow sigh he sprayed the medicine out onto the small pokmon and watched with awe as many of its wounds and bruises began to disappear. Jackson had never used one of these things himself before. They were pretty incredible to say the least.

      The Houndour shakily rose to its feet and regarded Jackson with a wary curiosity. The tiny black pup's eyes ran along the trainers features as he continued with a narrow glare. Jackson gave a small shrug in response, before presenting the Inferno Ball to the Houndour nonchalantly.

      "You don't belong 'ere. You ain't strong enough by yourself." He stated the facts as he saw them and the Houndour cringed a little, staring at the floor. "I wasn't either."

      At that the small pokmon looked up curiously and was surprised to see an oddly melancholy look on Jackson's features. "I know what it's like to be dumped into a scary place filled with assholes wantin' to hurt ya. I know how it feels t'hurt people who probably didn' deserve a thing, but you had to do it anyway to keep yourself goin'." The Houndour stared hard at Jackson before turning his gaze to the floor and staring at it with anger. "I also know... that alone, you can't help but end up a mess. If someone goes with you on the other hand, keeps y'on the straight n' narrow..." He trailed off for a moment, thinking of his sister. "Then y'can find a way to make up for what you did."

      The Houndour looked up again, staring at Jackson with pain in its eyes, thoughts of all the things he ahd destroyed in the forest flashing through his head. Jackson spoke again calmly. "I can help y'find the ones who did this. Who really did this. We can stop 'em together... or you can go back into the woods on yer own. It's your choice, pup." Houndour stared long and hard at Jackson, trying to discern a motive, trying to find an ulterior desire hidden in those eyes, a reason why Jackson wanted to use and torture him like the last human had.

      But he couldn't find one.

      With a small nod, Houndour looked back at Jackson with a strange sort of determination. He didn't fully trust Jackson, but he knew that he was right. He couldn't do this alone. He would take one last risk and accept help from the human offering it. Jackson smiled a little and nodded back, before tossing the Inferno Ball forward so that it bounced off of the small pokmon's head, transforming him into a beam of red energy that was presently drawn into the pokball with a blazing flame motif.

      "Then from 'ere on pup, your name is Fang... and we'll work together to move forward."

      One shake.

      Two shakes.

      Three shakes.

      A single soft ding.

      With a new party member in tow, Jackson picked the now filled Inferno Ball off of the floor and clipped it to his belt. Gaspar flew back into his trainer's shadow with a wide and mischievous grin, fazing in with the darkness until only his creepy eyes were visible against the two dimensional form of Jackson's silhouette.

      With nothing left to do and nothing more to say, Jackson kept walking forward until the forest's Northern gate came into his field if vision.

      Originally Posted by Fang

      Species: Houndour
      Gender: Male
      Nickname: Fang

      • Sucker Punch
      • Leer
      • Ember
      • Howl
      • Smog

      Flash Fire

      1 x Pokdex
      4 x Pok Ball
      2 x Potion

      500 x Pok

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      Echo ? Static
      Quick Attack - Low Kick - Thundershock - Barrier

      500 pok / Pokdex / Pokballs / Potions

      "This was a great idea," Rai grumbled as she plowed through yet another unknown set of low hanging tree branches.

      Determined to catch up with whoever from her graduation class that had set off into their journeys first, Rai had said goodbye to Avril at the entrance of the forest. She didn't mind the company of the cheerful blonde girl - quite the opposite! - but this was serious business, and Rai didn't want to be slowed down on her shortcut through the forest.

      The shortcut that had now been turned into a long trek. She had a special map she had gotten from Kea, said to lead her safely through the forest much quicker than the normal walkway - now Rai was convinced that that was merely a prank. She cursed and wrote a mental reminder to never trust advice from her obnoxious girl cousin again. At least Kyo would treat their rivalry fairly. She hoped.

      Elekid was jumping along beside her, almost monkey-like in his curious mood and ease with which he moved over trunks and rocks. But suddenly he stopped, and waved to get her attention. Pulling away another atrociously annoying branch, she could move forward enough to look to where he was pointing.

      A red light lit up the forest ahead. And it was suspiciously warm in the air...

      "Oh no," she gasped. "Somebody missed the safety lesson when barbecuing in the outdoors!"

      Echo raised an eyebrow at her.

      "That's a forest fire, can't you smell it? Don't you have natural pokmon instincts that tell you when there's a big fire, or a flood, or a storm coming etcetera?"

      "Kid!" Echo merely grunted, and jumped down from the log he was standing on. But he jumped in the direction of the red light.

      "No, no, that's the wrong instinct you're following!" Rai shouted. "We need to run away from forest fires!"

      He disappeared behind the trees. A warm gust of air swooshed into her face, and she clenched her fists.

      "Here we go again..." she mumbled before she, once again, started running to catch up with her overly curious companion.
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      Drew Tucker

      The 100th Battle
      Flaming Santalune Forest

      "So, what do you like, work in admin or something?"

      The man seemed amused by the question the 14 year old had posed to him. "What do you know about admins?" Given his line of work, it probably wasn't a great idea to say too much.

      "Well, I know you look like the type of person that does that kinda stuff. Suit and all. I'm helping out here, the least you could do is humour me." Drew responded flatly. Despite initiating the conversation, he hardly seemed interested in the mans answers at all.

      "Well I'm sorry to tell you, but the suit is just for show. My job is mostly just filling out papers and a patrol every now and then. grunt work mostly. Consider my an on call bodyguard."

      Drew continued to walk, mostly ignoring the man. Every opening he expected to be there, wasn't there. He'd managed to hold his nerve pretty well up to that point. They were in a burning forest! If there were ever a time to lose his cool it would be now, and Drew was coming very close to that eventuality.

      As they turned the corner, an angry boy stood near an ash pile, sputtering and attempting to brush soot off his hat.

      The sound of voices drew Tim's attention, and he turned to find the source. "Uh... I know what this looks like, but this isn't my fault. I didn't burn this house down."

      Drew raised a brow. House? What exactly had they ran into? Better yet, of all the people he could've ran into out here, it had to be Newt. "What exactly happened here?"

      In all the excitement, Newt hadn't realized who he was talking to. "Oh." He frowned, more annoyed than angry now. "It's you. If you must know, I was making my way through this forest when I was suddenly ambushed! By monkeys!" He was getting angry again, his words accentuated with gestures and stomping.

      "Their ringleader was an Aipom. He tried to steal my new Luxury Ball!" He pulled out the ball, showing it to Drew. "Nice, right? But I kept hold of it, and Agro sent him running. So naturally, I gave chase. A Pansage shows up, tries to trip me, and I had to deal with that, but then this tree... house... vine thing just goes up in flames!"

      He glared around the area, looking for the source of the flames. "If you ask me, there's an angry Pansear, maybe a Simisear, around here somewhere who's upset that I bested his minions in battle." Seeing the extent of the fire damage made him pause. "Although this seems a little extreme."

      Drew scoffed. He hadnt really taken much time to consider what had actually started the fire given the whole Buizel situation. Surely a Simisear couldnt have done this. Maybe whatever this big ash pile was before Newt had gotten his grubby hands on it. But the whole forest? That would be insane. He didnt believe Tim for a second, but he wasnt about to stop now, they needed to find their way through this chaos and to Santalune pokemon center.

      "Hey Drew, this kid bothering you?" The mysterious man piped up, slowly getting agitated as the fire around them raged on.

      "Not anymore. We need to get going if we don't wanna get buried in ash." Drew turned his back to Tim, looking searching form an alternate route to the gate.

      "Kid? Bother?!" Newt was already in a bad mood, but what gave this guy the right to interrupt? "You got something to say to me, Dandy Man? Because I've already dealt with uppity children and larcenous simians today, I don't need a fabulous dresser like yourself sassing me!"

      He turned to his rival. "Who is this guy, Drew? Your tour guide? Because he's not very good at it. You'd have more luck with me leading you out. I at least know where the gate is."

      Drew stopped as he noticed the admin had stopped to hear what Newt had to say. His mistake. If he was supposed to be helping this guy though, he supposed he would. He really wasnt in the mood for this anymore. "It's actually the other way arou-" Drew began before being interrupted by his suited companion.

      "Alright, I've already had enough of this loud mouth. Drew who the hell is this kid?"

      "This is the guy who considers himself my rival. I'm not really too keen on the title, but he's pretty persistent." Drew sighed apathetically in response.

      "'Considers'?" Newt seemed genuinely offended by Drew's apathy. "Our clashes defined who we were in school! You drove me to improve myself, to always be better! And I know I encouraged you to improve, to be worthy of being my opponent."

      "And as for you," he turned to the other, "who are you calling 'loud mouth? Who even are you?"

      Drew, who had already began walking away again at this point, was once again led to stop and consider what was going on behind him. Not by the admin this time, but by Tim Newton himself. Honestly, Drew remembered the first time he'd lost to Newt in the academy. It was embarrassing. He was the first one Tim had beat. The two were the respective runts of the litter when it came to their classes, but Drew had always compensated with his academic grades, unlike Newt. Even worse that Drew had defeated him in induction, meaning they were each others first battle. Since they'd battled a total of ninety-nine times. In class, during break, before school, after school, whenever Newt issued the challenge they would battle. It all accumulated in Drew having fifty wins to Newt's forty-nine. Saying he wasnt his rival was a bit harsh. "Alright Newt, how about this? When we get to Santalune, before we challenge the gym leader, we have our battle. If you win, you're officially my rival."

      The admin rolled his eyes. This melodrama of apathy and rashness was more than he could take. "Hey, legendary as I'm sure your great rivalry is gonna be, how about we focus on getting outta this damned forest. I need to get the hell outta here before those ****in co-I mean, before my ****in meeting starts!"

      Drew raised a brow at the mans initial statement, but shook it off. He was right. They needed to leave. Now. He once again turned down the route, hopefully for the last time.

      "Get back here!" Newt wasn't about to let Drew leave, and he ran after him. "If you're finally going to take this seriously, then why wait? We'll settle this right here and now! When you reach Santalune, you'll acknowledge my skill and I'll finally have a worthy rival, instead of the half-assed attempts at a challenge you were back in school."

      He grabbed his Pokeball from his belt, grinning wickedly. "Don't listen to the Dandy Man. Let these flames be the backdrop for our climactic battle!"

      Is he crazy? Drew recoiled at the insane proposition Newt had just made to him. He needn't argue though. If there was one thing he'd never beat Tim at, it was arguing. Drew could be stubborn, but he knew when he'd met his match. "You're impossible. But fine, if we're doing this let's get it done quick. Who knows when this place'll collapse."

      The admin looked frantically between the pair. Did they really have time for this? Were these kids stupid? He couldnt leave now though, the cops would surely find him at this point. Or worse yet, Gabriel. He needed Drew to win quickly here. If Drew's Floatzel was strong, it would beat the loud mouth kid and still take out any Growlithe or Houndour that came their way, without him having to use his own. "Why not battle closer to the exit?"

      Drew grabbed his pokeball, ignoring the admin. "Figures my first battle would be against you." He tossed the ball, and in a flash of light, his Chespin appeared.

      The small Green hedgehog stretched, taking a moment to take in his environment. He began to freak out, as he noticed the raging flames surrounding him.

      "Sorry Bry, I kinda need you to get this battle over and done with for me."

      Brycen glared back at his trainer, somehow managing to shake off his fear after the rallying cry.

      "Don't think this will be so easy! 'Over and done with', I'll show him over and done with Go Agro!" Newt was not happy with the blatant disrespect Drew was showing him, but his Aron would fix that problem for him.

      Agro sniffed the floor, looking for snacks. Looking up, he saw the flames. Those were definitely [i]not[ /i] snacks.

      "No time to waste, hit him vine whip!" At Drew's command, the unnerved Chespin ran towards his opponent. Vines protruded from Brycen's back, and slammed into the Aron. Though it hardly seemed to do anything.

      Newt hadn't expected such a sudden attack. That definitely wasnt what he was used to with Drew. "Okay, he's faster. Use Curse to boost yourself!" Agro pumped himself up with a brief meditation session, preparing for the next hit.

      "Damn, I forgot he had an Aron. This is gonna get tedious." Drew groaned to himself. He looked around, noticing a few trees breaking. He shook his head. That strategy wasnt worth resorting to. At the same time though, Chespin wasnt about to take too many hits if this thing kept up its curses. Rollout was an option, but a steel type was never going to recede to a rock type attack. Growl wasnt going to be worth anything if his defense was too high. Vine Whip and Tackle werent going to hurt this thing either. He'd been checked on typing alone. Drew sighed. He didnt want to lose to Newt again, but this was a futile situation. Drew threw his hands in the air and lowered his head. "I forfeit. There's no point in going any further here."

      Newt stopped in surprise. "Seriously? Just like that?" He looked disappointed, until a grin broke out across his face. "YES! Victory by default is still victory!" He returned Agro to his ball, making an obscene gesture at the Dandy Man. "Who's the loud mouth now, jerk?!"

      "He's an admin who got stuck in the forest." Drew sighed, taking out his pokeball and attempting to return a very frustrated Brycen.

      The Chespin though, wasnt having any of it. He dodged the beam and stormed up to his trainer. "Ches! Ches!" He growled, furious with Drew's decision to quit.

      Drew staggered back. He wasnt prepared for this and certainly didnt expect it from his seemingly laid back new pokemon. He knelt down, meeting the pokemon at his level. "Look, Brycen, I promise, when we get to Santalune gym, there'll be no giving up. So bear with me, alright buddy?" He stuck out a fist for Brycen to bump, but the Chespin turned away. "C'mon, it's a rocky start, but we're gonna win the pokemon league together, remember?" As Drew said it, Brycen had a starry eyed moment, before settling for a gentle grin. He turned again to face his trainer and accepted the fist bump. Finally, Drew was able to return his starter into his pokeball, so that the group could be on there way again. "Hey Newt, you commin? It wouldnt be smart to stay in this place for too much longer."

      "I told you, I'm more of a grunt. Dont ever let my boss catch you saying that ****." The admin mumbled, shoving his hands in his pockets.

      Newt started walking away from Drew and the "Admin", head held high as he basked in his victory. "Yeah, I'm not spending any more time here than I need to. See you in Santalune, Drew!" He was almost out of sight before he stopped and turned around, falling into step behind Drew and the Dandy Man. "The exit's this way..."

      feat. Tim 'Newt' Newton


      : 1000

      Poke Ball X 5


      Friends for Infinity
      RPT | Pairs

      "It's so calm."

      art by the amazing Infinite
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      Coul Remson

      Coul stowed the bug net inside his bag, thanking Arceus that both the bug net and the fishing rod were both foldable. The Santalune Forest was still on fire but it was subsiding, thanks to the combined efforts of the Rangers and the trainers. Coul knew that he already did what he could, albeit it was not that much helpful in putting out the fire.

      At least I get to save some Bugs. Right, Sandy? His Pokemon just quietly lay his head on his shoes. Hey, come on. We need to get to Santalune City before night comes. Sandy growled, apparently tired from all the battling and walking it had to do that day. Hey, this is not like the Academy anymore, all right. We need to both move around a lot. Catherine opened an eye, interested in the exchange between the Sandile and Coul. The wild Houndour has its eyes still closed, but its light breathing suggests that it could still be very much awake. Coul took out Catherines Pokeball and recalled her. He made a mental note to wash Catherine once they arrived in Santalune City. Come, Sandy. Coul made for the alternate path to the exit of the forest. Sandile quietly followed, although Coul could hear frequent growls from his Pokemon.

      A bark sounded as Coul and Sandy walked away. The silent Houndour was looking at the duo and started bounding up towards them. Coul was surprised at the canines action. As it neared the trainer, it stood in a safe distance from the two of them and issued a warning bark. Sandy growled in response. Without waiting for Coul to issue orders, Sandy sent out a Sand-Attack towards the Houndour and quickly burrowed underground. The Dark-type shook off the dust on his body and started looking around for the Sandile. Sandy suddenly erupted from under the Houndour but didnt manage to hit the latter. The Houndour was much too agile for the Sandile. Coul, recovering from the sudden flurry of attacks, knew it was his job to guide Sandy.

      Burrow again, Sandy, he said. The Desert Croc Pokemon burrowed again but Houndour was much quicker as it trapped the Sandile by the tail as it started to disappear into the ground. It bit into the Sandile and flames erupted from its fangs. As Coul observed, it was not actually Fire Fang, but more like Ember, as flames were coming from its throat and not from the fangs itself. Shake it off, Sandy! Sandile wiggled again, shaking its tail vigorously in an attempt to remove the Houndours bite. It was not successful, and Coul noted that the Houndour had tremendous biting power as seen from the fight against the Beedrill and Sandy. Rage, Sandy!

      Sandy stopped squirming for a moment. Houndour did not let go of Sandys tail but was taken by surprise when the Ground-type started thrashing about, sending out dust and sand everywhere. The Houndour tried to retain its form but released Sandy as too much sand went into its eyes. It was momentarily blinded. Sandy took the opportunity and hit it from below again, striking suddenly from the sand after burrowing.

      The Houndour could not keep its eyes open after being blinded by sand so Sandy just hit it, blow after blow. When the canine was lying on all-fours, tongue lolling from tiredness, Coul called off Sandy and threw a Pokeball.

      It was another Pokemon for Coul.

      New Pokemon!

      Flash Fire
      Ember | Leer | Howl | Thunder Fang

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      Avril Morris
      Santalune Forest
      Chapter 2-3 | Motherly Instincts

      Current Party:

      - x1 Pokdex - x4 Pokballs - x2 Potions - x1 Leaf Stone - 500 Pok Dollars

      It was all becoming clear to Avril now. The wild Hoothoot that she and Shino had encountered happened to be a mother. In particular, she happened to be a mother to these three currently terrified baby Hoothoot in this berry tree. Chances were, this wild mother Hoothoot had been busy gathering food or something of the sort for her young. Avril and Shino interfered with this. Their battle with the wild Hoothoot had caused what was probably meant to be just a small, quick errand take much longer. On top of that, the battle had caused her to take quite a bit of damage. This mattered, because apparently the wild Hoothoot also needed to protect her nest and the berry tree from the likes of wild Pokmon, such as this Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear that were all now attacking the Hoothoot and her home. This escalated the situation even more because now the owl Pokmon was forced to try and fend off the three monkeys alone and injured, something that clearly did not look to be going in the Hoothoot's favor. Yet despite it all the wild Hoothoot was pushing herself through her pain, doing everything in her power to try and protect her home and her young.

      As Avril watched, the wild Hoothoot was quick to dive down towards the Pansage who was currently trying to scale the tree towards the nest and berries. The Hoothoot began to hoot loudly at the Pansage, going as far as to try and peck it away. However she was quickly shooed away when a squirt of water was shot at her by the Panpour, who then jumped up and scratched at the tired and worn looking owl Pokmon. Avril closed her eyes, finding the whole display incredibly hard to watch, and for good reason. After all, she was the one responsible for this whole mess now. Tightening her grip on her bag, Avril glanced down at Shino. The Froakie seemed to be having trouble watching as well.

      "Shino... We have to do something," Avril said quietly. "She's not going to be able to fend off one of them for long, not in the shape she's in right now. And let's not even get started about her trying to fight off all three alone!" Shino looked a bit unsure of himself, despite Avril's wishes. Still, the Froakie seemed to be able to tell from the look in her eyes that Avril was not going to be backing down from this anytime soon. She knelt down to Shino's level and nodded. "You can do this, Shino. Just try to hold them off long enough for me to get to the Hoothoot, okay? If I can fix her up with one of the potions we bought back in Aquacorde, I'm sure the two of you will be able to fight the monkeys off no problem."

      Shino croaked weakly, turning his attention back to the fight between the Hoothoot and the elemental monkey trio. The Hoothoot had managed to somehow spook Pansage down the tree a bit, but was still not fairing well, as the Pansear had decided to grab hold of her leg and try and pull her to the ground. Unfortunately for the Hoothoot, this was enough of a distraction to allow the Pansage to attack her with a strong Vine Whip, causing the Hoothoot to writhe in pain. Without wasting any further time, Shino quickly jumped out of the bushes and unleased a wide-spreading Bubble attack at the monkeys. The Pansage managed to dodge out of the way just in time, but the Pansear was not quite as lucky. The fire monkey was blasted with the bubbles, causing him to flinch in pain as smoke began to rise out of his fiery little body. With the monkeys distracted, their grip on the wild Hoothoot was released long enough for the poor owl Pokmon to hit the ground in pain. Exhaustion was evident on her face, clearly it was not going to be much longer before she simply ran out of energy to remain fighting.

      Taking a deep breath of her own, Avril quickly charged out of the bushes and straight towards the downed Hoothoot. Ignoring any possible risk that might come from handling a wild Pokmon, the blonde teenager quickly scooped the injured owl up into her arms and ran towards the closest set of bushes she could find. She glanced over her shoulder at Shino, who seemed to have his hands busy with both the Pansear and Pansage for the time being. All Avril could do for the moment was wish the little frog Pokmon luck while she initiated her role in this little plan. Quickly ducking into the nearby brush, Avril crouched down and looked at the Hoothoot with worry. The owl Pokmon seemed to be still breathing, much to her relief, but she wasn't sure just how far those injuries were going to go just by looking at her.

      "Her left leg looks really messed up. It's a wonder that she was able to still stand at all on that thing," Avril thought, gently touching it as the Hoothoot let out a very weak hoot. "I didn't think I was going to need any bandages anytime soon, or I'd try to mend it at the very least... Man, I wish mom was here right now. She'd know what to do..."

      As if it had been rehearsed, the Hoothoot's eyes suddenly snapped open. She quickly looked around, realizing that she was no longer close to the tree or her offspring. It only took a moment for her to start thrashing about in Avril's arms, desperate to try and escape and get back to the action. The blonde girl did her best to keep hold of the Hoothoot, worried that if she was too rough in holding her back that she might cause the owl Pokmon more harm.

      "Easy... easy!" Avril shouted, trying her best to soothe the Hoothoot. "I know you're worried about your babies, but you can't just... just run off like this in your condition!" The Hoothoot glared at Avril, clearly not pleased with how the blonde was forcing her to stay away from the battle. "Look... I messed up, I get it. You have every right to be upset with me. But... I wanna help you, okay? I know you're trying to keep your babies safe and Shino is back there holding those Pokmon off as best... as best as he can..." Avril felt a bit worried about her Froakie as she spoke, a part of her wondering if it was really for the best to get involved like this. Shaking the thought out of her head, Avril reached into her bag and pulled out a Potion. "Just... lemme heal you at least. This will make it all better, I promise."

      Avril began to gently squirt the contents of the bottle on the Hoothoot in her arms. The owl Pokmon winced as the medicine began to spray against her body, most likely stinging a bit. But after a few moments she seemed to calm down and relax in Avril's grasp. Avril was glad for this and before much longer, the Hoothoot managed to slip out of her grasp and start to fly around her again.

      "I'm glad that you're feeling better... But we better get back to you-" Avril began to say, but was quickly cutoff by a loud squeaky noise. Her eyes widened as she turned to see the wild Panpour jumping out of a bush, its claws ready to scratch away at the blonde girl. Before she had a chance to react properly however, the wild Hoothoot slammed her body hard into the water monkey. The Panpour hit the ground roughly, but before it had a chance to pick itself off the ground and try and attack again, the wild Hoothoot dove down and delivered a hard peck to the Panpour's head. The blue monkey screeched in pain, quickly scurrying away and deeper into the woods. "You're pretty strong, huh...? Kinda reminds me of my own mom..."

      The Hoothoot a gave Avril a small, much less angry sounding hoot. With at least one of the monkeys taken care of, the duo rushed back towards Shino and the others. All Avril could do was hope that her Froakie was still okay at this point.
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      Echo ? Static
      Quick Attack - Low Kick - Thundershock - Barrier

      500 pok / Pokdex / Pokballs / Potions

      SANTALUNE FOREST - Howl of the Houndour
      Something was definitely burning. Rai felt increasingly unsafe as she drew closer to where the light and heat was coming from. This was really not the correct thing to do. But her pokmon had run away and she couldn't just leave him out here. What would her cousins say if she lost her pokmon on the very first day on her journey? What would her classmates say? No, she had to find him.

      "Echooooo!" she called out, but the roar from the fire up ahead already drowned her words.

      Somebody else heard her though. A movement in the corner of her eye made Rai spin around just in time to jump aside from an attacker. She rolled in the dirt and looked up to see a tiger pup growling at her. Its fur was dirty - was the tail scorched? Since when did fire pokmon get burned?

      The cogwheels in her mind couldn't turn further before the pup charged again, teeth bared.

      "No, wait, it's okay, I'm not going to hurt you!" Rai shouted, holding up her hands. The Growlithe actually stopped, a mere meter from her. Still growling. "It's okay. Don't worry, Growlithe! What happened? Did you get stuck in the fire?" She kept herself talking, trying to distract him, but her heart was panicking. A forest fire behind her and an angry tiger dog before her.

      Growlithe whined, and threw worried glances at the fire ahead.

      "Uh-oh... Did you start it?" Rai asked. "Muk, that's embarrassing, isn't it."

      The growling intensified again, and Rai cursed her own spilling mouth.

      "Sorry! Don't worry, okay, I'm sure there'll be firefighters here soon. In the meantime, you just, like, don't breathe any more fire. And I'm just going to stroll happily closer to the raging inferno trying to find my friend, alright?"

      She took a few apprehensive steps backwards, without turning around. The Growlithe eyed her menacingly, but didn't move. When she was enough meters away from it, she stepped behind a tree, out of sight. Waiting a few seconds, there was no angry dog rushing after her. Maybe she had gotten away safely. Phew.

      "Now, where is that electric kid..." As if on cue, a spark shot into the air above the trees up ahead. Electric sparks. "Aha!"

      She rushed forwards, once again braving logs and rocks, but this time with a clear goal. She entered a clearing in the forest that had not yet caught fire, and she entered very graciously by tripping over a low tree branch and planting her face first into the grass in the ground.

      "Ah... Hello," she said, slowling raising herself up. She had tumbled straight into the midst of three very angry looking dogs - not Growlithe, but black and red dogs. The upside was that right next to her, stood her yellow electric monkey boy. "How are things?"

      Echo blinked at her for a moment, before his hand shot out, signing what was unmistakably a thumbs down.

      "I guessed as much. Alright, what have we here..."

      She didn't quite recall the names of the pokmon circling them, so she pulled up her pokdex, which read 'Houndour' out loud. That seemed to entice one of them. It suddenly leaped towards Rai, whose reflexes weren't good enough this time. Fortunately, Echo's were.

      His Quick Attack tackled Houndour One away, which riled the other two up enough to approach as well. One took a deep breath, which Rai recalled having seen pokmon back in school do in practice battles.

      "It's about to use Ember! Counter with Thundershock!"

      Echo did as told, and the electric energy managed to knock the embers out of their way before they burned the two of them. But the other one fired as well, and those embers struck Echo in the back. He spun around and tried to fire a Thundershock at Houndour Three, but Houndour One and Two advanced again, with determined Leers and scary Howls.

      "Things... are looking grim..." Rai found herself mumbling as she backed off. Echo was fighting, but it was one on three - he couldn't possibly make it. If she returned him and turned tail and ran, did she have any chance? No, these pokmon were faster than her, for sure. But he couldn't win. Even if pokmon could take quite a beating and recover easily with proper treatment, letting Echo suffer further was simply futile.

      She grabbed his pokball from her belt and returned him in a flash of red light, just before one Houndour pounced on him. Then she turned to run.

      Back the way she came, over logs, over rocks, leaves and twigs tearing into her fragile skin, the Howl of the Houndour behind her. Damn. Things really looked grim. And then she fell. Face down into the earth once more, and she scrambled to get up, frantically turning around to see a red and black face closing in, teeth bared and glistening in the light-

      A whimper and a heavy thud came next, but not from herself. The Houndour was squirming on the ground, its neck clamped between the strong jaws of a Growlithe. The other two closed in, but when Growlithe let go of the first one, it turned to the others and let out an impressive Roar. That seemed to convince the dark dogs that this was not a fight worth fighting, and they finally scurried off, leaving Rai and her defender alone.

      The pup turned to face her, but its expression told her that it likely still didn't trust her.

      "You... Saved me. Thank you," Rai said, carefully standing up. God, she would need to wash her clothes after this. "Hey. You really saved my life, probably. I wish I could help you out in return somehow. But I don't know what I can do..."

      The Growlithe looked again worriedly towards the fire in the distance. It was on its way away from them; the forest nearby had already been scorched. Luckily, because otherwise they would probably be in the midst of the inferno by now.

      "Hm. Maybe you're lonely. I don't know if you lost somebody in the fire or so, but nobody should be lonely, I think. If you come with me on my journey, I'll always keep you company. And Echo will, too." She bent down and reached out her hand, very carefully. "What do you say?"

      It wasn't an immediately positive response. It took the pup several moments of seemingly careful consideration, before it slowly moved forward and touched her fingers with his nose. Good enough start.

      New pokmon caught! Growlithe (male)
      Mission rewards:
      - 300 pok
      - 1 Burn Heal

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        : 550 Pokedollars

        Poke Ball X 5

        Luxury Ball

        "You know, today's been a pretty good day." Newt said, looking up at the sky as he walked. The smoke in the air begged to differ, causing him to amend his statement. "Except for the fire, I mean. But it's been a good day for me." Neither Drew or the Dandy Man responded, but Newt was too busy reminiscing to notice. "It all started after I won that fight against those kids..."
        Having essentially cheated his way to victory, Newt pressed on towards the forest, confident Agro had more than enough fuel in the tank. At this rate, he'd be in Santalune City in no time, proving himself at the gym! Doubtless he was strong enough to win, but just to be safe, he decided to have Agro bulk up a little bit.

        So he started crashing through the long grass, trying to scare some wild Pokemon into appearing. When that failed to produce immediate results, he had Agro Headbutt some trees, thinking he'd knock loose some sleeping Pokemon. Instead, he just left about a dozen Agro-shaped dents in various trunks.

        After five minutes without results, he was starting to get mad. "What is this, 'Hide From Trainers Day'? Why won't anything come fight me?"

        "Are you offering a challenge?!" A young but loud voice called out. Newt looked around for the source of the voice, seeing a young boy in shorts come striding out of the long grass. It was the same boy from before!

        "So, we meet again, uh... Jimmy!" Newt had already forgotten his name. The boy looked annoyed, but Newt didn't care.

        "It's Joey! And my Rattata is back in prime condition! We want a rematch! One on one, no tricks this time!"

        Newt frowned in thought, looking at Joey. "Doesn't the long grass scratch your legs up when you push through it?' That thought bothered him more than it should have.

        "Uh... a little, but it's cool..." Joey replied, before trying to reclaim his dramatic entry. "But enough talk! I'm here, you're here, let's! Do! This!" He threw his Pokeball, sending out his Top PercentageTM Rattata. Rattata based his fangs, puffing himself up aggressively.

        Newt shrugged. He'd wanted a fight, and here was a fight. "Let's make this interesting." He casually opened Agro's ball, sending the tiny dinosaur out. "If you win (not likely), I'll give you this Luxury Ball. When I win, you give me something of yours. Sound fun?"

        Joey nodded, ready for action. "I'll put up this Heavy Ball. My dad got it for me, all the way from Johto!" Newt nodded as well, considering starting a ball collection during his journey.

        Joey took the initiative, remembering how tough Aron was. "Rattata, start with Tail Whip!" Newt had his own strategy, which hadn't failed him yet. "Agro, start with Curse."

        Rattata charged in, buffeting Agro with his tail as he searched for weak spots in the armor. Agro seemed unfazed, cutting his speed to increase his attack and defense. Joey looked nervous, remembering the last fight. "Rattata, it's no use! Time for our secret weapon! Use Rock Smash!"

        "Use what!?" Newt was understandably surprised. "Since when could it do that?!" Rattata's fangs glowed white as he chomped down on Agro's back, leaving a small crack in the armor, a weakness that could be exploited later.

        Joey laughed, happy to have the upper hand. "My dad's rich, idiot! He brought me a rare Pokeball, and a TM for Rattata! Now he's in an even higher percentage!"

        Agro seemed okay, even after an attack like that, but it wouldn't take long before Rattata bit off more than Agro could stand. Time to get serious. "Mud Slap, now!" Aron tossed dirt in Rattata's face, knocking him back and impairing his vision.

        "That was weak! Hit him with another Rock Smash!" Rattata bared his fangs again, charging in. "Wait a minute, it breaks rocks with its teeth? I mean, use Mud Slap!" Newt was distracted momentarily, but got his head in the game.

        Rattata bit down on Agro's head, earning him a mouthful of mud for his trouble. Rattata was surprisingly strong, and Agro was starting to tire. It hurt seeing him get hurt. Between his rock hard body, solid steel armor and relaxed nature, nothing much ever seemed to faze Agro, so seeing him like this made Newt mad. He growled, trying to restrain his aggression, shouting his next command. "Use Headbutt and TAKE HIM OUT!"

        "As if! Rock Smash, Rattata!" Joey smirked, confident in his victory, but a little nervous seeing Newt shaking like he was. Rattata leaped in for the kill, but missed and ended up biting the air in front of Agro. Pleased that he wouldn't have to move, Agro slammed his head into Rattata's. The impact rang out like a gong, echoing through the trees as Rattata fell to the ground.

        Joey was stunned, staring slackjawed as Rattata lay there dazed and defeated. Newt called Agro back, approaching Joey and holding out his hand. "Pay up, you pampered preschooler. You owe me a ball."

        Joey sullenly recalled Rattata, putting the ball in his pocket. He pulled out the Heavy ball, looking at it nervously before refusing to hand it over. "No! You can't have it!"

        Newt got angry, but refrained from shouting. "The hell I can't, I won the fight! A deal's a deal, now hand it over!"

        Joey shoved the ball in his pocket, crossing his arms and pouting. "No! My dad gave it to me! He'll be mad if I lose it!"

        Newt sputtered for a moment, at a loss for words. He took a deep breath, kneeling down to the his shoe. "Fine. If that's how this is gonna go, then I'll DIRT CLUMP!" He threw a handful of dirt at Joey, grabbing the Heavy Ball from out of his pocket and pushing him over. In the scuffle, Joey's wallet fell out of his pocket, so Newt grabbed that too. He took the 300 Pokedollars inside, tossing the empty wallet at Joey's feet. "See what happens when you try to back out on a deal? You're lucky. Team Skull would've broken your legs or something."

        With his winnings in hand, Newt went back to town to get Agro patched up. Hopefully this was the last he'd see of Youngster Joey ever again.
        Newt nodded, happy with how the story ended. He hadn't actually said any of that out loud, but Drew and the "Admin" were probably happy for his silence.

        "Ah, good times. Good times. After that I met the monkeys!" He started in on another story, wondering when they'd reach the next city.

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        Kade Andrews

        Kade wandered through the smokey expanse of what used to be Santalune Forest. Once the location had been vibrant and green but now it seemed that much of it had been reduced to ash, rendered all but devoid of all life. Where he should have been bombarded by the sounds of the wildlife rustling about the undergrowth there was now nothing but a deafening silence. Dead was the only word he could find to describe it. The forest was now barren and dead.

        The charred landscape made Kade uneasy, it reminded him of things he would rather have forgotten. In the back of Kades mind, a flash of brilliant light blazed off in the distance and the smell of burning buildings soon reached him carried by the wind. He could hear a voice on either side of him, panicked. One of them saying something about their parents, the other one trying to console them despite the fear in their own voice. Then later, sirens and barricades. Rangers, soldiers, police and medical personnel teasing that there could possible be survivors.

        Suddenly, Kade felt pecking at the top of his head and at his back. Geosenge faded from before him and suddenly he was looking at the base of a large tree, its trunk burned black by a fire. He wasnt on his feet anymore, he was on the ground curled into a ball with his hands on his head. Stratus and Contrail, his new Fletchling, were frantically jabbing at him with their beaks. Stratus had been on his shoulder when the panic had gripped him he wasnt even sure how or when hes released Contrail from his ball. Had Stratus somehow done it?

        Ugh Kade groaned, forcing himself to uncurl and sit up. Stratus fluttered into his lap, Contrail - not yet as close - hopped into view from behind him. Kade blinked a few times, his eyes sore from the ferocity with which hed held them shut. He realised he had no idea how long hed been on the ground for, but the light was the same, so at the least he knew it couldnt have been too long. Sorry about that, that hasnt happened in a while.

        Kade scratched Stratus head, the bird warbling affectionately at the attention. Contrail looked on jealously, so soon enough Kade found himself sitting in the middle of a char-grilled forest undergoing bird therapy, petting both the Flying types simultaneously. It was comforting, and it wasnt long before Kade felt he was returning to his usual, cheery self. Kade figured he shouldnt have been shocked by the panic attack, he was out on his own journey and in a dangerous environment with the familiar smell of burning hanging in the air. Still, he hoped that he wouldnt suffer through any more of that. He wanted to enjoy his travels, not have them marred by meltdowns.

        Okay, Im fine guys, really. We should get going. Kade got up, eyeing Contrail carefully to make sure the new addition to his team would stick with him, preparing to set off when he realised something. Neither of his Pokemon were making any sounds, yt he could still hear something nearby. Actually, it was a call he could identify. A hoothoot was definitely in the vicinity. See, just the pick me up I needed! Kade said, his enthusiasm comforting his concerned companions, Stratus, see if you can find where it is.

        The Starly took off, but started circling the clearing they were in instead of actually looking around.

        Really, its fine. Contrail can keep an eye on me. Reluctantly, Stratus took off, leaving Kade with only his newly acquired Fletchling for company. Kade sat back down, resting against the trunk of the enormous tree hed assumed the foetal position under whilst Contrail pecked absent-mindedly at the ground. Considering his tricky disposition, hed taken surprisingly well to being a trainers Pokemon. Some birds just needed a direction to fly in it seemed.

        Kade spent the next few minutes watching Contrail hopping about when suddenly, Stratus rocketed into his field of vision. The Starly was chirping and flapping around manically, prompted Kade to jump to his feet. He took off after Stratus, returning the unperturbed Contrail to his ball so he didnt get lost.

        Kade rushed after his Pokemon, struggling to duck under crispy branches and avoid the occasional bramble that somehow survived the fire. As he did so, the sound of the Hoothoot got progressively louder. This allowed Kade to realise the bird sounded alarmed. Occasionally, Stratus would call back what he assumed was reassurance. Several minutes past, and eventually Kade found himself in a tiny clearing, surrounded by trees that had fallen during the earlier blaze.

        Amongst the dead timber, he could see the gleaming red eyes of a young Hoothoot, trapped in the hollow of a tree with another fallen in front of it. Kade found himself wincing, it was not going to be fun moving that thing. He wasnt exactly in bad physical condition, but he was far from being a strong guy.

        Kade released Contrail from his ball and set he and Stratus to work, having them chip away as much of the wood as they could manage with Wing Attack and Steel Wing as he himself set about pulling off any protrusions he could manage. He felt that he could have had Stratus break through with a Double Edge probably, but he didnt want to risk hurting the Hoothoot stuck inside.

        Their method took longer, but eventually, enough of the fallen tree was stripped away that Kade could shunt it just enough to be able to reach past and retrieve the Hoothoot. The Flying type was covered burned and covered in ash and a sticky residue. Peering through the hollow, Kade cringed. The sticky residue turned out to be yolk. Two of the three eggs within had cracked open, spilling their contents over the young bird. Kade, with Stratus and Contrail in tow, carried the Hoothoot away from its destroyed home before proceeding to clean it up and treat its wounds. He cleared away as much of the yolk as he could and treated it with a Potion, but hed still need to get it to a Pokemon Centre ASAP.

        Dont worry he crooned to the bird I am an expert on coping with trauma.

        Spoiler: Kade's Inventory
        - 1 Pokdex
        - 800Pok
        - 2 Potions
        - 4 Pok Balls

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        With a thud, Gabriel Artece hit the cold marble floor below, groaning in pain at his injuries, his arm was wrapped in multiple bandages and held in a loos sling. He had broken it after that brat with the temper had had the GALL to lay a hand on him. He crawled up to his knees and maintained his position while staring intently at the orange surface below him, the light of the flaming torches set around the familiar room warming his skin and causing flickering reflections across the polished ground. A cold sweat ran down his back as he waited for the inevitable.

        "Gabriel, rise."

        He stood slowly to face the man before him. He sat behind an unassuming desk in a room that looked like it had been plucked right out of hell. Marble walls, sorted into brackets and panels, each one ending with a roaring fireplace and two torches. There was fire everywhere, like the forest all over again. He twitched as he remembered that place again, he'd torch it all, every last inch of it. He'd melt those kids and their mukty pokmon as well.

        The man behind the desk had his face obscured by an orange hood. He wasn't the type to hide his idendity from those he trusted. He did well hiding in plain sight... but Gabriel knew the intelligence behind hiding his face from the grunts. To them he was faceless, an enigma, something to be feared and obeyed at the cost of everything they hold dear.

        "Boss..." Gabriel muttered. "We never planned for-"

        "Children, Gabriel, children." The tone was calm, sickeningly calm. He felt those eyes pierce him from beneath the hood, not to mention the steady gaze at his back, the gaze from the woman who had brought him here. "You were defeated by rookies, rookies with potential, but rookies all the same. Now-"

        "They cheated!" Gabriel cried out in hate. "They used every low-life tactic they had, those insignificant rats! I'll kill them! I'll kill all of- gack!" He stopped and fell back down to one knee at the sudden strike at the back of his neck. He heard a voice then that sent chills down his spine, the empty and emotionless tones of the woman behind him.

        "Do not interrupt our Lord, Artece."

        Gabriel winced and bowed his head, gritting his teeth to hold back the rage. "I am sorry... My Lord... but they outnumbered me, my grunts were nowhere to be seen. The cowards turned tail and ran."

        An eerie silence hung across the room, until the robed man piped up once again.

        "Stand Gabriel."

        He did so.

        "You must heal and restore yourself. You will have your chance to destroy those whom have wronged you, I promise you that. Soon you will have the power to eradicate them all." He stood slowly from his desk, stepping forward pace by pace until he stood before Gabriel, the subordinate now confronted directly with his master, hunched slightly and took a cautious step back... however all he received was a firm hand on the shoulder.

        "Remember, we are doing what we must to purge such fools... forever."

        Gabriel stared back for a moment, before giving a nervous chuckle. "Y-yeah... nobody will get in our way soon, they won't have the damn chance..." His master smiled and pat him upon the shoulder before taking a step back. "Now leave us... and deliver your full report to your fellow admins. I must speak with Crimson in private."

        Gabriel grimaced at the mention of her name, but he sighed and nodded, giving a coy shrug as he turned to leave. He glanced at the woman in question as he stepped away, her form also draped by a burned orange hood. "You're up buttercup, make sure you put on a good show."

        She did not even glance at him in response.


        As the Master sat back behind his desk, she stepped forward and knelt before him. Following this she stood up and spoke.

        "My Lord... that man is a fool, he deserves no place-"

        "Enough, Crimson. I do not wish to hear opinion, only fact. You say you found him...?"

        She sighed gently and stood upright and proper, her hands behind her back. "I found him battling the new trainer sir. As he tumbled backwards down an incline I flew in quickly on Charizard to retrieve him. As you requested I was not seen and I moved quick enough to avoid any detection."

        "Wonderful, haha..." He gave a small clap. "Then I trust at the very least, his distraction proved enough of a ruse to keep the rangers off of our trail?" She only nodded in response and he leaned in with a more serious tone. "Do you have it then?"

        Nodding once more, she slowly undid her hooded robe and tossed it aside, revealing her face and features, her custom made admin uniform and the small canister she had been holding tucked under her arm.

        Gingerly she stepped forward and placed the canister upright upon the table, two latches folded out and locked the object in place upon the table with a dull metal clanking. The metal walls of the object began to recede downwards in panels, allowing a clear glass tube to be revealed... alongside the green light that pulsed ominously from within. As the Master gazed upon the source of the light, a small, blob like creature of green, a red core in its center, his eyes lit up with glee, reflecting the green light.

        "At long last... a prime Zygarde core... You have done very well Crimson." He spoke in a rushed tone, taking the glass container in his hands and examining it with heart racing excitement.

        "What of the children master? You know what he plans for them to do, do you not?" The woman known as Crimson spoke calmly, there was barely every a single tone of emotion in her voice. She spoke as if she were some sort of machine, carrying out a directive.

        In response to her words the master growled. "You are to continue to monitor them closely, do not cause a scene as Artece did. Watch them closely, interact with them if you must... but do not let them know who you are. Not until it is too late." He smiles, his teeth reflecting off of the light to reveal the sickly grin.

        "Now go... there is much I must now prepare."

        Nodding gently to the command, Crimson re-adorned her robe, her yellow eyes shimmering as two reflections against the many flames in the room. Her orders were now given.

        She knew exactly what she had to do.
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          ((NORMAL TEXT (Dahlia's/Normal POV) = BLACK, CAROLINE TEXT (Caroline's POV) = PINK))
          Caroline, please stop moving. This would have taken a couple of minutes if you werent moving so much~ He was just combing her ponytails into a different style! What was wrong with that? Well, nothing actually. She was just so excited to start her own Pokmon journey, to the point where she wanted to start now. Besides, Fondue (and to an extension, everyone else who got Pokmon from Prof. Sycamore) already left a while ago, with them being left in the dust.

          Dahlia kept pulling on my ponytails, telling me to stop moving! He is always so delicate, especially with hair. If one strand of hair was out, hed start to complain. Even though I do my hair every day by myself, he would always find something wrong! There, I think Im done! Caroline jumped out of the chair and sighed in relief. Can we go now? Dahlia giggled. You know, I honestly thought you were just gonna say That took forever! as usual. But I guess youre very eager to start this adventure, arent you? The Litwick that was suddenly beside the young girl was bouncing up and down, looking very happy. And it seems someone else is just as eager as you are. He looked at the Litwick a little more, but his stare started to become more of a hidden glare. He looked back at his sister, and the glare was more evident. Although, Im still not so keen on the nickname you gave it

          Huh? But Candle is a perfect nickname for him! But...its so simple! I know that you arent really the creative type when it comes to naming things, but...Ugh, Im not gonna argue about something like this. He starts walking to the door. Come along, Caroline. Unless you want to be left behind. Isnt that what I was trying to prevent? She picked up her Litwick, which was giggling almost like a child. Dahlia was giggling a bit, too. Aw, does someone want me to explain the many problems of being seen with godawful hair in the public yet again? He said while patting Carolines head, but not to the point where it might ruffle her hair.
          They came to Santalune Forest as soon as they saw the smoke coming out of the forest. They were just halfway through Route 2, as well. Caroline, possibly worried about what was seemingly happening to the Pokmon, ran off without Dahlia, leading him to run after her. When hed finally got to the area, he wasnt able to even see her. He was frantically looking left and right until hed noticed the section of the forest that was burning up. <Oh no, she didnt go in there...did she?!> This was a big problem for him. His starter, Dolores the Scatterbug, will be unable to battle within an area like that. As soon as he steps into the area, hell be a walking target. But hes just not going to let his sister go in there alone. He sprints towards the area when he suddenly bumps into someone.

          He got up almost immediately and saw that hed bumped into a Pokmon Ranger. His eyes widened, but he didnt truly care. Im sorry, but I must find my sister! She must have passed through here! He was about to run, only for someone to grab his arm, stopping him. Wait, I just want to know. Does your sister have twin ponytails that are shaped almost like plane wings? He furiously nodded. She bumped into me as well, saying that she was going to find out who did this, while also trying to calm the Pokmon down. <Is she insane?! Her Pokmon is ill-fitted for a situation like this!> He just shook his head in response, and looked at the ranger with a nasty glare, with a small frown upon his face. Thank you. Ill try to help out in any way I can as well. After what the Rangers have done in our home region, I need to at least repay them in some way. The ranger smiled at this. Dont worry, well give you a reward for your efforts. After that sentence, he was gone.
          Caroline! He was panting furiously, due to the heat making him sweat more. She saw her with Candle, who seems to have just finished off a Growlithe, that is currently unconscious. As soon as she heard his voice, she drops down to her knees and started panting haphazardly. He ran to her side, and just hugged her. Youre not hurt, arent you?! The hug was squeezing her, to the point where she had to push him away. I'm fine, Im fine! He just smiled at the sound of her voice.

          Have you seen anyone suspicious? Or any clues that will tell us who done it? She suddenly pulls out a pair of sunglasses. Yeah, these cool black shades. He looked at them more closely and frowned. Okay, thats not really a clue. It's possible that someone lost them here. He puts it in his stylish white bag. But I guess this is enough to make someone suspicious...Okay, Ill go and track down the owner of these sunglasses, while you try to calm down some of the Pokmon here with your cute charms. And if I can't? Battle them, or try to get help from one of the rangers around here. He started to walk away from her. If you can't even do that, then you run. Understand? She does a soldier's salute, understanding everything hed said...hopefully.

          Good. One more thing...did you know that certain chemicals can cause fires? At this point, its almost as if the smoke and fire around them is nothing more than an afterthought. Uh He sighed. He was still facing the other way. Do you really want to hear me ramble on and on about this? She shook her head. Just...Dont let your Litwick throw Acid willy-nilly around this part of the forest, is what I'm trying to tell you. I know this info might not be important in the grand scheme of things...But who knows? Anything can happen. And with that, he was off.

          <Besides, no-one here is smart enough to try and begin a chemical fire, unless they wanted to die more quickly> He slyly grinned. <...Of course, those who dont are smart enough to know that only an idiot would dare try to perform a stunt like that.>
          Ah man, where the hell is my shades? Out of all the times I needed to lose my snazzy shades, it had to be now?! The grunt (whos not important at all) kept looking left and right for his cool sunglasses. Those sunglasses were cool, and made him look more threatening and stuff! They looked even cooler within the fire, too. He must find them, even in this intense heat. He decided to look down to find them, but not squat down. He would get some severe burns from doing that. Oh yeah, this guys incompetent, but not to the point of utter stupidity.

          Looking for something? His head suddenly shot up from the male voice to see a gracefully beautiful women(?). Her big pink ponytail was flowing in the air, with her long white and gold coat looking like something only a holy figure would wear. Of course, this was the grunts immediate thoughts when hed saw the women(?). The woman(?) smiled at the sight of him and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. Oh, glorious day! Usually, with people like you, I have to be the bad guy, kick your butt in a battle, and then possibly kill you cause this is my job, but it seems like youre an ally or something. He snatched the shades off her hand and put them on immediately. Hey, lady...Maybe after Im done with my duty, Ill let you go someplace private as thanks The women(?) slowly reaches for something in her bag. He giggled, revealing his true gender. Im sorry, but if I was a girl, I would not try to date some worthless scum like you. The grunt suddenly froze like an iceberg.

          The item he was getting from his bag turned out to be a Pokball. Besides, arent you supposed to not fawn over women in situations like this? He had a sort of sadistic look in his eyes, with a very sinister smile on his face. Dolores, battle with grace~! He throws the ball, popping open to reveal a Scatterbug. The grunt laughed like crazy, grabbing his own Pokball from his suit. Oh, thats just nice! Freaking fantastic! The possible love of my life was actually a boy! You even have a weak low-level Pokmon! All of this, right here? ABSOLUTELY. UNACCEPTABLE! He clicks the balls button to send out a Growlithe. Heh, how are you going to fight against a type your Pokmon is weak against?! He kept laughing maniacally...without giving an order to his Pokmon.

          Dolores, Stun Spore. Without saying even a word, Dolores followed through with her superiors command, scattering sparkling black powder from her body, which scattered around her opponent. Wha--?! Oh ho ho~! It seems trying to make yourself look superior by laughing like some cartoon villain has only increased your inferiority! Remember to give your Pokmon a command before doing something stupid like that again. Grr...Growlithe, use Ember! You imbecile! Are you blind?! The damn thing is paralyzed, it cannot attack for a majority of the time. The poor things speed is also delayed as well. The grunt flinched for a moment. Dolores, be a dear and tie these two up with String Shot. Dolores shot a stream of white thread from her mouth at the Growlithe and its trainer, tying both of them up together. They both fall right down to the ground on their sides. How disappointing. The culprit of this whole entire incident was nothing more than a waste of my time.

          Heh, Im not the only one here! I am but one of many members of Team Cinder! My teammates are going to avenge my defeat, and there is nothing you can do to--mmph?! Almost immediately, as if she could read her superiors mind, Dolores spit some silky white thread at the grunts mouth, disabling his ability to speak. Oh my, so not only are there more of you bumbling fools around here, youd also told me who the true culprits are. Truly, you are the embodiment of complete and utter stupidity. Hed picked up the grunt, who was still immobilized by the white rope of silk and started walking towards the direction hed saw the entered from, which is probably where a Ranger is nearby. Dolores was also carrying his Growlithe too, by pulling a string from the white bundle of silk with her mouth. Oh, I havent told you my name, didnt I? My name is Dahlia. Last and Middle names are not allowed to be heard from scum like you.

          Dahlia looked back at Dolores, who was still tugging the Growlithe with determination and just smiled. <...If it werent for me stopping to check the Pokdex for a quick moment, I would have never known youd be fine in a climate like this.>
          Caroline keeps trying to have nice chats with the Growlithe and Houndour. All of them usually decides to stop 50% of the time. The other 50% are usually the times when she has to fight. The last fight she had to do before she was done in the current area was a Houndour, which was a bit more fierce than the rest she had to face off against.

          Once again, I started by saying hi. Hi there, mister Houndour. Is there something wrong? He growled and snarled at me. I dont think it wanted to be friendsCandle tried to communicate with him. Litwick! Lit, Lit! It said very cutely, bouncing up and down. Then hed tried to bite us! But we dodged it with grace...I think thats how Dahlia said it. Why do all of you not want to be friends with us?! Oh boy, do I have to fight this one too? Fine! Since you dont wanna cooperate with me, I guess Ill give you what you want! Litwick! He growled angrily and fired an Ember at Candle! Too bad for him, Candle cant even be hit by Fire-type moves! Sometimes I forget you even had Flash Fire as your ability, Candle. Whatever, just hit him with a powered-up Ember and hope that he doesnt have Flash Fire! Candle shot a small ball of fire at him. He retaliated with an Ember of his own, but our attack was able to push through and hit him with ease. It seems he doesnt have Flash Fire after all!

          Grr. He suddenly glares at us very menacingly, with glowing eyes. Uh...uh He was looking a lot more scary than usual. Candle was suddenly scared, too. It seems like hes using Leer! Our defenses were lowered, and he attacked with Smog, releasing some black smoke from his mouth. I tried not to smell it, but it seems I wasnt trying enough. I started to cough a lot, but Candle was able to endure it since Poison-type attacks dont really do much to him. Ugh...Candle...use MinimizeThen try to surprise him with Astonish! Lit! I was closing my eyes when this happened, but I know really well that Minimize makes you really small. The Houndour started to make confused growls as he tried his best to find Candle. I think Candle then attacked him with Astonish. Dont ask me what the attack looks like right now, I cant see in this black fog! Houndour suddenly screamed, and started to whimper! I think it ran off after that. Huh...? What happened...? Did you scare him away, Candle...? Litwick

          <Im...feeling so woozy> So tired...I wanna go to sleep...

          Ugh, what a terrible stench...! This damned miasma is destroying my damn nostrils! It didnt take too long for Dahlia to return to the same place where he met the Ranger and, presumingly, where his sister was. Unfortunately, when he came back, he was welcomed by some strange black fog. Ugh...Hey, is anyone there?! Litwick? Litwick! He gasped as soon as he heard that familiar cry. Candle? Is that you?! Oh dear Arceus, please tell me Caroline is there with you! Hey, who is yelling over there?! Hed opened his eyes, and while hed had to close them immediately after that, he briefly saw three silhouettes around the fog: One tall one, one small one, and one that was lying on the ground

          Oh man...Are you that pink haired-- LESS TALKING. MORE SAVING US FROM THIS FORSAKEN MIASMA. The ranger flinched a little from Dahlias sudden shouting but was able to recover with ease. Pidgey, blow the fog away for me! It did exactly as it told, blowing a bunch of the fog away with ease. It seems like it was able to fan away a few of the flames surrounding them as well. There, the two saw an unconscious Caroline, with her Litwick standing by her side, possibly ensuring her safety all this time. Dahlia only glared at the ranger for a few seconds before sighing.

          ...Im leaving this place immediately. He and Dolores throw the two idiots theyve been holding this entire time to the ground, but not around the area Caroline was in. While this man is but one of many doofuses who are still on the loose around here, he is still someone who helped out in the destruction of the forest. Im sure the police would like to have a word with him He looked at the grunt and slyly smiled at him. I would love to help out more here, really I do. But due to my sisters current condition He picked her up with a melancholic look on his face. The ranger looked at him, and just sadly smiled. ...I understand. Im sorry about all of this. We should have never let someone as young as her be in this section of the forest. Im sorry for her actions as well if she has done anything wrong while helping out. But for now...farewell. Hed left without saying anything else.

          Dahlia looked back at the current area hed was in, hoping for the ranger to be out of his view. After finally confirming that he scowled. <Damn it all, Caroline...You always seem to get in some sort of trouble in a way that will never surprise me.> He closely examined Caroline while walking, and then suddenly looked at his current clothing. There were a few burnt marks at the bottom of both of their clothes. Oh my goodness...THE CLOTHES GOT BURNT UP BY THE DAMN FLAMES OF DISASTER!! H-huh?! Whats going on?! Caroline woke up immediately, while others could hear Dahlias cry from the heavens.

          Really, it was quite amazing for both of them to be so oblivious of the many things around them happening in the fiery section of the forest. The only thing that seemed to affect them during all that was the sweat, the smoke, and their clothes getting a bit burnt up. Oh, Hi Dahlia! I got some free stuff from the Ranger while helping them out! Oh...thats great

          Truly, this was a possible sign of things to come.


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          Avril Morris
          Santalune Forest
          Chapter 2-4 | Leaving The Nest

          Current Party:

          - x1 Pokdex - x4 Pokballs - x1 Potion - x1 Leaf Stone - 500 Pok Dollars

          Shino croaked in surprise as the Pansage jumped towards him. A pair of long green vines extended outwards from the grass monkey's shoulders, attempting to slap into the Froakie as hard as they could. Shino had just barely managed to jump back and dodge the attack, but this unfortunately left the frog Pokmon completely exposed for a second attack. He let out a pained croak as the wild Pansear attacked him from behind. The fiery monkey's claws scratching into his back and sending Shino falling to the ground quickly. Shino was quick to pick himself off the ground though. He hopped back up to his feet and retaliated by slamming his little froggy body into the Pansear for all he was worth.

          The Pansear staggered backwards, but the smirk on its face did not falter in the slightest bit. Shino was quick to learn why, as he felt two strong vines slap into his back. The Froakie staggered forward, only to receive another Scratch attack courtesy of the wild Pansear. Shino fell flat on his back, the frog Pokmon quickly realizing that he was not going to be able to hold off both the wild Pokmon too much longer. He felt the Pansear quickly secure him to the ground, his eyes widening as the Pansage prepared to unleash a series of Vine Whips. The Froakie closed his eyes, preparing himself for the worst...

          "Shino!" a voice suddenly shouted!

          Shino's eyes snapped open just in time to see Avril making her way from the bushes. The Pansear was also caught off guard from the girl's sudden emergence, so much so that it was knocked completely away from the Froakie when the Hoothoot slammed her body right into the fiery monkey. Shino did not waste anytime in escaping his situation caused by the distraction of Avril and the wild Hoothoot. He quickly jumped to his feet and away from the Pansage, making sure to put in a decent amount of distance between them.

          Avril smiled in relief to see that her Froakie was still alright. "I'm sorry I took so long getting back, Shino... There was an incident we had to deal with before we could come back." The Froakie seemed to understand this, giving his trainer a weak smile and a nod. Avril's eyes turned to glare at the Pansage, who did not seem too pleased itself with how things were playing out since the girl's arrival from the beginning. "I think this whole two on one deal is really unfair, so we're evening the odds! Ready, Shino?!"

          The frog Pokmon croaked confidently in return, giving the Pansage his own determined glare as he prepared himself to battle proper. Avril wasted no time. She quickly ordered her Froakie to begin the battle with a Bubble attack. The Froakie obeyed, spraying a stream of bubbles in Pansage's direction. However the Pansage was quick to dodge, and quickly countered with another Vine Whip. One of the whips slammed right into Shino, causing the Froakie to croak in pain as it tried to maintain its footing in the battle.

          "This is bad... Shino's not going to be able to last long if he gets hit with too many more of those vine attacks," Avril thought. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. "Shino, Camouflage now!"

          The Froakie croaked in agreement, jumping back and away from the wild Pansage. As if by magic, Shino seemed to disappear from the battle all together. The Froakie managed to blend in perfectly with the leaves and trees surrounding them, making it difficult for even Avril to tell where her Pokmon currently was. Still, she figured it was probably not her best interest to stand in awe of Shino's cloaking abilities for too long.

          "Shino, Pound!" the blonde girl quickly ordered.

          A croak was heard from somewhere in the area. The wild Pansage widened its eyes, looking all over for the frog Pokmon. All he was able to locate though was the hurt that followed having an essentially invisible body slam into its own. The Pansage staggered forward only to feel the weight of Shino slamming his body into it again, this time knocking the grass monkey backwards. A grunt of irritation escaped the wild Pansage's mouth as he managed to regain its balance. The monkey heard Avril order the Froakie to use yet another Pound attack, but it seemed like he was not about to let the frog continue his assault. Without warning, the Pansage extended its vines once more. Unlike before however, the Pansage suddenly began to spin around very quickly, the grass vines which extended out of its shoulders flailing about wildly all the while. The familiar croak of pain was heard, which was quickly followed by the sight of Shino emerging from his camouflaged state and falling to the ground in pain. Avril was speechless at the sight of it. She was sure that her Froakie was going to be able to easily win the battle using its environment to such an advantage.

          Slowly, the Pansage began to stagger his way towards Shino. "Shino... Shino, you have to get up! Please!" The Froakie slowly managed to pull himself up to his feet. However in his condition, Avril debated if the frog Pokmon was going to have enough time to pull off the battle. The blonde quickly shot her eyes over towards the direction of the wild Hoothoot, but she was still busy fending off the Pansear. "Come on, Shino! You can do it! Just land one more Pound!"

          Avril watched in shock as the Pansage readied itself to attack Shino with one more Vine Whip. The trainer was certain that this attack would be the one to finish Shino off for the battle. The vines quickly descended downward in the direction of Shino... who suddenly seemed to disappear and then reappear behind the Pansage in the blink of an eye! Both Avril and the Pansage seemed to be stunned by the sudden speed presented by Shino. Before either one of them could respond however, Shino's slammed his body straight into Pansage causing it to crash to the ground in an instant. The Pansage struggled to try and pick itself off the ground, but it was no use. The monkey let out one final groan before fainting right on the spot. The wild Pansear stared in shock at his fallen comrade. It quickly dawned on it that it was now the only member remaining of its little gang and with no hope of pulling off a victory now, it did the only thing it could. The Pansear ran towards Pansage, grabbing it by the tail and quickly dragging it into the bushes and away from the scene.

          "You did it... We did it... We won!"Avril shouted in celebration. The blonde trainer quickly ran towards her tired, little Froakie, scooping the frog up into her arms and spinning around. "Shino, you were so cool! It was absolutely amazing how you did that just now!"

          Shino let out a tired, but happy sounding croak as he snuggled up against Avril. The wild Hoothoot also seemed to be quite happy at their victory. The owl Pokmon let out a loud and joyous hoot, flapping her little wings in celebration. The celebration didn't last long, however. The small sounds of three sets of hoots quickly caught the attention of the trainer and the two Pokmon below. All three sets of eyes shot up towards the tree, just in time to see the young Hoothoots above lift their way out of their nest and start to fly away from the scene. Avril gasped in surprise at the sight, quickly turning her attention towards the wild Hoothoot.

          "I get it now... You were trying to protect your babies because they were preparing to leave the nest, weren't you?" she questioned. The wild Hoothoot seemed to nod in response, flying up a bit higher as she watched her babies take to their wings and step out on their own. "I'm... I'm really sorry about what happened. If you hadn't fought so hard about being caught... well, I don't even wanna think what might have happened to your young."

          The Hoothoot fluttered down to Avril's level, letting out a small, slightly weak sounding hoot of her own. Shino's eyes widened as he watched the Hoothoot, a smile quickly forming on across his mouth as he looked up at his trainer expectantly. The blonde girl didn't seem to understand just what the Hoothoot was trying to say, giving only a curious look to the two as she tried to piece it together. Shino eventually slipped out of Avril's arms and reached into her bag just long enough to pull out one of her Pokballs. Avril's eyes lit up as she realized what this meant.

          "You... You mean it?" she questioned, the Hoothoot letting out another happy sounding hoot. "Well then... Who am I to say no to another friend on the journey! Welcome to the team... Hmm... How about... Anise?"

          The newly dubbed Hoothoot seemed to be more than happy with Avril's choice of nickname. Taking the ball from Shino, Avril quickly pressed it against the bird Pokmon, successfully making her first official catch as a trainer.

          Anise the Hoothoot
          Female/Adamant/Hates To Lose

          Shino learned Quick Attack!
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          Stage 3
          Santalune City and Route 3 - Ouvert Way

          Time at Stage Start: 11:30 AM

          Ouvert way is a short and picturesque little trail leading up a slight incline from the forest below to the beautiful and natural Santalune City. Despite the danger of the burning forest, the cheery little pathway has retained its charm and as you, in your own time, make your way through you arrive at the city as the night draws to a close. After seeking a bed at the local center, which is always open to trainers, or procuring yourself some other form of accomodation, the morning arrives. With the sunlight pouring down on a new day, the allure of a trainer's life remains ever present. One of the first official contests of the Kalos Grand Festival qualifiers is being held this very evening at a very special stage, set up in the center of the majestic and ever growing Santalune gardens. For those not interested in contests, the gym leader Viola has returned this morning to the Santalune city gym and is accepting challengers looking for their first gym badge.

          Those looking to capture new pokmon will find themselves spoiled for choice, as pokmon native to the city itself as well as the nearby Route 3 are plentiful. Route 22 to the East has been mostly closed off due to construction work on the final gauntlet that is Victory Road, however the part of the route still accessible may have a few interesting pokmon attracted by the greater strength of those powerhouses that lurk within the rocky tunnels of a trainer's final destination.

          Aside from all of that, there are plenty of tasks and jobs to be undertaken by a budding trainer looking for reward. You'll find regardless of personal goals and inclination, that Santalune city is buzzing with activity.

          Pokmon Available:

          Route 3 - Ouvert Way + Santalune City (Level 12):

          Pokmon available to those in possession of a fishing rod:

          Pokmon available to those on Mission 8:

          Route 22 - Dtourner Way (Level 14):

          Pokmon Available only to those in possession of a bug net:


          This Stage introduces the first Gym Battle of the RP. The Gym Leader in question is Viola, leader of the Santalune City gym and user of bug type pokmon. In order to win a gym battle you simply have to write your character doing so, however you're encouraged to give your all and be as creative as possible when writing a fight this important and built up. To assist with this, in every stage with a gym leader information will be provided in the stage post detailing the following:

          - Gym Leader Pokmon
          - Related movesets for said pokmon.
          - The Gym's gimmick.
          - The Leader's prefered tactics in battle.

          "But Jay and Shak!" You wonder. "What is a Gym Gimmick?" Well player, the gimmick is something unique to each gym. It will never be as simple as a one on one battle, usually the Leader will have a trick up their sleeve, be it a feature of the gym itself, a restrictive battle condition or an entirely new method of victory altogether. Either way, these are here to make every gym battle unique and to give your character a run for their money.

          With that, allow me to give you the first "Gym Tactics" section.

          Originally Posted by Viola

          Leader Pokmon:
          • Double Team
          • Agility
          • Swords Dance
          • Baton Pass
          • Fury Cutter
          Ability: Speed Boost

          • Aqua Jet
          • Agility
          • Bug Bite
          • Rain Dance
          • Sticky Web
          Ability: Rain Dish

          Gym Gimmick:
          The battlefield of Viola's gym isn't a solid platform, it's instead multiple large flat rocks suspended over a pit by web. Falling down leads to a soft cushioned bottom and an open door of defeat. The webbing is difficult to walk on, necessitating jumping across unless you want to go very slowly... giving a significant advantage to Viola's pokmon whom are known for speed... and one can fly to boot.

          Leader's Tactics:
          Viola takes full advantage of her gyms gimmick, she waits for trainers to get impatient and stuck in the web, before dashing in with her pokmon for an easy victory. For those with the patience and skill to overcome the gimmick, she overwhelms her opponents with speed. Her Ninjask can get incredibly quick and strong with its moves and ability, and once weak enough it can pass those buffs to Surskit easily with a baton pass. For pokmon with the speed to match her she keeps sticky web handy and for fire types whom come in looking for an easy win, she uses rain dance and aqua jet to even the playing field.

          How will your pokmon find a way to overcome the swift and technical bug type tactics of the Santalune Gym Leader?


          Also introduced in this stage is the first official Kalos Contest that the players will have access to. Contests work very differently to gym battles and as such require a different type of skill to be victorious.

          As in the case of Gym's every contest will have a gimmick or "Contest Condition" that will need to be aimed for in order to obtain vistory. Generally, all contests will have one thing in mind regardless however... that being spectacle and performance, showmanship and entertainment. You'll be expected to use your pokmon to put on a show through clever and unique use of their moves and abilities. Once a contest begins all contests will be expected to take turns performing in front of a live audience with their pokmon in a routine of their own design.

          All players entering the contest will be notified when the contest starts with enough forewarning to give time to prepare. When the contest does begin, the players will have two days to write a single post detailing their performance in front of a large crowd and judges. Players whom fail to post their performance during this time will IC miss the contest due to being late or some other inconvenience.

          Every Stage a contest is present a small blurb detailing the stage, guest judges and conditions for victory will be added to the stage post. Who wins a contest is up to the players participating alongside the GMs. Before, during and after the contest players will be expected to communicate in the Discord whom they wish to receive what position if any. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a contest ribbon and 3 ribbons are required to qualify for the Kalos grand festival, 4th and 5th place will also receive consolation prizes. Each contest has a maximum of 16 entrants including players and most usually faceless NPCs.

          Now then, without further ado:

          Originally Posted by Santalune Contest
          The venue for this contest will be the grand gardens of Santalune City. A special stage area has been set up with four topiaries of the pokmon Chespin, Froakie, Fennekin and Pikachu at all four corners has been set up for contestants. The floor is grass covered in a batch of beautiful flowers of varying type and colour. A sort of small soccer stadium esque seating plan has been set up around the stage to accomodate onlookers and the judging box is situated to the East side.

          Guest Judge:
          A contest star from the Hoenn region, Lisia along with her uncle Wallace are responsible for updating the Showcases of the past to the new Kalosian Grand Festival extravaganza. She adores cute pokmon but is experienced enough to see the great appeal in cool, smart, beautiful and tough pokmon as well. With her experience she'll no doubt be looking for pure, untainted contest talent. Give it your all with whatever you're best at.

          Contest Condition:
          No condition for this contest other than the basics. A pure contest to the core, make any routine you like and perform to the very best of you and your pokmons abilities.

          An IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT involving a new type of mission is as follows: Certain missions will be listed as having multiple rewards or MULTI-REWARD. If a mission has this tag that means it may be claimed multiple times, but each reward may only be claimed once.

          When claiming this mission OOC make sure to specify which reward you wish to claim as well, for example.

          Originally Posted by "Multi-Reward
          MULTI-REWARD Mission X:
          A young man is giving out three berries.

          - 1 Rawst Berry
          - 1 Pecha Berry
          - 1 Aspear Berry.

          Claiming would be as follows.

          Jackson: Mission X. Gimme that Rawst!

          Laurent: Mission X. I'll gladly take the Pecha berry.

          Brie: Mission X. That aspear berry looks cute!

          Now that all rewards are claimed, the mission cannot be claimed anymore.
          This kind of mission is also a great excuse to JP!


          Finally, this Stage will mark the end of ACT 1. The first major and the opening chapter of the RP will come to a close. As such, this particular stage will last longer than usual, presumably 10 days depending on how posting goes.

          Now then! Onto the missions.

          OPEN ? Mission:

          As you arrive in Santalune City, the first of the Kalosian League gyms lies before you. It's time for your first step on the long road to the pokmon league! Defeat Viola to prove you're up to the task.

          Reward: The Bug Badge + TM Bug Bite

          OPEN ? Mission:

          It's time for the first contest of the Kalosian Grand Festival qualifiers... and it's happening tonight! Get prepared, get ready and go and strut yourself for guest judge Lisia in hopes of winning your first ribbon and taking your first step on the road to becoming the Contest King or Queen of Kalos.

          1st: 500 Pok + 1 Heal Ball + 1 Kalosian Contest Ribbon + 1 Poffin Cooking Kit + 1 TM Charm
          2nd: 500 Pok + 1 Heal Ball + 1 Kalosian Contest Ribbon + 1 Poffin Cooking Kit
          3rd: 500 Pok + 1 Heal Ball + 1 Kalosian Contest Ribbon
          4th: 500 Pok + 1 Heal Ball
          5th: 150 Pok + 1 Heal Ball
          6th and Lower: Disappointment

          Repeatable Mission 1:

          Following the chaos of the Santalune city fire, many of Santalune's residents have found their homes infested by wild pokemon. While the new adoption center seems to be making a good effort of giving the pokemon a home, most of the more feral wild pokemon have adopted spaces of their own choosing. Local Pokemon rangers are doing their best, to get the job done, but the could use some help. Clear out three houses and help control the pest problem.

          Reward: 300 poke

          Mission 2:

          Youngster Joey is at it again! He's turned up at the local trainer school and despite being taught a lesson twice by Tim Newton, he's started pushing around the kids at the pre-trainer school. These kids are trying to follow in the footsteps of Aquacorde's very own academy graduates, but these disheartening defeats to Joey arent very encouraging. They not only need help, but a hero to inspire them.

          Reward: A Pokeball + Eviolite

          Mission 3:

          The press are lurching around the entrance to route 3, trying to get any word they can on the forest fire. It's not the most moral option to take capitalise on such a tragic event, but you could catch a pretty hefty sum if you were creating a convincing enough story about your own heroisms in the forest. Not to mention the long term press relationship this could open up for you.

          Reward: 1,000 Poke + Continued Press Coverage

          Mission 4:

          The city's boutique is firing it's tailors left, right and center. People seem to just go to Lumiose for their fashion needs. They need something new. Cotton is soooo out this season. What's in? Who knows? Maybe a budding fashionista would benefit from starting the new fashion trend. Finding a new and more interesting materials would be a good way to do that.

          Reward: - Discount at all boutique stores in Kalos (Except Lumiose) + 400 Poke

          Mission 5:

          The cities oldest fisherman has lost his spark, lost his youth. He doesnt get the same thrill from life that he used to. One thing he adores more than anything is a spectacular pokemon battle. There's no huge demand for this to be done, but it would be nice to go and restore an old mans spirit.

          Reward: One Old Rod

          Mission 6:

          The fountain in the centre of this city is the most peaceful of places you can find in Kalos. That is until the cities most recent residents started causing a ruckus. The Aipom and Pan monkey gangs that usually inhabit Santalune forest have brung their gang wars to Santalune, and the cities residence are suffering for it. Poop, food and any other potentially projectile objects are being tossed across the city. This needs to be resolved.

          Reward: 5 Oran Berries

          MULTI-REWARD Mission 7:

          It's incredibly unfortunate, but the fire took more than just trees and foliage. The details are best left unsaid, but a few trainer's pokmon have ended up at a makeshift adoption shelter at the Santalune Pokmon Center. These pokmon are far too appropriated to a trainer's lifestyle to be released back into the wild... and although they may be difficult to work with at first, someone needs to take them.

          - Level 10 Tyrogue
          - Level 10 Yamask
          - Level 10 Mudbray

          Mission 8:

          Everyone says that the abandoned logging plant at the edge of town is haunted. Nobody ever goes there for that reason and for the most part people are fairly content to just forget about it, as foliage and plant life slowly start to reclaim its dark corridors. However, a few people have been spreading rumors about the last known shipment to be delivered to the factory. A full crate of a powerful grass type TM sent due to a mix-up exists somewhere in the abandoned facility. Is the reward worth the risk?

          Reward: 3 "TM Energy Ball"'s.

          Mission 9

          With the fountain left broken and the forest fire stopping it from being fixed even now, a new problem has arose. Rising from the mildew and algae an aggressive Muk has crawled out from the drain and is refusing to let anyone get near the fountain. Someone needs to put this slimy scumbag in his place.

          Reward: TM Water Pulse

          OPEN Mission 10:

          Near the North side of town a girl calling herself "Roller Skate Rinka" is challenging people to battle against her Zigzagoon. Those who emerge victorious will find themselves rewarded with a nice pair of roller skates to call their own, some lessons may also be required.

          Reward: A pair of Kalosian Speedster Roller Skates.

          Mission 11:

          Word around town is that some punks have started heckling the construction workers who are fixing the the gate to victory road on route 22. They've been around town for a while, but are convinced that an egg they recently found near the logging plant is the enough to warrant a pokemon league challenge. Someone should educate them in how to really be a trainer, if you catch my drift.

          Reward: A pokmon egg with a deep purple shine.

          Mission 12:
          Somewhere on Route 22 they say an Aura Guardian is examining the local flora and fauna for signs of... something. Even when questioned he doesn't state what he's looking for, only that he's looking for a very specific Riolu, one that can "channel an even more powerful aura than the usual". A man with such an interesting background, may have aught interesting to give as a reward for a trainer willing to assist him.

          Reward: Mysterious Blue Crystal

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          Current Team:

          Early Morning Antics
          Current Location : Santalune City - Jardiner Caf

          Jackson eagerly bit down on his third slice of toast that morning, the butter and bacon layered atop of it was delicious and before he could help himself he'd scarfed it all down. Sitting across from him, Professor Augustine Sycamore gave a soft chuckle before speaking, his thick Kalosian accent permeating throughout his words. "Jackson my boy, it is like you have not eaten in weeks, no? Honestly, you know they will feed you at the center?"

          Jackson grunted as he finished off another strip of bacon. "I ate plenty at the center yeah, but if you buy the food I'm gonna eat it Prof." He hastily wiped his hands with a napkin and tossed down a few leftover scraps of meat to the cobbled floor beside him, where the waiting fang growled lowly and greedily gobbled them up. Sycamore grinned, "I am very pleased to see that you're team has already grown so much. A Teddiursa and a Houndour rescued from the clutches of villainy, fantastique Jackson." Jackson shrugged a little awkwardly. "Well you heard my stories, you know that a lot of what's happened has just been some awkward circumstances..." He paused to take a swig of his flavored water. "You said Brandon is being detained by the rangers?"

          Sycamore gingerly cut away a small piece of sausage before popping it into his mouth and relaxing back into his seat. The two were sat at the 'Jardiner Caf', a lovely little spot situated at the edge of the grand Santalune gardens. Specifically they were by the cobbled streets, sitting in a gazebo outside. Jackson could just about see workers setting up the stands and seats for the contest to happen that evening. He had seen many a sign, even saw some of his old classmates approaching a booth in the pokmon center to sign up.

          "Ah, yes. Detestable child..." The professor bristled. "It is mostly scare tactics, you see? They are doing it to put the fear of Arceus into the boy, ho ho." He grinned and finished off the pork links on his plate. "Hopefully he won't be a problems to anyone else in the near future... not that I think he'd be able to anyway, not anytime soon with what you did to him." Jackson growled at the comment and leaned back in his seat in turn. "I did what I felt I had t' Prof. Ain't no regrets 'ere." Sycamore gave a coy smile. "I agree but I'd be a bad mentor if I at least didn't mention the excessive violence, no?" Jackson shrugged and rolled a finger around the top of his glass, tracing the rim.

          "Now then... how's Mal?"


          Gaspar hung curiously under the shadows of the long hanging table clothe, drifting between both mens legs and watching as Fang chewed eagerly on some of the smaller scraps of Jackson's leftovers. The small ball of gas wasn't sure why exactly but he had never felt the desire or need to eat. He could, don't get him wrong, but it was never necessary... maybe it was because he was dead? Or because he wasn't technically a solid? Oh whatever! Eating was for boring, living people and pokmon. Hehahaha.

          Teddy was cautiously standing behind the back right leg of Jackson's chair, oh bother... how on Earth had he ended up with such a scary bunch of guys! Jackson was so cool, he beat up bad guys and said cool things like "Psyduck you" and "Sunnovabich" and people gave him these shocked looks so Teddy assumed that it must've meant something very profound. Those two though. Teddy glared a little at Fang and the shadow of Gaspar. So intimidating! Besides, maybe Gaspar didn't have to eat... but Teddy sure did... those scraps should've been shared... fufu... Maybe if he was veeeeryyy quiet...

          Fang chewed through another scrap of bacon. Tasted good. That was about all that mattered with food anyway, he didn't really get to be picky but quality over quantity. He looked up at Jackson for a moment as he ranted about his human sister. Two legs were so confusing, Fang didn't get the appeal of families and pack tactics. Being cooped up with those other Houndour's and the orange ones, he'd learned a little rule called "survivial of the fittest". This sister of Jackson's didn't sound like the fittest by a long shot. He himself had always done his best to stay in pique physical condition... and he was proud to say that he was the stockiest pup out of all those fur headed losers. Now then, time for the next piece of-

          Fang froze as he looked down to where he had been keeping a rather large chunk of meat, barely even any fat on it at all, all protein all power. However, his power piling protein pick me up had been pilfered, it was no longer placed in its preset position. In a flash, Fang turned towards Teddy, whom froze in place as he felt the glare at his back. Very slowly the tiny bear pokmon turned around with grease around his lips to meet the rage filled eyes of the hungry dark type.



          "Ursaaaa!" Teddy started to waddle at great speed around the table as Fang growled aggressively and took off after him, circling around the table and scaring a passing waitress.

          Gaspar watched them for a few moments with a wide grin, before slowly floating out from under the table... and quickly scooping up the remaining chunks of meat with his tongue, dragging them back into the shadows. Of course the bear would never be able to steal something from a hound alone... and of course, the hound would never care unless Gaspar happened to gift his little friend the one piece the pup cradled and saved for last.

          No, Gaspar didn't have to eat... but that certainly didn't mean that he wasn't going to play with his food.


          "So she's doing well? Taking her medicine on time?" Jackson asked pensively, rubbing his hands together as he listened to the professor's response.

          "Yes, yes Jackson! She's fine, haha, although just as anxious to know you are alright in turn. She is desperate to see you." He chuckles and spread his arms innocently, showing he had nothing to hide. Jackson relaxed in his seat and ran a hand down his face in relief. "Thank Arceus for that Prof. Damn shame I can't go see her, but I gotta keep goin', can't waste no time." Sycamore nodded seriously. "Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be satisfied with seeing you on television."

          Jackson rose an eyebrow. "Television professor? Didn' they stop broadcastin' gym battles last year as trainer interest was incresin'?" Professor Sycamore smiled gently in response. "Yes of course, exactly Jackson. Malorie was excited to see the contest however." Jackson rose his eyebrow higher. "Professor, you alright? That's kind of unrelated to my whole schtick y'know? Glad she can watch them overdone beauty pageants on the airwaves but she won't get to see me there."

          Sycamore's smile transformed into a sly grin. "Oh no, she will. That's the reason I signed you up after all." Jackson blinked. "You... signed me...?" His expression dropped, his features going pale for a brief second before slowly building up to rage once again. "YOU WHAT?!"

          Sycamore near burst out laughing as Jackson's cry drew the fearful gaze of many a pedestrian and caf customer. "Oui, Jackson! You will be participating in tonight's contest spectacular once your gym battle is fini!" He stood up as Jackson did and made an illustrious pose. "Are you kiddin' me?! No way! No how! I can't do somethin' like that?! Wha' dahell are you thinkin' Sycamore?!

          The Professor only kept smiling calmly as he picked up his case and brushed off his coat. A waitress approached as Jackson's jaw nearly hit the floor in shock at the other man's calm demeanor. "Jackson..." He said with a condescending lilt. "Mal is already informed and excited to see you in the show, surely you will not let her down now?" Jackson's gaze furrowed as Sycamore took a step outside of the gazebo. "You son of a- Even if I WERE to agree for her sake, I don' know anythin' about contests?! Dahell do I even do?"

          The Professor smiled and gestured for Jackson to step outside before patting his shoulder as he did so. "Simple, make a routine, a performance with your pokmon like it was a trainer school talent show." He smiled a little awkwardly as he gingerly pulled his hand away. "Your outfit is a little torn as well, no? Head over to the local tailor and tell them you're here on behalf of Augustine, they'll give you a nice new outfit. I think you're going to need it more than I will." Jackson glared, before shrugging his bare shoulder, the sleeve still burned away from the night before. "Look here 'Augustine' this just ain't gonna work... I... don't wanna let Mal down, true. I can't do this by myself though, agh, psyduckin' sucks to say that but it's true!"

          Sycamore considered for a moment before pulling out his stylish smart poktch and activating the e-mail function. "Now little known fact my boy, each generation of pokdex grows more advanced than the last yes? Yours actually have an e-mail functionality built into them. Tell me, do you remember a Miss Brielle Baker?" Jackson pondered for a second, scratching his chin. "I think so? She was the chick with the goomy right? What about her?" Sycamore smiled coyly in response. "She is a girl with an eye for fashion! She will undoubtedly be able to help you. Observe."

          With a few quick taps Sycamore typed out a message to be sent.

          Originally Posted by Sender: Professor Sycamore. Subject: A Small Favor
          "Miss Baker,

          Bonjour! It is me, your instructor and friend, Professor Sycamore. Do tell me, how is your journey going thus far? From what I know of you, you no doubt have taken an interest in the upcoming contest! Well, I have an... unlikely friend whom has as well. He is clueless, my dear, utterly so.

          The contest is at 11:30 PM today. If it please you I would ask you meet with him at the pokmon center around 3-ish. Consider it a challenge, I need an expert in mignonne, cute, to transform him into a passable contest contestant! I would appreciate it as a favor to me.

          All the best,
          - Augustine Sycamore."
          "W-wait!" Jackson cried reaching out, but the send button was already pressed and the message poofed away into the magical world of instant messaging. With a smile, Sycamore dodged out of the way as Jackson continued trying to grab him in anger, before he gave a small wave and began to walk down the road towards the pokmon center. "Remember Mr. Crane, you're expected at 3 PM! Best get to that gym challenge quickly, tick tock."

          Jackson stared hard and shocked at the back of Sycamore's head as he trudged away.


          "Wooork... Wooork... woooooork...." His voice echoed over the ashen trees of North Santalune forest and many a fletchling panicked, taking flight into the sky above.


          1 x Pokdex
          5 x Pok Ball
          1 x Potion

          500 x Pok

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