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Which sync pairs do you use most often?

Started by Sheep September 2nd, 2019 4:37 AM
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As the title says, which sync pairs have you been using most often? What are your favorite pair matchups?

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As a neutral fight-all team I'm having a lot of fun with Pryce, Rosa and Korrina.

Pryce and Rosa start the fight by buffing their critical hit rate and everyone's special Attack respectively, then Pryce hits everyone with one Icy wind that slows the enemy team down. Rosa fills up the entire bar again for another round of Icy Wind if necessary and then Korrina sweeps anyone who's left standing.

I also like to swap Iris for Korrina sometimes and spam mud slap to lower accuracy... I'm having a lot of fun with debuffs in general.

All the possible ways the characters can combine their skill are pretty fun.

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I use a few teams, but every team includes Hau. Discharge sometimes doesn't do that much damage, but it can really change a fight if paralysis is inflicted, as it will stick around until that Pokemon is knocked out. For that reason Hau is either my primary striker or is my backup striker. Some of my team strategies include:

Hau, Rosa, Skyla: General solo training
Korrina, Hau, Rosa: Farming
Sygna Suit Brock in Coop, this team also handles Very Hard quite well with Rosa taking the brunt of the sync move attack from Brock.

Koga, Viola, Hau: Thinking of trying this team out to handle most
Very Hard and EX Challenge
Co-Op matches.

I may vary my teams more once I train my other free sync pairs.
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if the opponent likes to buff their team, then it'd be Agatha/Kris/Will. Will to copy the buffs, and he cant be debuffed by opponent's sync moves so there's that. And Stored Power hurts when boosted. Add on boosted Mega Kick spam and annoying Hypnosis/Confuse Ray status spam on top of that.. it's not going to be a fun time. i think this is pretty much my main team.

anything else, i swap will out for hau or agatha for karen depending if the opponent uses special attacks because karen is lethal against them omg


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For a while I've been using Skyla/Korrina/Rosa. Skyla for speed, Rosa for her energize move and special attack buff, and Korrina as the powerhouse. When I got Kris I switched Korrina for Kris and she's quite fun haha. I had fun with Pryce for a bit in the beginning chapters and I heard Hau is good, so I might try those two someday.

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Depends on the situation but atm Pryce/Korrina/Kahili. There's not really any particular strategy to them other than they're just all the most powerful ones I have at the moment. Icy Wind is good to hit multiple opponents at once, Korrina has mega access and can just pummel people into oblivion, and Kahili is a force to be feared once she gets an X-Attack up. Beak Blast is destructive.

I do use Rosa quite a bit too since she's just all around a very good asset with the special attack boost and energy restoration. I've also used Drake quite a bit and he's fun since he buffs special defense and also can provide energy restoration. I just pulled Karen and Gary tonight so I plan to raise them to see if I can make use of them more since when I tried Gary in the event he was a lot of fun and I've heard a lot of good things about Karen.


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My charizard, venusuar and venomomoth from let's go pikachu


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I tried to use as many different trainers as I could at the start, but after I got to the point where it took too much time to level them, so I just went with Olivia, Rosa and Brendan for a while. Then after getting Phoebe I switched her for Brendan and this is the team I use since then.


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For single-player only, Rosa (Lv. 100) - Hau (Lv. 95) - Kris (Lv. 85+), can beat any supercourse very hard boss without letting the enemies perform sync moves.

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