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I know you might be thinking, "it's too early to think that!" But do you think that we'll get more Pokemon Legends games in the future that focus on other regions in the past? (even Kanto as much as I don't want ANOTHER kanto game). If so, what Legendary/ Mythical Pokemon do you think would be the focus?

Here's the ones I think:

Pokemon Legends Mew (since Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon)

Pokemon Legends Celebi. And please make it about Professor Oak and Agatha, please. I saw rumors so long ago, or hypotheticals of a "generation 0" game about professor Oak in his youth. I'd love it. If not, then I'd like a game that focuses the burned tower.

Pokemon Legends Jirachi or Rayquaza.

For Unova, that's? Very difficult to think of one? But I'd love for one that focuses solely on the story of the two brothers and the original dragons. I honestly cannot see this working any other way. None of
the Unova Mythicals scream "can do a whole story about in the region's past" tbh

Pokemon Legends Hoopa, maybe? This is another difficult one, if I'm being honest.

For Alola, I'd assume they'd just do one on the Tapus. The mythicals in Alola don't especially scream anything to me. But, maybe Alola won't get one, I can't see this style of game working for Alola at all.

As for Galar... skip. Unless they do something about Eternatus in the past, I can't see it happening.

ps pokemon conquest should get a game like this
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I wouldn't rule it out, though we could perhaps have games set in the future at some point as well. Maybe for Galar they could have a game based in the future where Chairman Rose's fears of an "energy crisis" come true. I imagine Eternatus would be the focus of that story.


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Maybe years down the line. This seems like a game that could last a few years and easily have several sets of DLC to tide people over. Maybe in 3-4 years we'll get a sequel in a different region but it's too early for me to assume atm until I see how LoA is handled. If we do get one in the future, Johto would be awesome! I would absolutely love to see feudal Johto and the Bell Tower/Ho-Oh's old nesting grounds before it burned down. Going underwater to find Lugia would also be increeedible. <3

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I think it is really going to be based on how well it does. It is a perfect example of an DLC heavy game though and going by the idea of them have 2 books under the Sinnoh book in the trailer, we could see other regions being added. Because Arceus is the God of Pokemon, he can cross all regions and still be considered the mascot. I wouldn't be surprised if they add Kanto, Johto and Hoenn at the very least to this.

There is so much they can expand on, especially with the original 4 regions.

If it does well, I really hope they make more.... but it needs to do well first.... it can't be an empty world.



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This game, if it goes well, could be the beginning to a new series of spin-offs that give the franchise a little bit of actual lore that doesn't rely on PokéDex entries written by a 12 year old trainer or some random NPC in some random house. It's the perfect opportunity to show some things that are left unknown because of the franchise's not too good storytelling, like how did Regigigas build the Regis, what was the "original dragon" that later became Zekrom and Reshiram, what exactly happened in that war that drove AZ to commit genocide, what happened in Johto's tower and how did the legendary beasts came to be. Or even in a more recent age: how did the Mew capturing and cloning process actually turned out and what role did the Kanto bird played in it, if they had any to begin with.

I said in another thread I'm not really interested in this game, but that's more because feudal japan is a zzzz thing for me, but I still stand saying that Legends: Arceus is a really interesting premise and I'm up for TPC finally willing to take some risk with the franchise. Hopefully it's done right and they don't psyduck it up.
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6.6 Years interesting as it would be, probably not. Unless we get another one of these for the 30th Anniversary or something. Whilst Game Freak are predictable when it comes to what they release in a general sense, the order in which they release it is erratic. I get the feeling this is intended to be an experiment in much the same way LGPE clearly were, and even if it sells well, there's no guarantee there will be more, because Nintendo, TPC, and Game Freak have absolutely zero business sense because they don't need any: make more games, make more money. Any Pokemon game will sell, so they can do whatever the hell they please.

I do think this is a natural continuation of the open world idea that was floated in SnS and that we'll see more games like this moving forward, but more games set in past historical eras like this? I doubt it somehow. Game Freak, for all their flaws, do try and do something different with the second title in their core series, and we haven't had a repetition of an idea since Platinum. We've had third versions, sequels, re-imagined versions, and now we're getting prequels. I don't expect them to make more prequels after this for several years if at all because of this general aversion to repetition.

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I have a ton of ideas for Legends games that I've come up with. There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!!!

Pokemon Legends: Mewtwo-A game set in the recent past with the player being a recruit for the international police in a 90's/80's Kanto. The player will be exploring Kanto in order to take down Team Rocket and uncover the mysteries of Mewtwo, a genetically engineered Pokemon made to be the Ultimate Pokemon. Inspired by 90's/80's cop and Sci-Fi movies. The starters will be Growlithe, Pikachu and Machop.

Pokemon Legends: Rayquaza-A game set in the primal age of Hoenn with the player being a member the Draconids. The story of the game is about Kyogre and Groudon's awakening following the meteor , with the world on the brink of destruction as the people of Hoenn are trying to contend with the cataclysmic events caused by the Pokemon. The player must work together with people all over Hoenn as they try to find clues to awaken Rayquaza before the world is destroyed by the 2 super ancient Pokemon. It will have a Godzilla/BOTW like feel to the story. The starters are Bagon, Dratini and Gible.

Pokemon Legends: Kyurem-A game set during the founding of Unova, with the player being one of the twin heroes of Unova. The story will be about the birth of Unova and the splitting of the Original Dragon into Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem. It will have the feel of Fire Emblem: 3 Houses. The starters will be Larvesta, Axew and Timburr.

Pokemon Legends: Zygarde-A game set during the Kalosian War where the player would be someone trying to stop the war with the help of Zygarde. It will have the feel of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. The starters would be Honedge, Goomy and Flabebe.

Pokemon Legends: Necrozma-A game set during the emergence of Necrozma with the player being an Alolan Native trying to awaken the Guardians to help save Alola from Necrozma, while also working with the ancestors of the Kahunas, Trial Captains and Ultra Recon Squad. I'm not sure what the inspiration would be for this game.

Pokemon Legends: The Darkest Day- A game set during medieval Galar with the player being one of the twin heroes who fought alongside Zacian and Zamazenta against Eternatus. The game would have a very Arthurian feel to it, with the starters being Rookidee, Impidimp and Blipbug.

Some of these ideas are more fleshed out than others, but I hope you enjoyed them! I'm super excited for Legends and hopefully we get more of these games!


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I think so, imagine a Kanto and Johto experience as open world. 😩 *hngh*!


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We'll see what the reception is for this game. I think, at the very least, they hope this series becomes a successful spin-off of the main series. Pokemon Go was a great spinoff because of how different it was to the main games, while still maintaining what people knew and loved about Pokemon. Pokemon Let's Go! on the other hand, was very gimmicky. And Pokemon SwSh were a massive disappointment. (This is all my opinion btw). I think now that the hardware can allow GF to make an open-world game, they are willing to try it, in a more story-driven spinoff series. If it goes well, I would fully expect more to come. I think they chose Arceus (1) because he's literally the deity of the universe and a great character for story-telling and (b) they want to piggy-back off the crowd that's excited for the DP remakes.

Short answer is yes, I expect more, assuming reception for Legends: Arceus is good.
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I have a feeling that they will make more games like this or possibly some DLC for this game, but hey who knows.


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I'd expect DLC before we get sequels since this is the sort of game that could easily be expanded upon. If it does well enough in sales though, there's every chance in a few years for a sequel. We'll have to see though, Game Freak are unpredictable.
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I'm pretty sure it'll all heavily depend on how well they sell, and honestly I don't imagine that it will sell enough.
Based on what they've shown us and what they've said, it looks like they're pouring a hell of a lot of man hours into this game. Even if it comes out looking super polished and full of features I don't think it'll pull in as many buyers as a mainline pokemon game, which means the franchise will likely get shelved until nostalgia asks for a remake of it.
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hey, this is a interesting topic, maybe there are quite a couple of areas in the Pokemon games that have mentions to what they were like in the past
ofcourse cities like the ones in Unova are more recent in the Pokemon timeline so maybe Pokemon will go back in other regions we have been to already or completely new ones.

I think it would be super cool but might not happen for a while to have sort of a Jurassic Park Region in Pokemon.

I have loved Dinosaurs and Prehistoric animals from a young age and know a lot of Prehistoric things (I wanted to be a Paleontologist but didn't get to take the courses I needed in School so far who knows in the future I may become one :) ) so ofcourse I would love a region like this and we already have a few Fossil Pokemon some of which are based on really cool prehistoric animals like Lileep and Cradily being based on Crinoids (some of which Google says we still have today) but they always remind me of Ottoia from the Cambrian Period which I love, Anorith being based on Anomalocaris the top Predator of the Cambrian Period and Omantye being based on Ammonites which I have always loved.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we have a full region full of Prehistoric Pokemon from a range of different time periods example there could be a Snowy area with Mamoswine but also other Ice Age creatures as Pokemon and the Ocean areas could have many different fossil Pokemon and a lot of them wouldn't have to have the rock type as they are still going in the region unless they are really ancient like creatures from the Cambrian Period equivalent in Pokemon plus there are millions of prehistoric creatures we could pick from to have a region full of Prehistoric Pokemon even with the starters :)

P.S. I would love an Opanina Pokemon I drew a Pokemon line of it in for my Fakemon Pokedex as its been one of my fav animals of all time and fav animals from the Cambrian Period ever since I was very young and saw a little bit of a Documentary about the Cambrian Period and the creatures that lived at that time which really boosted my passion towards Prehistoric animals :)

I would love to hear opinions on this cause it may be a mixed topic but I think an interesting one :)

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I better get my Kalos remakes before then (a lot of plot holes and no explanation of zygarde)or crystal would be a nice game to remake I know there’s crystal clear but that’s a rom hack imagine a full 3D crystal open world where the Elite 4 are locked out but you can go whichever order until like halfway where you get a mandatory rival fight and it could be just about the hardest fight in the game , and a couple random fights here and there and the rival gives you a clear bell at the last encounter before the elite 4 and then there could be new lore that the rival prioritizes your Goal of being the best and gives you their “prized possession” I know it’d through the whole games story off track but they can either to that or basically reskin crystal with high graphics and let you do the gyms in any order but lock out the Elite 4 Like X so it’s not like someone is just standing in the way requires all badges the reskins with new Pokémon and graphics is kinda boring



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It's really hard to say but the way they present it really does make it feel that way, name with a subtitle. It's such a framework that just about anything could potentially plop its feet on.

And yeah, I'd kind of love it if they did. Not counting Pokemon Snap it's been years since they've released a sequel to a spin-off or derivative game, and much longer since they released one that was as good as or better than its predecessors. This idea is so experimental (and yet still relatively safe, from the looks of it) that I wouldn't mind them taking it further so long as it ends up improving overtime.

Plus ironically I think this is the one time where wanting a specific region to be the focus would be wholly justified on a substantial level.
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A game like this for other regions would be amazing, but I can easily see this game being a base release for a LOT of DLC content.

So we may not to wish very hard for more locations to be added.

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The idea behind this game is really cool and I think it's legit to actually focus on the story and lore of older pokémon games. It would be pretty exciting if they did the same for example for Unova and live the original battle between zekrom and reshiram, or even to witness AZ's machine! I mean, this kind of project has some potential and I truly hope story will have a number 1 spot in those games...