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what will it be next?

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Do you binge artists? Listen to playlists of all sorts of artists? Listen passively, while doing something else, or sit down and focus on the music that's playing around you?

Ever since I was young, I loved binge-listening to artists I truly loved. It's typically how bands stand out in my mind. I've binged tons of artists since then, and I'm always happy to find a binge-worthy musician these days. I've built plenty of playlists on Spotify, and while they do have their serve a unique purpose, nothing beats diving head-first down the discography of a band I want to fully embrace.

My most recent binges were Mogwai over the summer, and Godpseed You! Black Emperor over the fall and winter. I'm not binging much right now, but Billie Eilish has smacked her way right onto my radar, after listening to Bad Guy. The production on her 2019 album is killer. And she's got a gorgeous voice, of course. It's a bit harder to binge an artist that only has two full-length records, but we'll see what happens.

SO! How do you listen to music? Passively, or actively? By wide-variety, or very focused on an artist or genre?

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I mostly just shuffle play through playlists featuring songs I like, usually while I'm doing something else. My playlists tend to be hodgepodges of genres, and I usually just listen to music because it's good, not necessarily because it fits the mood of what I'm doing, but if I'm walking around in a mall, I'll more likely listen to jazz or something.

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I listen to certain ones I like on repeat. It doesn't get tiring for me tbh. Like, right now... I'm listening to a WIP by my hero Troy Baker that he posted called "Breathe"... but that's because it calms me down and such. I do make playlists and stuff for my stories. Other than that, I have no preference for listening other than based on my current mood.


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It depends on my mood. I have some days/weeks where I listen to one particular genre, but most days it’s a mix of just whatever I’m feeling in that particular moment. Although, when I’m driving tend to shuffle through my favourites playlist. Most playlists are organized by genre or contain songs that convey by a particular mood/emotion. For instance, I have playlists devoted to various soundtracks, or ones that remind me of certain individuals in my life.

I always play music when I go to bed, usually something instrumental or something soft, but not always. I also regularly listen to classical music and traditional Japanese music when I do homework or when I’m having a bath, as I feel it helps to relax me. I also love to listen to music when I clean or when I do my makeup in the mornings. Basically, I’m listening music all of the time.

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I binge certain artists, and I don't get tired with the constant style. I'm currently binge-listening to August Burns Red's Phantom Anthem album on Spotify, it is awesome, in my opinion. When I study, I prefer either no music or Indian classical music, or sometimes video game OSTs, though I avoid battle themes while studying.
I recently created a playlist on Spotify which will keep me occupied while trying to get a shiny starter in Heart Gold. There are some days when I constantly listen to music, and there are others when I don't even listen to a single tune. It depends upon the situation too, for example: I don't play games without music, but if it's too late in the night, I mute my 3DS and prefer silent gameplay.
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